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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 04 July 2013

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Thursday 4th July 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Perspective on Food Safety Risks from Poultry Meat

This week’s news in the global poultry markets has included some significant developments in terms of the food safety risks from poultry meat.

One key area was whether changes to poultry meat inspection will improve global standards in terms of meat quality and food safety.

The question of the efficiency and efficacy of poultry meat inspection has been addressed on both sides of the Atlantic recently.

In the EU last year, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published an opinion on the existing inspection procedures in poultry slaughterhouses and came to the conclusion that the simple visual inspection is not sufficient at a time when concerns over pathogens such as Salmonella and Campylobacter are rising.

EFSA called for the introduction of a comprehensive food safety assurance system, including clear targets for what should be achieved in poultry carcasses and, where appropriate, with respect to a particular hazard for poultry flocks.

The authority also recommended the use of a variety of control options for the main hazards throughout the food chain - on the farm and at the abattoir - to meet the targets.

It identified Campylobacter, Salmonella and bacteria carrying extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)/AmpC genes as priority targets in the inspection of poultry meat at abattoirs because of their prevalence and impact on human health.

There has been broad support in favour of modernisation from the industry in the EU and recently, similar sentiments were expressed in the US as the House Appropriations Committee amended and passed the 2014 Agriculture Appropriations Bill.

The amendment, which was adopted on voice vote, called for the science-based inspection system to be put in place at once across the US and calls on the USDA to take swift action

With more science-based and tighter controls in both Europe and the US, it is only a matter of time before other countries will also adapt their inspections systems and adopt methods similar to those in the US and EU. Not to do so would lead to barriers to trade and could start trade wars.

In the last week, the first part of EFSA’s analysis of an EU-wide baseline survey on Listeria monocytogenes has been published, providing insights into its presence in selected ready-to-eat foods - fish, cold meats and soft cheeses.

The proportion of samples exceeding the legal food safety limit was low – just 2.1 per cent of meat samples collected from supermarkets and shops - and the EU food safety limit was exceeded in only 0.4 per cent of meat samples.

However, given the popularity of these foods and the severe implications that Listeria infections (listeriosis) can have on human health, overall vigilance regarding the possible presence of the bacteria in food is warranted, stated EFSA.

Last week, there was a report from Spain comparing pathogen-reduction treatments of chicken carcasses in the processing plant.

The most effective chemical treatment depended on the foodborne pathogen examined and the degree of severity of the disruption of the cold-chain.

Trisodium phosphate was the most effective compound for mild cold-chain disruptions and, for more severe disruptions, acidified sodium chlorite showed a marked effect.

Food safety concerns are not the reserve of western countries.

Bahrain's main chicken factory has dismissed claims that it has risked public health recently. A case was filed against the company, claiming it failed to vaccinate more than 28,000 chicks.

The company’s general director denied any wrong-doing, saying that the responsibility for providing vaccinations rests with the chicken farmers.

After quantifying Listeria in chicken offal in Malaysia, researchers concluded that there is a need to investigate the biosafety level of such products in the country.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

EU Regulation Changes View on Stunning at Slaughter
A basic requirement for humane slaughter of animals, including poultry, is that they should be stunned before slaughter by exsanguination, writes Editor-in-Chief, Chris Harris.

Distinguishing Mechanically Separated Meat from Other Products
Calcium content alone might not be sufficient to distinguish low pressure Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM) from other non-MSM products.

Pathogens on Farm and in Processing Related
Salmonella and Campylobacter prevalence and loads on the farm are significantly associated with prevalence and loads of the same pathogens at processing.

High Pressure Pasteurisation: Reducing Pathogens Extending Shelf Life
New non-thermal food processing technologies aim to provide safe, high quality foods with desirable nutritional, physio-chemical and sensorial properties, writes Chris Harris.

Growth Performance and Meat Yields of Broiler Chickens Fed Diets Containing Low and Ultra-low Oligosaccharide Soybean Meals
Broilers fed diets containing low- or ultra-low oligosaccharide soybean meal for the six-weeks rearing period showed similar growth and meat yields to those fed diets containing conventional soybean meal, according to new research from the US. Around 45 per cent less fat was required in the diets containing the novel soy meals.

Effect of Fibre Removal from Ground Corn, DDGS and Soybean Meal Using the Elusieve Process for Broilers
Research reveals that considerable cost savings can be achieved in broiler production by using the Elusieve process to remove the fibre from maize, distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) and soybean meal.

