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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 19 January 2012

ThePoultrySite Weekly Newsletter
Thursday 19th January 2012
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Editorial – Mixed Reactions to New EU Animal Welfare Plan

Today, the European Commission has adopted a new four-year strategy that aims to improve further animal welfare in the European Union, a move that has elicited mixed reactions.

EU Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner, John Dalli, said: "The recent coming into force of the legislation on laying hen welfare has shown that problems persist in animal welfare in several Member States. Some efforts are being made, but many issues need to be tackled in a different way in order to achieve more sustainable results. The new strategy will permit appropriate flexibility allowing operators to attain the necessary welfare standards by different routes.

"Optimising policy coherence and market transparency in a comprehensive animal welfare legislative framework will minimise real or perceived tensions between welfare and economics. Animal welfare measures need to be cost-effective. The proposed dedication of resources to education and training is expected to be highly cost-effective, economically and in welfare terms."

To address issues and concerns around animal welfare, the Strategy provides for a two-pronged approach: a proposal for a comprehensive animal welfare law and a reinforcement of current actions. The legislation to be proposed is expected to promote an innovative approach focusing on actual welfare outcomes instead of mechanistic inputs, and to increase the focus on the education and professional standards of all parties concerned.

The second element proposes a reinforcement and the optimisation of current Commission actions: enhancing tools to strengthen Member State compliance with the legal requirements; boosting the already existing international co-operation on animal welfare issues; providing consumers with better information, and performing studies where animal welfare appears to encounter the most problems.

Generally speaking, welfare campaigning groups have welcomed the strategy but say that it has not gone far enough. Industry bodies are concerned about the costs that will be incurred and who will pay for them. While welcoming the promise of a reduction in red tape, they have expressed worries about the details still to be agreed, particularly over the selection of science-based welfare indicators.

As for consumers, the latest research from IGD shows that almost half UK shoppers say they are willing to pay extra for free-range and other products produced to high animal welfare standards.

Chicken companies in Chile have denied charges of collusion and defended their right to exchange information before the Chilean Competition Committee.

The three main broiler companies and the industry association, charged with collusion in controlling chicken prices, argued their case before the Chilean Competition Committee (TLDC), as required by the Public Prosecutors Office (FNE).

The three companies denied that they acted together to control the market and pointed out that the charges made by the FNE are based on incorrect assumptions, reports La Tercera in Chile.

Agrosuper (Super Pollo) said that its participation in each of its markets is based on an internal analysis of the market variables and the company’s strategic objectives.

The company emphasised that it had not participated in any agreements dealing with broiler hatching numbers or production of chicken parts.

Ariztía stated that Agrosuper dominates de poultry market, which means that Ariztía is a 'price-follower'. The third company, Don Pollo, considers itself as a small producer, "with a marginal market share of barely 6.5 per cent, so it has no market power" and that, like Ariztía, it is a price follower".

The Chilean Poultry Producers Association (APA) insists that it carries out the proper activities of an industry association, "completely legitimately and in accordance to the law".

In the last week, new outbreaks of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian flu have been reported in the states of Orissa and Meghalaya in India, and in two regions each in Bangladesh and Bhutan.

And finally, the International Poultry Expo takes place in Atlanta, US, next week. For the first time, ThePoultrySite will have a stand at the IPE so please come along to booth 2045 to meet the team. You will have the chance to win an iPod Touch; there will be a draw each day for the lucky visitor!

Jackie Linden

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Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry’s new in ovo vaccination device to be officially unveiled during IPE, could help improve operations at smaller hatcheries, according to one of the device’s trial participants.

Marciano Régis Tonus, agribusiness director of Frango Seva, in Pato Branco, Brazil, spent a month trialling the new Embrex® Inovoject® m, a semi-automated device designed specifically for hatcheries that do not have the floor space or throughput to accommodate one of the larger, fully automated Embrex Inovoject devices. Processing greater than 800,000 eggs throughout the trial, Mr Tonus is pleased with the results.

“I believe that all hatcheries handling about the same number of eggs as this hatchery would be able to use a machine like Inovoject m. It’s small, easy to use and it’s simple.”

