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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 3 May 2012

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Thursday 3rd May 2012.

Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial – Paying Attention to Consumers: Obesity and Animal Welfare Concerns

Obesity is one of today's leading human health issues but it is a complex issue, often oversimplified in the media. At a meeting held at the University of Nottingham in the UK last week, Professor Mike Gibney helped sort fact from the fiction.

Speaking to a packed auditorium at the annual meeting of the British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) and the UK branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA), Professor Gibney put obesity in the human population into its correct perspective as a modern human human health issue. Having started his career in animal nutrition, he now heads the University College Dublin (UCD) Institute of Food and Health in the Irish Republic and so he was in an exceptional position to present the Hammond Memorial Lecture at the Nottingham meeting.

A number of key issues need to be addressed in the context of any long-term approach to this public health issue, he explained. The current increase in the levels of obesity is, in fact, neither recent in origin nor linear in form. Physical activity at moderate levels can abate most, if not all, of the risk factors arising from obesity such as diabetes and hypertension, he said. There is a genetic component of obesity but it has been shown to be related to a number of risk alleles, rather than individual genes; obesity and over-weight are strongly heritable. One issue that has complicated the whole field of obesity is significant under-reporting of food intake, he said.

The latest data show a levelling off in obesity rates among children and adolescents in Australia, Europe, Japan and the US. This good news must be viewed, however, in light of a continuing rise in adults in Europe and Australia, and a high but stable situation in American adults.

Discussing how we can maintain animal welfare standards whilst producing food for a growing human population was the theme of a paper presented by Professor Natalie Waran of the University of Edinburgh at the same meeting.

She explained how mass production has been used to increase output but that sometimes, this may lead to poorer welfare standards, making the situation a conflicting issue.

In order to help solve some of the issues, Professor Waran examined in moe details the four R's: Reduction, Refinement, Replacement and Responsibility.

Turning to bird flu news, 11 outbreaks of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian flu have been reported so far this year in Bhutan, involving more than 7,000 birds, and the Taiwanese authorities have found the low-pathogenic form of the duck in a commercial duck flock during routine surveillance. Investigations are underway in Thailand into the cause of death of hundreds of wild storks in the Ang Thong region of the Central Gulf Coast in the south of the country, sparking fears that it may be bird flu although this has not been confirmed. From Nepal has come news that farmers who lose birds from bird flu outbreaks are to receive compensation in order to encourage them to report possible cases.

Jackie Linden

Processing Automation to Increase Profitability
The continued growth of the poultry market and the increased demand from retailers and food service operators for higher quality safe and wholesome products is placing more and more pressure on the processor, writes editor-in-chief, Chris Harris.

Welfare Considerations Can be Significant for Business
From the time that birds arrive at the slaughterhouse to the time at which they have been slaughtered, there are several key welfare considerations, writes Paul Cook, director of RL Consulting.

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS – Africa Outpaces Global Egg Growth
Output continues to rise in Africa and Oceania, writes market watcher, Terry Evans, in his latest analysis of the egg industries in these two regions.

Processors Fighting the Battle against Pathogens
Poultry processing companies are fighting a continual battle to ensure that the products they produce are wholesome and safe, ensuring that they are not contaminated with foodborne pathogens when they leave the plant, writes Chris Harris.

Poultry Drinking Water Primer
The importance of water, factors affecting water consumption, water quality and management tips are reviewed by Brian D. Fairchild and Casey W. Ritz, Extension Poultry Scientists at the University of Georgia.

Counteracting Trichothecenes in Animal Feed
In feeds and feed ingredients, poorly adsorbable mycotoxins like trichothecenes need to be counteracted by biotransformation, says Karin Naehrer of Biomin.

Vertically Transmitted Health Issues in Poultry
In a recent conference presentation, Dr T. Kotaiah of of Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt.Ltd, based in Hyderbad, examined how poultry farmers can help to produce clean and safe food for human beings by addressing key health issues in their birds.

