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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 28 February 2013

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Thursday 28th February 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - UK Supermarket Pledges to Buy Local in Wake of Horsemeat Scandal

In the wake of the on-going 'Horsemeat Scandal' across Europe, British supermarket chain, Tesco has pledged to source produce more UK products and to shorten the supply chain, reports Editor-in-Chief, Chris Harris, from the National Farmers Union conference in Birmingham this week.

Tesco CEO, Philip Clarke, told the conference: "As a first step, I am announcing that from July, all of our fresh chicken must come from UK farms. No exceptions. We will also move over time to ensure that all the chicken in all of our products - fresh or frozen - is from the British Isles.

"These commitments represent a genuine shift in how Tesco sources the products we sell. But we cannot do this without you," he told farmers.

For the year 2012, meat output in Germany was lower than the previous year - for the first time since 1997.

Poultry meat output was up by just 0.3 per cent from 2011 at 1.4 million tonnes. Broiler meat output was up 1.1 per cent at 863,000 tonnes. Turkey meat production, at 464,000 tonnes, was 0.7 per cent lower that the previous year. The production of meat from spent hens was down 4.5 per cent to 40,000 tonnes.

Also in Germany, new food-related scandal has been reported: it has been revealed that millions of eggs have been incorrectly labelled as organic. The scandal is centred in the state of Lower Saxony but other regions appear to be involved. Prosecutors are investigating around 200 German egg farmers.

Despite the historic drought, USDA chief economist, Dr Joseph Glauber, said at the 2013 USDA Outlook Conference that US agricultural exports will have another record-breaking year and the financial outlook for the agricultural sector remains solid. However, he acknowledged there are differences between sectors.

Livestock, dairy and poultry producers faced high feed costs for most of 2012 and high prices are likely to persist through much of 2013 until new crops become available in the fall, Dr Glauber noted.

"Feed ratios, which have generally been tight since 2007, tightened further in 2012 as feed costs rose relative to meat and dairy prices," he said. "While productivity gains have offset some of the decline in feed ratios, margins have been tight throughout the second half of 2012 and into 2013."

Strong pork and broiler exports helped keep margins higher than they would have been otherwise, but high feed costs have limited hog, poultry and dairy expansion. Prices for livestock, dairy and poultry products are all forecast up in 2013 but they face continued tight margins in 2013, at least until new crop feed grains and soybeans reach the market in the late summer and fall. Another year of below trend yields and high prices would likely result in further liquidation, according to Dr Glauber.

Finally, turning to bird flu news, Cambodia has reported another human death from the disease. As a result, neighbouring China and Viet Nam are on high alert, as are those authorities and poultry companies in the regions of Mexico, India and Nepal where the latest outbreaks have occurred.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS: Asia's Population to Grow by 700 Million
With Asia's human population forecast to grow by more than 700 million by 2030, industry watcher Terry Evans, says a growing demand for eggs will put pressure just to maintain present per-capita egg consumption levels.

Increasing Profit in Free-range Poultry Production Systems through Improved Welfare: Use of Nutritional Interventions
Nutritional interventions that reduce aggressive behaviour in hens increase hen-day production and liveability of hens by at least 10 per cent and can increase profitability of the flock by at least 20 per cent, according to a new publication from FAO.

Remedies for a High Incidence of Broken Eggs in Furnished Cages: Effectiveness of Increasing Nest Attractiveness and Lowering Perch Height
A lower perch reduced the number of broken eggs but replacing plastic mesh nest floor lining with artificial turf had no effect on egg breakages. Perching behaviour during the light period was more disturbed in cages with low perches than high perches.

Total Replacement of Sodium Selenite by Selenium Yeast Reduces Non-prime Cuts Yields in Male Broilers
Selenium yeast totally replaced sodium selenite in the diet of broilers without affecting meat quality or traits, according to new research from Brazil. Birds receiving the organic selenium source had lower back yield than the control group.

