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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 15 September 2011

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 15th September 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – English Government Proposes Changes on Gas Stunning

Proposals have been put forward to allow the use of a biphasic carbon dioxide gas mixture to kill poultry in slaughterhouses.

The proposals are part of amendments to the The Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995 (WASK), which have been sent out for consultation in the industry by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

The amendments also include provisions to extend the range of birds that may be killed on-farm by gas mixtures and extend the time limit for bringing a prosecution under WASK.

The changes to the legislation and the consultation only apply to the industry in England.

Defra said that the proposal to amend WASK will be primarily of interest to poultry slaughterhouse operators, poultry and egg producers and animal welfare organisations.

In the US, a representative of the National Chicken Council has told Congress that family farmers and chicken companies alike have been hit hard by the skyrocketing price and short supply of corn.

Harrison Poultry chief executive, Michael Welch, told the Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Subcommittee of the House Committee on Agriculture: "USDA's report earlier this week confirmed that it will be much more difficult this crop year to secure an adequate supply of feed ingredients that can be procured at a cost that is both manageable and predictable.

"The more than 40 vertically integrated chicken companies that comprise the broiler industry have financially struggled for the past four calendar quarters. Broiler companies have increasingly been squeezed throughout the past corn crop year between rising feed costs and declining prices for chicken products. A number of companies have succumbed to the severe cost/price squeeze by ceasing operations or having to sell their assets at fire-sale values."

Representatives of other sectors of the livestock industry also took the opportunity to address the Subcommittee, telling a similar story.

And finally, turning to poultry diseases, Cambodia has reported a single outbreak of H5N1 highly pathogenic bird flu in village flocks in August. Poultry keepers in the Australian state of Victoria have been warned to be on the alert for signs of avian paramyxovirus (PMV1), which has spread in pigeons from hobby flocks to racing pigeons.

Jackie Linden

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 8 new features this week:

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Consumption in Americas Nearly Treble the World Average
Poultry meat consumption in the Americas is almost treble the global average, according to industry watcher, Terry Evans in his last article examining the chicken meat industry in North, Central and South America.
Celebrating 75 Years! The Early Years of Hy-Line
As Hy-Line celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, the company takes a look back to where it all began.
Orego-Stim Promotes a Balanced Intestinal Microbiota
Orego-Stim can safely be used in conjunction with probiotics to boost the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestines but the inclusion of probiotics is not necessary for its efficacy, according to Technical Bulletin No. 18 from Meriden Animal Health.
Dealing with Exploders in the Hatchery
Hatchery employees, especially when involved in transferring eggs from setter to hatcher, are occasionally confronted with so called 'bangers' or 'exploders', writes Gerd de Lange of Pas Reform.
Changes in Selected Biochemical Indices Resulting from Various Pre-sampling Handling Techniques in Broilers
Researchers in the Czech Republic found that broilers showed signs of stress - in terms of elevated plasma corticosterone and lactate concentrations - during handling, especially when this was done with a lack of care or for longer than two minutes.
Evaluation of Several Adjuvants in Avian Influenza Vaccine for Chickens and Ducks
A specialised adjuvant could be a novel adjuvant for preparing avian influenza vaccine, according to Chinese researchers, as it resulted in a better immune response after viral challenge in chickens than mineral oil.
Colonisation Factors of Campylobacter jejuni in the Chicken Gut
In a review of the factors affecting the colonisation of C. jejuni in the gastrointestinal tract of chickens, researchers based in Belgium identified a number of targets that may lead to the development of a vaccine for poultry to reduce foodborne illness in humans.
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates - September 2011
While coarse grain stocks are expected to be lower this month, wheat stocks are projected to be up, according to the latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.
Evonik - A fresh perspective on our Masterpieces
* Company News

Hy-Line Visits Algerian Distributor
ALGERIA - Hy-Line International recently travelled to Algeria and participated in SIPSA, an international tradeshow for breeding, poultry and livestock, which took place in the capital city of Algiers.
Aviagen Russian Web Site Launched
RUSSIA - Aviagen has launched a version of its web site in Russian.
Aviagen Turkeys Launches New Web Site
GLOBAL - Aviagen Turkeys has launched a new web site.
Expertise on Cobb 500 Shared in Chaiyi City
TAIWAN - National Chaiyi University in Chaiyi City, Southern Taiwan, was the location for a seminar organized by Cobb franchise distributor Taiwan Chunky GP Farm Co, with presentations to over 350 people on different topics of broiler management.
Vencomatic Technical Meeting in Brazil
BRAZIL - In order to support their customers to get the most optimum results in their hatching egg production, Vencomatic do Brazil organised a technical meeting in August.
DSM Introduces a New Era of Sustainable Feeding
DENMARK & NETHERLANDS - The phytase market is on the brink of a new era. For the first time, it will be possible to replace all feed phosphate additives in pig and poultry diets, thanks to the launch of the next-level phytase, RONOZYME HiPhos, by DSM Nutritional Products. Now Available in Vietnamese
VIET NAM - Biomin has now launched a Vietnamese version of the corporate web site.
* Global Poultry Industry News

   Viet Nam

 » BIRD FLU: Mutant Bird Flu No Greater Threat


 » Relentless Rise in Input Costs Erodes Price Gains

DSM Vitamin News
   United States

 » CME: High Feed Costs Equal Lower Weight?
 » NFU Supports Passage of Senate Appropriations Bill
 » CME: Analysts Expect Small Changes For Yr-End Estimates
 » Sustainable Chicken for Health Care Members
 » Cargill Expands Turkey Product Recall
 » CME: July An Excellent Month For Meat Exports
 » Smaller US Corn Crop Confirmed
 » CME: Grain and Protein Supplies Down
 » Weekly US Broiler Hatchery Report
 » Industry Hit Hard by Corn Prices, NCC Tells Congress
 » User Fees for Federal Inspection Opposed


 » Poultry Products in TN to Rule Flat Till Navaratri
 » W Bengal Egg Farmers to End Starvation Moulting


 » 'Free to Roam' Poultry Producers Go to Court
 » Poultry Keepers on Alert as Virus Spreads

   United Kingdom

 » FSA Discusses Relaxation of Meat & Bone Meal Ban
 » Prince of Wales Visits Moy Park Farm
 » Tackling Most Common Food Poisoning Bacteria
 » Huge Losses Drive Free-Range Producers Out
 » Rare Chance to Buy Heritage Breeds
 » VION to Stage Farm Visits for Schoolchildren
 » NFU and BEIC Call on EC to Back British Eggs
 » Amendments to Gas Stunning Practices Proposed

Vectormune HVT NDV

 » German Egg Demand Rising


 » African Schools Powered by Eggs
 » International Egg and Poultry Review: US & Peru
 » New UK/US Funding for Disease Research


 » Prison Poultry Farm Supplying Processor


 » Govt Urged Not to Regulate Poultry Prices


 » Brazil Has Fastest Food Export Growth Rate
 » Marfrig Creates Keystone Foods Latin America


 » High Maize Price Hits Jamaica Broilers

Cobb 700 - The most breast meat at the lowest cost

 » Pfizer Forms Vaccine Joint Venture


 » Egg and Chicken Production on the Rise in Turkey

   Russian Federation

 » Strong Results at Cherkizovo Despite Challenges


 » Jamaica Broilers Forms JV in Haiti


 » Fowl Typhoid Reported in Belize


 » Duc Reports Increased Loss for Half-Year

More on Arbor Acres, part of Aviagen

 » Cambodia Reports New Bird Flu Outbreak


 » Infectious Bronchitis Endemic in Hobby Flocks

That's all for this week!

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