FOSSILSHIELD Keeps Poultry Mite-free
UK - FOSSILSHIELD is a non-toxic diatomaceous powder. As the mite attempt to remove FOSSILSHIELD from their skin, the powder begins to scratch away their waxy outer layer, exposing the fatty tissue underneath. The powder then dries this tissue, killing the insect naturally.
Arbor Acres Training School Held in Egypt
EGYPT - Aviagen, Cairo Poultry Company and Misr Grandparent Company recently joined forces to hold the Arbor Acres training School at the Egyptian resort of Hurghada.
New Stand for ORKA’s Eggshell Thickness Gauge
GLOBAL - (better known as ORKA Food Technology) has developed a new stand for its Eggshell Thickness Gauge (ESTG).
Cutting Vaccinations Could Prove a Costly Mistake
UK - Poultry producers that are facing expensive feed and fuel costs shouldn’t be tempted to cut corners when it comes to vaccines, according to Merial Animal Health Avian Manager, Helen Houghton.
Agrilamp Success at London Ontario Show
UK & CANADA - London Ontario Show Canada proves to be yet again a great show for Agrilamp. This year the Master Distributors Davian USA and Vencomatic Canada had three new local distributors at the show and orders for 2000 Agrilamp were placed during the event
SQA Award National Training Accreditation to Aviagen
Following a series of audits, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has confirmed that Aviagen training and assessment materials, processes and quality checks meet nationally recognised standards for Level 2 Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQ) in Poultry Production.
Aviagen Customer Service in Action around the World
GLOBAL - The last few months have been extremely busy for Aviagen’s technical teams and specialists who have been giving presentations at customer events around the world.
Survey Reveals Global Prevalence of Mycotoxins
GLOBAL - Biomin has published the results of its Mycotoxin Survey Program for 2011. The comprehensive survey documents the occurrence of mycotoxins in samples taken throughout 2011 in different regions. One thing is clear: the global prevalence of mycotoxins in a range of common feed commodities underscores the need for quality feed management strategies.
Cobb500 Broiler Supplement in Eight Languages
US - The latest edition of the Cobb500 broiler performance and nutrition supplement is now published in eight languages and with a new section providing data on meat yield.
Excential Butycoat in Poultry Nutrition
NETHERLANDS - Slow-release sodium butyrate has potential as an alternative to or in combination with antibiotic growth promoters, says Excential, part of Orffa International Holding BV.
Nutripollo Looks to Future with SmartPro Incubators
MEXICO - Integrated poultry producer Nutripollo has commissioned Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies to renovate and expand its hatchery operations in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Successful Ross Viet Nam Association Meeting Held in Hanoi
VIET NAM - The second Ross Viet Nam Association Meeting was located in the Intercontinental Hotel, Westlake in Hanoi and attracted 99 attendees on April 5 this year. The meeting was enthusiastically attended by parent stock farmers, government personnel and a number of broiler growers interested in learning more about the Ross 308.

   Hong Kong

Hong Kong Suspends Poultry Imports from Liaoning


Brazilian Poultry Meat Exports Higher Than a Year Ago
BRF Arranges Credit Facility
Brasil Foods Sees Strong Domestic Sales Growth

   United States

Senate Ag Committee Approves Farm Bill
CME: Corn Futures Higher as China Purchases Corn
Does the Farm Bill Give Farmers What They Want?
Grain Prices, Slowing Sales Affect Delaware Farmers
Researchers Examine Variation in Litter Use for Hens
CME: Crop Plantings, Restaurant Performance Up
500,000 Chickens Die in Egg Farm Fire
Profits Return for Chicken Sector
Tyson Foods' Expands Poultry Plant in Missouri
IPPE 2013 Web Site Updated
Cal-Maine Forms Joint Venture on Speciality Eggs
USPOULTRY Celebrates 65 Years of Industry Service
Policies Protect Consumers from Foodborne Illness
CME: Awaiting WASDE Estimates, Critical to Sector


Avian Influenza Viruses Added to Reportable Diseases List
Canada-EU Trade Agreement to Boost GDP
Maple Leaf Results Hit by Bakery Sector Problems


Egg Prices Harden as Consumption Rises
Farmers Plan Protest against Taxes
Emu Farming Draws Govt Attention


Slightly Higher Revisions for Broiler Meat Production
Bachoco Reports Highest Net Sales Ever

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Launches New Bird Houses in Penza


Is Modernising Inspection a Risk?
BIRD FLU: HK Suspends Poultry Imports; Bird Flu Spreads in Kerala; Bird Flu Feared in Ang Thong; Canada Adds AI Viruses to Reportable Diseases List


More Low-Path Bird Flu Found in Taiwan Ducks
Government to Ensure Agricultural Food Safety


Fiji's Poultry Industry Strives for Self-Sufficiency

   Papua New Guinea

Food Security Project Enhances Pig, Poultry Industries


Public Warned Against Imported Chicken, Pork
Siquijor Gains Agriculture and Fishery Projects


Pakistan Poultry Price Increase
Newcastle Disease Hits Pakistan Poultry


Compensation for Bird Flu Losses in Nepal


Thai Govt Urged to Permit Food Price Increases
CPF Now No.1 Asian Agribusiness Conglomerate

   United Kingdom

Obesity is a Long–Term Problem
International Conference Focuses on ‘Greening’ CAP
Egg Firm Fined after Worker Loses Fingers
Faccenda Acquires Cranberry Foods
Farming Needs Must be Represented in EU Reforms
Record Farm Output Levels Spur Solid Performance
Maintaining Welfare Standards in a Food Hungry World


Bank Cuts Rates: Will Farmers See the Benefits?
Extension Important for Sustainable Production
Injecting Industry into Research


Reducing GHG Emissions in Agriculture


Eleventh Bird Flu Outbreak in Bhutan

   Korea, South

Seoul to Limit Fallout of China FTA on Farm Sector

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