Phytogenics: Telling the Story of Performance
Now that we have come to understand their mode of action, phytogenic feed additives are now being reassessed for broilers, according to Dr Ahmed Aufy, Technical Manager, Competence Center Phytogenics, for Biomin.

Fumigation: How Formaldehyde Can Affect Hatchability
The use of formaldehyde can reduce hatchability, explains Roger Banwell, Hatchery Development Manager for Petersime.

Company News

Jefo Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation
CANADA - Jefo is present in over 55 countries and allows Canada to be known in a beautiful way. The company offers innovative species-specific feed additives for poultry, swine, dairy cattle, aquaculture and for even more species in some areas.
Positive Feedback Leads to Nationwide Use of FOSSILSHIELD
UK - With recent positive customer comments, the unique FOSSIL SHIELD + PCS professional on-site electrostatic application is now used on farms with a combined capacity for 4,000,000 birds nationwide.
A Paradigm Shift: Feed and Fuel
US - Increased input costs are having widespread effects across agriculture. Growing world demand for feed ingredients used in meat, egg and milk production, combined with utilization of grains for fuel production in the US, have permanently raised animal feed ingredient costs.
Ceva Launches Latest Vaccine Solutions at VIV Asia
THAILAND - 85 per cent of the global growth in poultry production is expected to come from emerging markets, Asia in particular. With the industry facing a trend towards both higher and more volatile feed costs, profitability will be driven by investments in optimal efficiency. Partnerships and the sharing of knowledge will be a key factor of success, as Asian poultry producers strive to feed a rapidly growing population.
Petersime at IPPE Atlanta 2013
US - Petersime was present at IPPE Atlanta 2013.
Petersime's First Successful Poultry Performance Conference Held
BELGIUM - Petersime's Hatchery Development Department has organised its first three-day Poultry Performance Conference (PPC) at the Petersime headquarters in Zulte, Belgium.
Jamesway to Display Platinum 2.0 with ThinkWise Technology at VIV Asia
THAILAND - The sophisticated new single stage incubation system, Platinum 2.0™ with ThinkWise™ Technology, will be on display at VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand on 13 to 15 March. Visitors to Jamesway's Stand J018 in Hall 102 can check out Jamesway's latest offering in their Platinum single stage product line.
Profitability Through Efficiency
UK - Every day there is another public outcry about food, whether it is mislabelled, fraud, unhealthy or just a source of deadly bacteria, writes Murray Hyden, Director of Biosecurity at Anpario plc, United Kingdom.
Agrilamp in Australasia
AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND - Over the last few years, Agrilamp has become known for its innovative approach to lighting solutions for the agricultural sector, as well as its industry leading research programs.
ISA Set for Sustainable Egg Production
NETHERLANDS - ISA is the world's leading breeder of brown and white egg layers, which thrive in both traditional and alternative production systems and in different climatic conditions. The company is committed to supporting egg producers around the world with making a profitable business.
P.D. Hook Expands Hatchery with Petersime S-line Incubators
UK - One of Europe's largest independent hatcheries, P.D. Hook (Hatcheries) Ltd, has recently expanded its hatchery unit in Great Yarmouth (UK) with an extra setting capacity of 24 million eggs per year.
Market Reports

USDA Outlook for US Agricultural Trade - February 2012
China Wholesale Prices - 22 February 2013
China Wholesale Prices - 25 February 2013
USDA Poultry Slaughter: Ready-to-Cook Weight Up 6 Percent from Last Year
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USDA Chickens and Eggs Annual - February 2013
Estimates of Farm Incomes in Wales, 2012-13
UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - February 2013
USDA Broiler Hatchery: Broiler-Type Eggs Set in the 19 State Total Up 2 Percent
China Wholesale Prices - 28 February 2013

Global Poultry Industry News


JBS Appoints Tomazoni President of Global Poultry Business
China Opens Doors to Brazilian Processing Plants
EU, Brazil Seal Chicken Trade Deal
Brazilian Chicken Exports to Middle East Down in January

