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Thursday 6th September 2012.

Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - New Approaches to Welfare Assessment

France's National Institute for Agricultural Research has appointed an expert committee to review the issue of pain in food-producing farm animals.

To minimise pain, the authors developed a '3S' approach accounting for 'Suppress, Substitute and Soothe' by analogy with the '3Rs' approach of 'Reduction, Refinement and Replacement' applied in the context of animal experimentation.

The new approach considers firstly the suppression of any source of pain that brings no obvious advantage to the animals or the producers, as well as sources of pain for which potential benefits are largely exceeded by the negative effects. The second solution involves the substitution of a technique causing pain by another, less painful one. Thirdly, where pain is known to be present and cannot be avoided, systemic or local pharmacological treatments should be used to soothe pain.

A new task force has been set up to examine the relationship between animal health/welfare and food safety outcomes.

Many groups in society, including politicians, activists, scientists, and stakeholders, are advocating significant changes to livestock production practices, according to the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST).

These changes include modification to stocking densities, limitations on antimicrobial use and requirements for outdoor 'experiences'.

Such changes may affect animal health. Simultaneously, consumers are demanding virtually risk-free food, and they think food safety should be addressed on-farm as well as during processing, without understanding the relationship between animal health and food safety.

CAST is addressing these concerns in a Commentary prepared by a 10-member task force of subject experts. They will discuss the quantifiable impact animal health has on public health risk of foodborne illness from farm products; identify the factors that impact animal health, and highlight specific research needs.

Also on the theme of welfare, the benefits of intermittent lighting programmes on broiler well-being and performance are shown up in a Bristol University study conducted in collaboration with David Filmer and a UK broiler integrator.

The study, funded under the SPARK award scheme linking smaller enterprises with research organisations, showed significant gains in bird health and consistently improved productivity.

The risk of disease among farm animals and farm biosecurity are public issues, which makes the economic impacts of disease control and ensuring good biosecurity public concerns.

The August issue of EuroChoices, the Journal of the Agricultural Economics Society and European Association of Agricultural Economists, examines the role of economics in animal health decision making and how an economic approach can add value to animal health policies.

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Clostridial Dermatitis on US Turkey-Grower Farms
Clostridial dermatitis is an emerging condition in turkeys and broilers in the US, with around 40 per cent of turkey grower farms reporting some issues. It was more common and more severe in the central region and in summer and autumn/fall, according to a report from the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Poor farm hygiene and high house humidity appeared to be linked to outbreaks and the case for the involvement of Clostridium septicum was strengthened by the findings of the study.

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2012 - Europe Holds its Share of Global Chicken Market
Europe retains its 16 per cent share of the global chicken meat market, according to industry watcher, Terry Evans, in his latest analysis of the global poultry markets. While growth in the European Union is pegged at around half of the global average percentage-wise, expansion of the industries in Russia and Ukraine have been remarkable, supported by huge local investments.

Cracking Down on Poultry Disease with Egg Yolk
Scientists from the USDA Agricultural Research Service, different universities and a Mexican company have successfully collaborated on a project to develop a novel, antibiotic-free method that uses hyperimmune egg yolk antibodies to control coccidiosis.

Effects of Different Infrared Beak Treatment Protocols on Chicken Welfare and Physiology
Researchers from West Lafayette in the US showed that infrared equipment for beak trimming can be adjusted to optimise pullet performance whilst also allowing birds to exhibit natural behaviour.

Footpad Dermatitis in Dutch Broiler Flocks
Footpad dermatitis was frequently observed in Dutch fast-growing broiler flocks, with around two-thirds of the bird studied having some degree of lesions, according to new research from Wageningen University. Among the many factors that affected the severity of the condition were breed, thinning of flocks, age at slaughter, slaughter plant and the source hatchery.

Antibiotic Resistance in Campylobacter Raises Concerns in Mexico
High levels of resistance to ciprofloxacin in Campylobacter found in chicken, pigs, cattle and children in Mexico preclude the use of fluoroquinolones for the treatment of human campylobacteriosis there, according to new research.

Aviagen Appoints New Vice President for North America
US - Aviagen, the world's leading poultry breeding company, today announced the promotion of Jason Mack to Vice President of Operations for North America.
Kenosan Delivers Cleaning Results against Poultry Litter
BELGIUM - Kenosan combines ultra-strong adhesion power and deep dirt-penetrating capacity at very low dilutions, says CID Lines.
Swedish Growers See Energy Recycling on Dutch Broiler Farm
DENMARK - A group of 15 Swedish broiler growers visited Dutch farms on a study tour organised by Blenta, Cobb distributor in Sweden and Scandinavia, to exchange technical information.

   Russian Federation

Broiler, Turkey Production Forecasts up for 2013


Can Economics Add Value to Animal Health Policy-making?
China-Swedish Agriculture Agreement Signed
Direct Relationship between Animal Health, Food Safety Outcomes

   United Kingdom

Eggs Contain More Vitamin D, Selenium
Turkey Survey: Respondents Required
Intermittent Lighting Could Help Counter Rising Feed Prices
Price Volatility is Not Going Away, HSBC Warns
Merger for Sunny Hills, Lintz Hall Eggs
Benchmark Holdings Adds Animal Health Vaccines Plant to Portfolio
BPC Welcomes New Head of External Affairs
Caroline Spelman, Jim Paice Go in Defra Reshuffle
Poultry Slaughter Figures Rise

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Processor Fined for Late Payments
Sodexo Announces Shift to Cage-free Layers
CME: Russia's Wheat Crop Hits the News
FDA Releases Guidance on Salmonella Prevention in Eggs
US Farm Exports to Reach Historic Highs
Packaged Meats Boosts Smithfield's Results
Egg Production Rises, Broilers Decline


SAGARPA Boosts Ag Development


Newcastle Disease in Israel


Philippines Bans Dutch Poultry Imports


Avangardco Release Financial Results for First Half of 2012
Ukraine Highlights Growth Potential
Rising Egg Prices Improve Producer Revenues

   European Union

Call for 'Evidence, not Emotion' on GM


Export Opportunities to United Arab Emirates Welcomed


Steggles Triumphs in Australian Business Awards 2012
Poultry Industry Hit by Consolidation
Processing Poultry Waste Adds Value
Egg Producer Fined Over Cage Eggs


Poultry Production Declines in Spain


Poultry Slaughter Association Joins German Meat


Increase in Value of Poultry Meat

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Increase in Viet Nam H5N1 Outbreaks


Minimising Pain in Farm Animals: The 3S Approach

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