Prudent Use of Antimicrobials – What is Going on in Europe?
David Burch, a veterinarian at Octagon Services Ltd in the UK discussed with Roman Krejci, DVM, Swine Technical Manager with Ceva Animal Health in Libourne, France, the European approach to the prudent use of antibiotics for farm animals.

Company News

Novus at 2013 Poultry Science Association Annual Technical Conference
US - Novus plans to participate in the 102nd annual Poultry Science Association (PSA) meeting on 22-25 July 2013 in San Diego, California.
Zoetis Announces Plans to Expand Operations in Lincoln
US - Zoetis Inc. has announced plans to expand its manufacturing facility in Lincoln, Neb., to facilitate the production of high-quality, reliable medicines for veterinarians, livestock producers and the animals under their care.
Kazakhstan Signs up for Smart Hatchery Expansion
KAZAKHSTAN - Pas Reform has recently concluded several contracts for the delivery of Smart™ and SmartPro™.
PAO Poltavskaya Extends Operations with Smart Incubation
UKRAINE - One of Ukraine’s largest producers of table eggs, PAO Poltavskaya PF, has commissioned a new 20-million-egg-per-year Smart hatchery from Pas Reform, with further plans for expansion to 30 million eggs.
Cobb Appoints New Chief Technology Officer
US - Dr Christine Daugherty has been appointed chief technology officer for Cobb-Vantress, Inc.
Automated Whole Bird Packaging System at IFFA 2013
GERMANY - TIPPER TIE, Inc. showcased the TTBagH machine at IFFA 2013 in Frankfurt in May 2013.
Animal Welfare: a Growing Concern
GLOBAL - In recent years, awareness for animal welfare has increased considerably in the field of poultry production. While the majority of the current poultry producers provide basic animal care, there is room for improvement. Read how Petersime is contributing to this process of animal welfare improvement.
Ross Breeders Zambia Expands with Pas Reform's SmartPro Incubation
ZAMBIA - Ross Breeders Africa is expanding its Zambian operations with SmartPro™ incubation technologies and air handling systems from Pas Reform.
Energy-efficient Heating from Termotecnica Pericoli
ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli has a long history and experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of heaters which has culminated in the release of their new easyTERM 80 heater. Efficiency is the focus of this new product.
Agrilamp Offers Broiler Lighting Solutions
GLOBAL - After a fantastic show in Bangkok, followed by Dubai and Italy, Agrilamp is setting the pace for its competitors, especially where the European '20 lux for Broilers' rule is concerned and the issues it is causing for some poultry producers.
Aviagen Demonstrates Ability to Educate Globally
GLOBAL - On 31 May of this year, production management personnel from 20 countries gathered in Huntsville, Alabama, to celebrate the launch of the 50th Production Management School, hosted by Aviagen.
Unique Mode of Action for Fossil Shield
UK - There are many red mite control products on the market, however, Fossil Shield is a non-toxic diatomaceous earth and is unique in its ability to accept an electrostatic charge due to its high resistance to moisture.
LIMA Makes Rapid Progress on Deboned Meat
FRANCE - Lima is proud to be an important actor in deboning technology.
Salmonella Reduced in Turkey Field Trial with Original XPC
US - Original XPC helps reduce Salmonella in turkey field trial, reports Don McIntyre, PhD, PAS, Director for North American Poultry Research & Technical Service with Diamond V.
MSD Confirms 2.3bn Doses of Paracox Supplied for Coccidiosis Protection
UK - MSD Animal Health recently celebrated a landmark in poultry vaccine production on making the 500th batch of product with the number of doses manufactured and supplied of Paracox, the leading coccidiosis vaccine, exceeded 2.3 billion.
Algerian Hatchery Sector Welcomes Pas Reform Technology
ALGERIA - Leading Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform continues its international expansion, with news of a series of new contracts in Algeria.
IPPE Announces Pork Education Partnership with VIV
US - In addition to poultry, feed, and beef, the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is expanding its focus to the international pork industry.
Eurodon Chooses Petersime for New Duck Hatchery
RUSSIA - Eurodon, Russia’s largest turkey producer owned by ‘Poultry Tsar’ Mr Vaneev, is establishing a new subsidiary for ducks, ‘Donstar’.
Cobb Germany Seminar at Black Sea Resort
BULGARIA - A joint two-day seminar at Golden Sands sea resort in Bulgaria was attended by 50 Bulgarian and 36 Romanian delegates.
BVPA Summer Meeting in Edinburgh Hosted by Aviagen
UK - Veterinary and Non-Veterinary Delegates of the British Veterinary Poultry Association (BVPA) recently attended their Summer Meeting, hosted and sponsored by Aviagen.
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