   United States

Another First Quarter Net Loss for Sanderson
Hormel Reports Solid Top-line Momentum
Alliance to Host 12th Annual Stakeholders Summit in May
NCC Supports Improvements in Transportation Efficiency, Safety
USDA's Chief Economist Expects Exports, Yields Up; Feed Prices Down
Promoting Poultry Health Through Diet
Review of USDA's 2013-14 Projections for Corn, Soybeans
NCC President Outlines Principles of Food Manufacturers Immigration Coalition
Farm Bureau Urges New Ag Labour Guestworker Programme
CME: Small Growth Forecast for Broiler Production
'Fat Worms' Inch Scientists Toward Better Animal Feed Production

   United Kingdom

Moy Park Invests £6 Million in Training
Northern Broiler Conference to Help Maximise Performance
NFU: CAP Reforms Having Major Impact
Shoppers Want More British Food in Supermarkets
Industry Coalition Calls for Fair Deal on CAP
Call to Action at Pig & Poultry LIVE
NFU Conference: Tesco Pledges to Buy British
NFU Conference: Minister Calls on EU to Embrace GM

   United Arab Emirates

Dubai Promotes Agribusiness Fair


Action Against Profiteering Chicken Retailers Ordered


Poultry Feed Firm as Inputs Remain Range-bound
Poultry Feed Prices Flat Despite Dearer Inputs
Poultry Feed Prices Likely to Rise


Study Examines Campylobacter Colonisation of Commercial Turkeys


New Drug Developed to Combat Flu Pandemic
CRC Studies Pathogenicity of Newcastle Disease


Strong Growth in Germany's Organic Laying Flock
Prosecutors Crack 'Systematic Egg Fraud'
Meat Production in Germany Fell in 2012
More Consumer Protection Follows Egg Mislabelling

   European Union

EC Gets Tough over Sow Stalls, Battery Cages
NFU Conference: Demands for Fair, Simple CAP Reforms


SENASICA Inspects Farms and Strengthens Biosecurity in Guanajuato
HPAI H7N3 Outbreak Expands to Guanajuato Reproducing Farms
Pilgrim's Pride Takes Affirmative Steps to Protect Breeder Supply
Mexico Continues to Carry Out Biosecurity Measures


China's Farm Produce Prices Down
China Alert for Bird Flu from Cambodia
China Soybean Shipment Confirmed
KFC China Announces Measures to Regain Trust
MOC Monitors Farm Produce Price Decline
MOA Leads Crackdown on Counterfeit Agricultural Inputs


Tight Supplies, High Prices Expected Until Prices Ease
Maple Leaf: Profit Up Despite Challenging Market Conditions


Poultry Prices Shoot Up Due to Shortages
Mawashi to Set Up Poultry Project


Entrepreneur Partners FOA for Poultry Breeding


Chicken Price at All-time High


Call to Create Enabling Environment for Poultry Farmers


US Church's Chicken Opens in Ukraine


Atria Shows Substantial Profit Rise


FAO Updates Publication on Poultry Diversification
Tackling Child Labour in the Livestock Sector
BIRD FLU: Nepal Govt Helps Bird Flu Affected Farmers; Mexico Remains Vigilant


Registration Open for IEC Madrid 2013


Trading Center for Organic Farmers to Rise in Nueva Vizcaya

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Starts Upgrade at Flagship Plant


Towards Integrated Animal Health: Food Safety Surveillance in East Africa


Intestinal Health
Biomin - Mycotoxins
Global Poultry Trends - Exclusively prepared for
Aviagen - Technical Services Manager


Cevac Transume IBD
Pfizer Global Poultry - Embrex Inovoject m
Which came first - Cobb
MSD Animal Health Aquaculture
Augermatic - Top Quality Only From Big Dutchman
Novus International


Biomin - The Natural Way

Hy-Line International

Petersime - Incubator Innovator
Hatchery automation systems
Novartis Animal Health


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