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Thursday 4th April 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Diseases of Chickens, Humans and Ones We Share

At the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, US recently, ThePoultrySite asked Dr Hector Cervantes, Senior Manager of Poultry Technical Services with Phibro, to explain the difference between coccidiosis and coccidiasis in broilers. There is a short video of his reply.

Turning to human disease, engineering researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New Jersey, US, have developed a new method to kill deadly pathogenic bacteria, including Listeria, in food handling and packaging. This innovation represents an alternative to the use of antibiotics or chemical decontamination in food supply systems.

Using Nature as their inspiration, the researchers successfully attached cell lytic enzymes to food-safe silica nanoparticles, and created a coating with the demonstrated ability selectively to kill listeria - a dangerous foodborne bacteria that causes an estimated 500 deaths every year in the United States alone. They are associated with a wide range of processed foods.

The coating kills listeria on contact, even at high concentrations, within a few minutes without affecting other bacteria. The lytic enzymes can also be attached to starch nanoparticles commonly used in food packaging.

In the last few days, several of the top poultry companies have reported strong results for the quarter or full year, including Cal-Maine, Marfrig and ConAgra. In the UK, the sale of Vion's poultry and red meat businesses to 2 Sisters' parent company has been finalised.

Concerns are growing about the emergence in humans of a new influenza A virus, H7N9, in China. Seven patients have been confirmed with the virus, with severe pneumonia as the main symptom. Although this virus has some similarity with H5N1 and some of the confirmed cases had contact with animals, this H7N9 virus has not been found in animals. It is not yet known how the people became infected. Although some media refer to it as "H7N9 bird flu", there is no indication that poultry or other birds are the source.

For the time being, ThePoultrySite is tracking news about the virus, which can be found on our Bird Flu page.

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This Weeks Articles and Analysis

Wide Range of Nutrition Topics Addressed at Atlanta Forum
Review of a selection of the papers of feeding and nutrition of poultry presented at the International Poultry Scientific Forum 2013, summarised by senior editor, Jackie Linden.

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS: Russia and Ukraine Produce One in Three of Europe's Eggs
Egg production in Europe overall has grown from around 9.5 million tonnes in 2000 to 10.6 million tonnes in 2011, according to industry analyst, Terry Evans. This expansion can be largely attributed to Russia and Ukraine as output from EU countries has increased negligibly.

Effects of Diet Dilution Source and Level on Performance and Behaviour of Pullets
Diluting the diet with 15 per cent of sunflower seed extract or oat hulls reduced feather pecking and feather damage in non-beak-trimmed pullets from day-old to 18 weeks of age, according to new research from Wageningen University.

Broiler Meat Quality Issue De-mystified
White striping is a recently recognised defect of chicken breast meat that could affect acceptance by consumers. This article reviews the work done to investigate the condition at the University of Arkansas, showing that the condition is associated with large fillets. The cause of the degenerative myopathy remains illusive but there appears to be no link between white striping and cooked meat quality.

Multi-stage Carbon Dioxide Gas Stunning of Broilers
New research from the Netherlands indicates that a method involving several stages of carbon dioxide can offer reliable and effective stunning. The five-stage treatment they used was preferable to a four-stage process, which carried a higher risk of convulsions and possible injuries.

One-Year Study of Newly Constructed Broiler Houses for the Prevalence of Campylobacter
Of the many litter, faecal and water samples collected by researchers at Mississippi State University, only five, six and one of the collected samples, respectively, were confirmed Campylobacter-positive despite litter moisture levels that would encourage bacterial growth.

Combining Expertise to Reduce Farm Mortality
High early mortality on a broiler farm turned out to be related to mycotoxins in the litter and not a problem in the hatchery, reports Martin 'Tiny' Barten, senior hatchery specialist with Pas Reform.

