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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 22 September 2011

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 22nd September 2011
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Accusations of Chicken Dumping Back at the WTO

China and the US have become embroiled in an anti-dumping case over chicken at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

US Trade Representative, Ron Kirk, announced earlier this week that his office was initiating dispute settlement at the WTO, challenging the imposition by the People's Republic of China of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on imports of US chicken.

The US industry says this is a significant trade problem. The action being brought is a trade remedy case that challenges the method by which China determined that the product was allegedly sold at below normal value.

The US industry alleges that the Chinese methodology was flawed and that the anti-dumping proceeding did not comply with international rules. Furthermore, it adds that the Chinese authorities also state that US poultry exports benefit from farm subsidies, such as support prices for corn and soybeans. The reality is that US poultry receives no government subsidies and does not benefit from any of the government crop programmes.

For their part, the Chinese authorities describe the US action as 'illogical', adding that the US does not check its policies on agricultural subsidies, which lead to the dumping of poultry products in the Chinese market. Instead, the US took action against China, where a number of poultry industries have fallen victim to the dumping.

Last September, China decided to levy anti-dumping duties of between 50.3 per cent to 105.4 per cent on imports of US chicken products for five years. The decision was based upon findings by its Ministry of Commerce, which show that the US chicken industry has dumped broiler products into the Chinese market and caused 'substantial damage' to China's domestic industry.

In the EU, animal welfare campaigners, Eurogroup for Animals, says it is extremely disappointed that in the draft proposals on the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) leaked recently, the Commission does not address the concerns of millions of EU citizens, who have called for improved welfare for farm animals and for more sustainable agriculture. Animal welfare is not stated as an objective of the reformed policy and no basic payment will be given to farmers to improve it.

And finally, H5N1 highly pathogenic bird flu has hit a second Indian state, namely West Bengal, leading to a cull of more than 50,000 poultry.

Jackie Linden

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* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 9 new features this week:

GB Emerging Threats Report - Avian Diseases - April to June 2011
Among the highlights of this report - previously known as the Quarterly Surveillance Report from VLA - are an outbreak of encephalitic listeriosis in red-legged partridges and an investigation of suspected Eggshell Apex Abnormalities (EAA) in a free-range layer flock.
Importance of Preventing 'Sweating' Eggs
Hatching eggs with condensed water on the egg shell surface are more likely to explode and are associated with higher embryo or early chick mortality. Gerd de Lange of Pas Reform offers advice on how to prevent eggs 'sweating'.
Complete Genome Sequence of Brachyspira intermedia Reveals Unique Features
The complete genome sequence of Brachyspira intermedia reveals unique genomic features in Brachyspira species and phage-mediated horizontal gene transfer, according to new research from Sweden.
Antimicrobial Resistance in Swiss Laying Hens: Prevalence and Risk Factors
For E. coli, 30 per cent of the isolates from hens on 99 egg farms were susceptible to at least two of the antimicrobials tested, which compared with around 40 per cent for two Enterococcus spp., according to researchers based in Bern. There were no consistent patterns between housing or management and antimicrobial resistance.
Clostridium difficile in Poultry and Poultry Meat
Two per cent of chickens sampled had C. difficile isolates in their faeces, say researchers based in Texas, US.
Feed Outlook - September 2011
The US corn yield has dropped and this is expected to boost prices, according to the latest report from the USDA Economic Research Service.
Thailand - Poultry and Products Annual - 2011
Production of broiler meat in 2012 is forecast to grow by nine per cent to 1.50 million metric tonnes from the predicted 1.38 million metric tonnes this year, according to Sakchai Preechajarn, in the latest GAIN report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
EU-27 - Poultry and Products Annual - 2011
Production and exports are set to grow again in 2011 and 2012, according to the latest GAIN report from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
US Poultry Outlook
Amidst drought and domestically high feed prices, exports are flourishing, according to Rachel J. Johnson in the latest Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook report from US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Service.
* Company News

Workshops a Hit with South African Ross Customers
SOUTH AFRICA - The annual Ross road shows, organised by Ross Poultry Breeders (RPB), the local Ross distributor, attracted over 200 South African Ross PS customers.
Aviagen Unveils its Latest 'How To' Publication
UK - The latest publication in the 'How To' series provides invaluable information to hatchery managers, and further 'How To' publications based on global expertise are to follow.
CID Lines Re-Brands Top Cleaning Product
BELGIUM - CID Lines has renamed its 'Biorex' cleaning product as 'Keno san'.
ORKA Instruments Measure Egg Quality
HONG KONG - Orka Food Technology will be returning to exhibit at the International Poultry Expo 2012 at Atlanta, Georgia in the New Year.
Vencomatic Appoints New Managing Director
NETHERLANDS - Poultry equipment supplier, Vencomatic BV, has appointed Dennis de Vries as Managing Director.
DSM Continues Leadership in Sustainability
NETHERLANDS - DSM continues its leadership in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.
Biomin to Hold Forum in Seoul
SOUTH KOREA - The theme of the Forum will be 'Lessons from AGP-free feeding systems abroad - What we can learn and what we can apply in Korea'.
Biomin Invites You to Livestock Asia 2011
MALAYSIA - Visit Biomin at Booth G401 to find out more about how we can utilise fully natural processes and ingredients to create and deliver solutions in line with your production and efficiency goal.
Asia Distributors Gather for Annual Meeting
SINGAPORE - The annual distributor meeting of Asia took place in the vibrant city of Singapore in August 2011.
* Global Poultry Industry News


 » BIRD FLU: Poultry Cull Begins in West Bengal
 » Bird Flu Alert in Assam
 » Further Outbreak of High-Path Bird Flu Reported
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Intestinal Health

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Only from Big D/utchman

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 » WTO and US Chicken Exports: China Puts its Case

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