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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 18 July 2013

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Thursday 18th July 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

China Still Recovering from Bird Flu Outbreak

While the AH7N9 avian influenza outbreak that hit China this year continues to worry the scientific community, the Chinese poultry sector is still struggling and trying to recover from the crisis.

The Chinese government is giving the industry RMB300 million ($48.5 million) more to help the poultry industry in its recovery.

This is added to the RMB900 million that has already been handed out to the industry.

Apart from the central government subsidies, 10 provinces have established preferential policies to support the poultry industry.

The latest figures from the China Animal Agriculture Association show that the industry has recorded more than RMB 40 billion in losses since the H7N9 outbreak in March.

The losses resulted from the government ordered culling and also a lack of confidence in the poultry sector by consumers.

Commercial poultry, particularly chickens, has been blamed for the outbreak, although the actual source of the outbreak remains unknown.

What is clear is that in poultry the H7N9 virus was of low pathogenicity and never mutated to be a highly pathogenic virus.

In Singapore, which is considered free from avian influenza, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) held a poultry-culling exercise at a slaughterhouse for the first time, involving 500 chickens.

The chickens are culled by electrocution, which the AVA said is humane and globally approved.

Soonly Food Processing Industries, one of 14 poultry slaughterhouses in Singapore, which slaughters 165,000 chickens and ducks daily, has been given regular training to prepare them for emergencies.

The latest exercise this week saw some workers going through the drills that would kick-in during an outbreak.

In Nicaragua, the government has reinforced surveillance on the country's borders in order to prevent entry of avian influenza.

Although the disease has not yet been detected in the country, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is running health and control measures to continue to ensure Nicaragua's bird flu-free status, according to the head of the Ministry, Ariel Bucardo.

A Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations study shows that the spread of H7N9 is most likely to occur through LBMs with low biosecurity levels.

These increase the likelihood of direct contact with animals and allow virus circulation to amplify and be sustained.

It says the lessons learned from the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 should be applied.

It adds that the long-term vision is also necessary to bring together the people implementing the measures and the human populations targeted by such measures. Ensuring that the people who work and live with birds are not negatively affected by control and prevention measures assists in building public trust and ensuring the success of interventions.

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Social and Environmental Factors Affecting the Behaviour and Welfare of Turkeys
Studies have demonstrated that turkeys may show large behavioural adjustments in response to sub-optimal environmental conditions, according to a new review paper from Spain and Italy. Feed presentation and lighting affect bird activity. Catching, crating and transportation are highlighted as the management factors most likely to impact turkey welfare negatively, while the authors highlight the need for more research to be carried out into welfare under commercial conditions.

Effect of a Reduced Crude Protein, Amino Acid-Balanced Diet on Hen Performance and Ammonia Emissions
Reduced crude protein, amino acid-balanced diets cut the costs of egg production in an experiment with commercial-scale laying hen flocks at Pennsylvania State University without detrimental effects on hen performance.

Balancing Food Security and Environmental Quality in China
In many ways, the evolution of Chinese agriculture over the past 40 years is a remarkable success story. Spurred by investments in research and government subsidies for fertilizers and other farm technologies, China now feeds 22 per cent of the world's population on just nine per cent of its total arable land.

Addressing the Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Emergency
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has reported on the H7N9 situation in China earlier this year. The authors cover emergency risk assessment, risk management along the food chain, guidelines for emergency risk-based surveillance and lab protocols and algorithms.

Assessing Protocols to Sanitise Hands of Poultry Catching Crew Members
Comparing different hand sanitisation methods, Canadian research reveals that reducing the level of bacterial contamination on hands before using an alcohol-based gel seems important to ensure effectiveness for highly and moderately contaminated hands. Catching crew members preferred warm water and soap to a degreasing cream.

Do We Understand 'Hatch of Fertile' Correctly?
A clear explanation of some of the ways of calculating egg hatchability by Gerd de Lange of Pas Reform.

Company News

ISA Opens Brand New Layer Parent Stock Hatchery
NETHERLANDS - Institut de Sélection Animale (ISA) held a 2-day opening & open house event to celebrate the completion of its new layer parent stock hatchery in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. The hatchery showcases numerous state of the art technologies that allow day-old chicks to be hatched in a very energy-efficient manner and in full accordance with the highest biosecurity standards.
Japanese Impressed by European Hatchery, Processing Facilities
UK & SPAIN - An insight into the latest technology in hatcheries, farms and processing plants was provided for Japanese visitors from Matsusaka Farms and their customers during a week long visit to Cobb facilities in Spain and the UK.
Zoetis and BPC Sponsor Poultry Trainee of Year Award
UK - Entries are invited for the Zoetis/ BPC Poultry Trainee of the Year Award – sponsored by Zoetis, formerly the animal health business unit of Pfizer Inc., and the British Poultry Council now fully involved for the first time.
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