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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 9th February 2004's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 9th February 2004
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

We start our newsletter this week in the US where the H7 strain of Avian Influenza was found at a Delaware poultry farm. State authorities have since tested several nearby facilities but have not released the results. Scientists will not release the results of the first round of tests until a second round is complete, said a spokeswoman for the Delaware Department of Agriculture, according to the Baltimore Sun.
     The finding has prompted a decision by several Asian nations to ban American poultry, reports CNN. Japan, Malaysia and Singapore joined South Korea in banning all poultry imports from the US over the weekend, while Hong Kong suspended imports from the affected state only. A U.S. official slammed the decision.
     The infected flock of about 12,000 birds were all destroyed Saturday morning. Japan and South Korea say they are awaiting further information on the U.S. outbreak before deciding whether to lift the ban.

A national electronic tracking system that could locate any cow, pig or chicken in America within 48 hours is still years away even though Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman has promised to speed development. The system would help authorities track down livestock that were exposed to infectious disease, reports Aberdeen News.

China on Sunday confirmed six new outbreaks of deadly bird flu in six provinces spread throughout the country, the Borneo Bulletin says. China so far has 34 suspected or confirmed outbreaks in 13 of its 31 provinces. No human infections have been found so far in China.

Thailand hopes to clear its last bird flu outbreak within the next two days and the country's fast growing economy will not take a major hit from the epidemic, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said on Saturday. Thailand, the world's fourth biggest chicken exporter has slaughtered 26 million fowl and was confident the virus was under control, reports Reuters.

Thailand have indicated that they will retaliate against the European Union, Japan, and others if they keep the ban on Thai poultry deemed safe by international bodies, Commerce Minister Watana Muangsook said. The EU extended a ban on imports of Thai poultry for six months Tuesday to protect the bloc from an outbreak of the deadly bird flu which shows few signs of abating.
     "If our trading partners still insist on banning we will consider retaliation against their goods because with our medical certificates verified by the WHO they have no reason for further delays," Watana said.

A targeted vaccination campaign for poultry at risk of being infected by the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus may be required in heavily affected countries to control the further spread of the epidemic, according to global animal and human health experts gathered for emergency talks at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

In Brazil, a study of poultry and poultry products has found that the presence of nitrofurans and semicarbazide has increased. Further investigation showed that most of the chicken products containing semicarbazide had been coated with flour, salt and spices. Semicarbazide is used as an indicator of the use of the banned nitrofan antibiotic substance nitrofurazone in poultry products. It is a weak carcinogen however, and is banned in the EU reports FoodProductionDaily.

British poultry production will become a niche activity unless retailers and caterers pay more to their suppliers for chicken meat. That was the stark warning from NFU poultry chairman Charles Bourns, who told journalists this week that placings from the hatcheries were already down by one million chicks a week. That represented about a 7% drop from normal chick throughput of 15m a week, reports FWi.

Grampian Country Food Group is to increase chicken prices to cover the increasing cost of feed. The leading British poultry and meat processor revealed that it had been involved in discussions with its customer base for some time with the objective of achieving a significant cost price increase to cover the dramatic rising feed costs the poultry industry is currently facing, according to MeatNews.

In Ireland, new legislation has been introduced to ensure more information is made available at the point of sale to consumers of poultry meat. This initiative follows recommendations of the Irish Food Labeling Group and a recent survey into consumer preferences over origin labeling. The new legislation will require unprocessed poultry meat that is sold loose and which has been imported from outside the EU to bear an indication of its country of origin. This is already a requirement for pre-packaged poultry.

That's all for this week.

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