Company News

Innovations in Eggshell Quality Evaluation
US - Feed prices are high, profit margins are low, and so now more than ever, we must focus on ways to optimise return on investment, says Diamond V.
Plasson Launches Water on Demand System
THAILAND - At VIV Asia earlier this month, Plasson launched its Water on Demand system for poultry houses.
Outstanding Success for Pericoli at VIV Asia
ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli reports that, once again, the recent VIV Asia 2013 show in Bangkok was a very successful event in every respect.
VDL Introduces New Poultry Manure Drying Tunnel
THAILAND - VDL Agrotech made the Asian launch of its new poultry manure drying tunnel at the VIV Asia trade show in March 2013.
CID Lines' VIV Asia Stand Well Received
THAILAND - This year's edition of VIV Asia took place in Bangkok, Thailand on 13 to 15 March. CID Lines attended the exhibition with a great booth construction, on which they received many compliments from visitors.
Global Feed to Meat Industry Propelled VIV Asia to New Heights
THAILAND - The global cattle, meat, poultry meat and egg industries contributed to making VIV Asia 2013 an unparalleled success, say the trade show's organisers.
Zoetis Looks to the Future
GLOBAL - Zoetis is the new name for Pfizer Animal Health following an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange on 1 February 2013.
Aviagen, Marfrig Hold Technical Meeting with Chinese Customers
BRAZIL - Aviagen Latin America recently held a technical meeting with a group of Chinese customers in Brazil.
Mycofix App Now Available for iPhone and iPad
GLOBAL - Biomin has launched the Mycofix app, which is now available for iOS and Android devices.
Reducing Heating Costs, Emissions in Poultry Houses
GERMANY - With Big Dutchman's heat exchanger Earny, poultry managers can save up to 60 per cent of heating costs for their poultry house during the winter.
Vykrm Trebíc Builds Petersime Hatchery
CZECH REPUBLIC - As part of its vertical integration strategy, Výkrm Třebíč, part of Agrofert holding (Czech Republic), has decided to expand its poultry division with a brand new high-capacity Petersime hatchery.
Aviagen Releases Video on Export Network
GLOBAL - Aviagen has released a video that focuses on animal export operation, which ships day-old chicks to farms in more than 120 countries and is one the world’s most extensive and welfare-compliant animal shipment networks.
Cobb-Vantress Announces Launch of Social Media Campaign
US - Cobb-Vantress, a leader in research and development, production and sale of broiler breeding stock, has announced the launch of its social media strategy, including the unveiling of its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
Aviagen Russia Celebrates Success of Ross PM3
RUSSIA - Aviagen recently welcomed a group of 30 current and potential customers from Russia and Ukraine to a seminar in Nizhni Novgorod, the fifth largest city in Russia, to celebrate the success of the Ross PM3.
Market Reports

USDA Egg Products - March 2013
USDA International Egg and Poultry: South Africa
USDA Broiler Hatchery: Broiler - Type Eggs Set in the 19 State Total Up 1 Percent

Global Poultry Industry News

   United States

Arkansas Study: Probiotics Improve Poultry Health, Performance
Coccidiosis or Coccidiasis?
Koch Foods Expands in Georgia
Another Surprising Corn Stocks Estimate
USDA Eases Restrictions on Live Poultry Imports from EU
Seminar Examines Impact of Healthcare Reform
Allen Harim Expands Core Poultry Operations
Cal-Maine's Third-Quarter Sales 19 Per Cent Higher
CME: Livestock, Grain Markets Still Reeling from USDA Reports
Perdue Farms Hits Back at HSUS Lawsuit
Nationwide Coalition Urges USDA to Protect Integrity of COOL
ConAgra Reports Decline in Profits
USDA Programme for Export of Egg Products
Fighting Listeria and Other Food-Borne Illnesses
Hot Water Spray Helps Cut Salmonella on Chicken Carcasses
USDA Opens Export Markets for Day-Old Chicks, Hatching Eggs

   European Union

EFSA Studies Health Risks in Mechanically Separated Meat
New Director-General for Agriculture and Rural Development


Beijing Closely Monitors Bird Flu Virus
No Bird Flu Virus Found in Dead Pigs
Four More Confirmed with H7N9; Monitoring Stepped up
Public Advised against Poultry Slaughtering


Landbank Lends to Small Farmers

   Russian Federation

Russia to Develop Organic Certification Standards

   United Kingdom

Ethics, Antibiotics, Consumer Opinion Shaping Buying Decisions
New Report on Farming's Impact on Antibiotic Resistance
Renewables in Spotlight for Poultry Farmers
Farmers Blast EU Policing of Pig, Poultry Rules
Producers Urged to Join Welfare Debate
On-Farm Burial of Carcasses Allowed Due to Bad Weather
Marketing Tips for Turkey Producers
Vion Successfully Completes Sale for UK Red Meat, Poultry


Thai Study Shows Need for Campy Control at Farm, Plant


Abstract Submission Closing for EggMeat2013


Romania Runs Positive Balance on Poultry Meat Trade


BHJ Launches World's First Functional Chicken Protein


BIRD FLU: Thailand Still on Alert for H7N9; China Reports Four More Infected, Steps up Monitoring; Hanoi Bans Chinese Poultry


Marfrig Sees Large Revenue, Profit Growth


Self-Sufficiency in Eggs Recovers in Germany


Intestinal Health
Biomin - Mycotoxins
Global Poultry Trends - Exclusively prepared for
Aviagen - Technical Services Manager
VIV Turkey 2013


Optisec; High-capacity manure drying tunnel for a 
maximum dry-matter content
Cevac Transume IBD
Poultry Respiratory Protection
Novus International
Which came first - Cobb
Santrev Poultry
Pfizer Global Poultry - Embrex Inovoject m


Biomin - The Natural Way
Novartis Animal Health
Hy-Line International

Petersime - Incubator Innovator
Hatchery climate control


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