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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 07 March 2013

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Thursday 7th March 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Editorial - Dancing to a Latin Beat

Significant poultry news has emerged from Latin America in the last week so we turn our attention to that important and growing region today.

In Mexico, the latest avian influenza outbreak appears to be fuelling poultry market prices as the result of speculation. SourceMex reports that bird flu has returned to central Mexico again this year, this time causing significant poultry deaths in Guanajuato state.

The outbreak of the H7N3 virus - which had forced poultry farmers in the state of Guanajuato to destroy more than two million birds as of the end of February - is affecting municipalities in northern Guanajuato as well as in Jalisco state. (Numbers of culls quoted more recently exceed three million.)

SENASICA, the national food safety authority, said the outbreak originated at a broiler breeder farm, initially spreading to 17 breeder farms owned by the firm, Bachoco. The virus was later discovered on 20 other farms in the area.

Health authorities worked hard to prevent the disease from spreading to the neighbouring states of Aguascalientes and Jalisco, and the authorities are confident that the situation has now been stabilised, reports SourceMex but speculation is thought to be pushing up prices.

Mexico's secretary of the Economy has said that just 0.3 per cent of the total inventory of egg-laying chickens in Mexico had to be destroyed. Nevertheless, news of the outbreak almost immediately caused some price speculation for eggs and there was some concern that prices might also increase for chicken meat.

The National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality (SENASICA) is planning to administer about 210 million doses of influenza AH7N3 vaccine per month in nine states across the country in order to prevent further outbreaks.

In Peru, a highly dynamic poultry industry will continue driving soybean imports and consumption. Higher prices and strong demand for corn, mainly from the poultry industry, are the driving force in this market, according to recent reports from USDA.

Brazilian poultry meat exports were lower in January 2013 than the same month last year but this was attributed to sales being particularly high in January 2012. Regarding exports to the EU, a new regime for certain prepared or processed poultry meat from Brazil to the European Union will make greater profitability a possibility for Brazilian exporters, according to the Brazilian government. Exports to China are forecast to increase following Chinese approval of five additional poultry processing plants in Brazil.

Turning to the more general global matters, world agrifood prices are expected to be 11.5 per cent higher in 2050 than 2007 and this increase is driven by stronger global demand stemming from increasing incomes and population and resource constraints that are likely to affect productivity increases.

According to a report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), with food security at the forefront of government policy agendas worldwide, much of the focus is on how the world will respond to a rise in food demand over the next 40 years.

Fish meal and oil, fish, meat, oilseed oils and cereals are forecast to experience the largest price rises over the projection period.

In the US, President Obama continues to seek a compromise to the latest US Congressional budget battle that will end the sweeping, across-the-board government spending cuts now taking effect.

In the US and Germany, the respective governments are moving towards a further tightening of controls over the use of antibiotics in farm livestock.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Making the Poultry Industry More Sustainable
Sustainability has become a hot topic for almost all human activities, not least in agriculture. At a meeting dedicated to the subject, different viewpoints were presented on the need for sustainability and how it applies to the poultry industry. Senior editor, Jackie Linden reports on the IPPE Animal Agriculture Sustainability Summit.

Future of Egg Products Linked to Health Issues
Global output of egg products in 2012 is estimated to be around five million tonnes by industry watcher, Terry Evans.

Sprinklers Cool Birds and Conserve Water
Overhead sprinklers together with tunnel ventilation can successfully cool broiler chickens with substantially less water, according to a study at the University of Arkansas by Assistant Professor Yi Liang, Professor Susan E. Watkins, G. Thomas Tabler (Former Project Manager) and David McCreery (Project/Farm Manager).

VIV Asia 2013 Preview
The organisers of VIV Asia 2013 trade show say they are extending the scope of the event to cover the whole theme 'Feed to Meat' as well as attracting visitors from throughout Asia and beyond for the event, which takes place in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2013.

Temporal Changes and Risk Factors for Foot-pad Dermatitis in Danish Broilers
Improvements in foot pad score were noted by researchers based in Copenhagen in the first few years after an action plan was implemented to reduce pododermatitis in Denmark. Among the risk factors for foot problems were poor litter scores, straw as bedding and low weight gain; stocking density played only a minor role in the scores.

Effect of Different Levels of Canola Oil on Performance, Egg Shell Quality and Fatty Acid Composition of Laying Hens
Feeding canola oil at levels of up to six per cent in the diet resulted in eggs enriched with monounsaturated fatty acids, according to a recent study from Turkey but the oil had adverse effects of egg production.