Melinda Freson, Senior Manager, Global BioDevices, at Pfizer Global Poultry, said the new device was developed in response to market needs:

“In ovo vaccination has a number of advantages over subcutaneous vaccination on day of hatch: it provides the earliest possible immunity against disease challenge, it is accurate and reliable, less stressful for chicks, less labor intensive and allows quicker delivery of chicks to the grow-out environment. Until now, these advantages have only been available to the larger producers.”

* This Week's Feature Articles

We have 8 new features this week:

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Asia Leads Output of Duck and Goose Meat
Worldwide, duck meat production increased by more than one million tonnes over the last decade and is forecast to have exceeded four million tonnes in 2010, writes poultry industry watcher, Terry Evans, while goose meat output globally is 2.5 million tonnes. Both markets are dominated by Asia, particularly China.
Antibiotic Use in Food Animals
Broad concern and confusion about antibiotic use on farms have been expressed by the general public and policy-makers, according to a white paper published from the 2011 US National Institute for Animal Agriculture Symposium Proceedings on Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: A Dialogue for a Common Purpose.
Comparison of Bones of Four Strains of Laying Hens Kept in Conventional Cages and Floor Pens
There were some differences in bone measurements between genetic strains, according to researchers based in Canada, but there were no significant differences in bone density. The radius in hens kept in floor pens was heavier than in those kept in cages but the tibia was not.
Reducing Food-borne Illness: Gut Health
Genes and genetic pathways involved in the intestinal health of chickens and pigs are described and genome-wide prediction tools for intestinal health are defined in the final scientific report from the EU group, Sustainable Animal Breeding (SABRE) subtitled 'Cutting Edge Genomics for Sustainable Animal Breeding'.
Effect of High Peroxide Value Fats on Performance of Broilers in an Immune-Challenged State
Broilers consuming diets with oxidised fat had lower feed conversion efficiency than those fed diets containing fat with an acceptable peroxide value, according to researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Adding antioxidant brought no significant improvement to the feed conversion, and there were no significant effects of the immune challenge in combination with peroxide levels on bird performance in this study.
Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assays for Species-Specific Detection of Eimeria
Researchers based in the UK and the Czech Republic report that they have developed a panel of sensitive species-specific LAMP assays to distinguish between the most important Eimeria parasites that cause coccidiosis in poultry, and that this represents a valuable new cost-effective tool for use in poultry husbandry.
Managing Incubation Temperature
There is a critical relationship between embryonic temperature, hatchability and chick quality, explains Marleen Boerjan of Pas Reform.
Comparison of Two Broiler Breeds and Three Environments
Broilers can be successfully reared in hot climates and they perform well in both hot and moderate climates, concludes Dr T. Kotaiah of Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd, in India, following a growth trial comparing locally bred and imported lines under different environmental and feeding conditions.
Aviagen, Ross Breeders, Arbor Acres, Nicholas Turkeys, L.I.R.
* Company News

Arbor Acres CHI Nigeria Seminar
NIGERIA - Arbor Acres Nigerian GP distributor, CHI Limited, recently held a second seminar in Ibadan, south-western Nigeria.
Aviagen Promotes Balanced Breeding
GENERAL - Aviagen SweChick recently held a series of roadshow presentations in Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, Norway and Denmark, to promote the importance of balanced breeding in the broiler industry.
Teamwork Wins Cobb South Africa Top GP award
SOUTH AFRICA - As reported briefly in the last Cobb Focus, Cobb South Africa holds the 2011 grandparent award for the best overall performance among the region's franchise distributors.
Smart Acquisition for Automated Growth
NETHERLANDS - Hatcheries with a capacity of one and a half million eggs set a week are no longer unusual. These larger companies require increasing levels of automation, not only to ensure that growing numbers of hatching eggs and chicks are transported safely and efficiently, but also to contribute to increasingly rigorous standards of hygiene, ergonomics and animal welfare.
Biomin to Host World Nutrition Forum 2012
SINGAPORE - Top international animal-health specialists and feed-industry experts will meet at the World Nutrition Forum 2012 to exchange knowledge on key trends in animal production and debate the major scientific, environment and leadership issues confronting the sector.
* Global Poultry Industry News


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