Company News

Agrilamp to Present New Products for Asia
THAILAND - After the phenomenal success of the Agrilamp Plug and Play system in Europe, a lighting system that literally does what it says on the tin, Plug and Play is being introduced by Agrilamp at the VIV Asia 2013.
Special Nutrients Myco-Ad and Myco-Ad AZ
THAILAND - Special Nutrients, a company with 25 years of experience in prevention of mycotoxins, has produced Myco-Ad (Cobind/Toxfree Standard) and Myco-Ad AZ (Cobind AZ/Toxfree).
Key to Optimised Production
ITALY - With ever increasing pressure on production performance as a result of contracting margins and the increase in competition, Termotecnica Pericoli says efficiency and optimisation of resources have become ever more important.
Kerry Ingredients Provides Value to Animal Nutrition Markets
US - Kerry Ingredients & Flavours is a leader in developing, manufacturing and delivering technology-based ingredients, flavours and integrated solutions.
Aviagen Includes Genomics Information Ongoing Improvement of Broiler Products
GLOBAL - After eight years of sustained investment in unravelling the relationship between the chicken genome and broiler and breeder performance traits, Aviagen has now included genomics information in the routine selection of its elite lines.
Danisco Animal Nutrition Launches Axtra XAP in Asia Pacific
THAILAND - The rising costs of feed raw materials particularly vegetable proteins like soybean meal is a focus for Danisco Animal Nutrition at the VIV Asia Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand from 13 to 15 March – where it will feature the Asia Pacific launch of its Axtra® XAP feed enzyme.
Introduction of the Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan 54
THAILAND - At the VIV Asia 2013 in Bangkok, Vostermans Ventilation will introduce the Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fan 54".
New Era of Phytase Debated at IPS2
ITALY - Incomplete destruction of phytate is compromising the profitability and sustainability of the animal feed industry, according to information presented at the second International Phytase Summit (IPS 2) in December.
Tetra's Long Life Programme
HUNGARY - In the last 40 years, classical reciprocal recurrent (RR) selection was successfully used to enhance egg production of TETRA-SL brown egg layers by 100 eggs. Further significant improvement in the number of eggs can be achieved by improving persistency.
Pericoli Asia-Pacific Sdn Bhd Established
MALAYSIA - Although Termotecnica Pericoli has been active in the Asian markets since 1992, the company first established a personal presence in the region with the establishment of a Regional Office in Malaysia in May 2010. As a consequence and the impact of this permanent presence and the very positive response from the market place, this presence is now being expanded.
Biomin Launches First Purified Enzyme Against Fumonisins
THAILAND - FUMzyme® - the first purified enzyme that biotransforms fumonisins into non-toxic metabolites – will be launched during VIV Asia 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, says Biomin.
Aviagen Ross App for EU
EU - Following the successful launch of the Ross App in the UK in December 2012 and strong demand from customers in other regions, Aviagen has announced the arrival of a European version.
Biomin Explains Enzymatic Detoxification of Fumonisin
SINGAPORE - Biomin has released a video of a presentation that shows its enzymatic method of hydolysing the mycotoxin, fumonisin, is effective to detoxify it.
Aviagen Appoints Two New Technical Service Managers
EU - Aviagen has announced the appointments of Stuart Thomson and Glenn Bushell as Technical Service Managers. They will work closely with UK customers providing advice and support as well as service accounts in other European markets.
Market Reports

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Global Poultry Industry News

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EC Decides on New Protein Strategy; Call for Report on Meat Labelling
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2013 Broiler Exports Impacted by Lower Restitutions
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Land Bank Extends P39.9B Loan to Small Farmers, Fishers in 2012
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Application of High Pressure for Food Processing Training Day
Sustainable Upgradation of Indian Meat and Poultry Sector
Training Equips Rural Women with Agricultural, Business Skills
Poultry Prices Shoot up During Q1 2013


Plant By-products Transformed Into Animal Feed
UFAW Symposium: Science in the Service of Animal Welfare
New Electrochemical Sensor Detects Flu Viruses


Poultry Market Conditions Improving, Says Rabobank
Will Trade Liberalisation Meet Growing Food Demand?
Brazil's Poultry Exports to China Rising


Positive Outlook for Canadian Agri Sector

   United States

Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture
Cumulative Drip Sampling Effective for Broiler Carcasses
Legislation Aimed at Antimicrobial Drug Use in Livestock Production
Antibiotics Remain Important for Animal, Public Health
What Does the Sequester Mean for US Agriculture?
FDA Receives Food Product Tracing Report
Salmonella's Secret of Survival Revealed
Agricultural Groups Welcome US-EU Trade Talks
NFU Delegates Adopt Policy, Convention Adjourns
Chicken Linked to Multi-State Salmonella Outbreak
Groups Express Outrage with EPA's Release of Information
CME: US Currency Value Impacts Meat Trade


Avian Influenza Outbreak in Mexico Raises Concerns about Price Speculation
SENASICA Authorises Vaccination against AH7N3 in Nine States


Agriculture Output Totalled ISK51.8 Billion in 2011


RSPCA Has Reservations about Coles' Free-Range Egg Push
Australia's Total, Export Earnings Forecast to Rise


Cell Phones Revolutionise Kenya's Livestock Sector


German Parliament Proposes Strict Measures to Cut Antibiotic Use
Study Finds Antibiotic-Resistance Genes on Turkey Farms
Campylobacter Risk Associated with Poultry Manure Assessed

   Czech Republic

Czech Farm Profits Plummet

   Viet Nam

Viet Nam Put on High Alert to Bird Flu Outbreaks


Prices of Major Farm Produce Fall Further
Harbin Flu Lab Designated as FAO Reference Centre


Octal Unveils New Packaging Solution for Poultry Industry


Meat Consumption Rises Following State Support


Mixture of Poultry and Red Meat in Sausages Banned

   South Africa

Rainbow Chicken Raises ZAR3.9 Billion Through Rights Issue


Fourth Quarter Meat Production Down

   Russian Federation

Bank Develops Cooperation with Poultry Akashevskaya


Record Attendance Expected for IPC Meeting in Bangkok


Peruvian Poultry Sector Drives Demand for Corn, Soybean Meal


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