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Thursday 24th October 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Adverse Weather, Disease Increase Global Feeding Challenges

As more grains are needed for animal feed to increase meat and protein production to feed a growing and wealthier global population, wheat is becoming a major driver in the world grain market, according to Jack Watts, senior analyst for cereals and oilseeds at the UK's Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). He was speaking at the Home Grown Cereals Authority's Grain Market Outlook Conference in London last week.

He added that there is currently more risk to the world's cereal markets and in particular, more weather risk.

Highlighting this point, it was reported last week that maize and wheat are in short supply in Argentina. Wheat prices are reported to be sky-rocketing and livestock farmers say there is not enough maize (corn) to go around.

The difficult corn situation has been blamed on a shortfall of up to four million tonnes between the forecast and actual harvest figures, while poor weather has hit the country's wheat crop. Prices for the new harvest, which starts in November, are at US$500 per ton for immediate delivery while in Chicago, the price is US$250 a ton.

Continuing on the theme of feed grains, a judge in Mexico has ordered the government to stop issuing permits to multinational companies for planting genetically modified (GMO) corn at an experimental or commercial scale.

Mexico banned the planting of GMOs back in 1998 but that law was modified in 2005 to allow the planting of test plots. The judge cited the risk of imminent harm to the environment as the basis for the latest decision. There are fears that the many native corn varieties in Mexico could become contaminated if GMO corn is planted. Corn is the country's main food staple.

Meat consumption in China is expected to rise by 35 per cent by 2020 while rice and flour consumption will fall by five per cent each, according to Sylvia Ren, also speaking at the Grain Market Outlook Conference.

Consumption of cooking oil is also expected to rise by 35 per cent while sugar consumption will go up by 52 per cent and consumption of dairy products will rise by 116 per cent.

The reason for the sharp change in eating habits is the change in the Chinese population to a wealthier more urban people, she said.

The outlook is for a growth in the demand for protein to be between four and five per cent over the next five years although demand for meat and eggs will only rise by one or two per cent, according to Ms Ren.

Livestock diseases also threaten global food supply, among them, bird flu. A second egg farm in the Australian state of New South Wales has been quarantined after tests found the H7 influenza A virus at the property. It is in the same area as the original outbreak.

Poultry farmers in Western Kathmandu, Nepal, are refusing to accept the compensation offered by the government following the recent H5N1 flu outbreaks, complaining that the rates are too low. A young Cambodian girl has become that country's 21st victim of H5N1 flu this year.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Fatty Acid Profile, Performance and Quality of Eggs from Laying Hens Fed with Crude Vegetable Glycerine
A recently published study from Brazil reveals that crude vegetable glycerine can be effectively used in the diet of laying hens up to a level of 7.5 per cent. Its inclusion improved egg production and the fatty acid profile of eggs and did not affect excreta moisture.

Resolving Poor Pellet Quality and Maintaining Amino Acid Digestibility in Turkey Feed Manufacture
Researchers at West Virginia University have succeeded in finding a better compromise between feed pellet quality and amino acid digestibility in commercial turkey diets. Inclusion of a binder improved digestibility of amino acids in small pellets but its effect was not significant when a larger pellet die was used.

From Data to Function: Functional Modelling of Poultry Genomics Data
The development of functional modelling applied to poultry genomics is explained by researchers from the University of Arizona.

Insect Consumption and Optimum Utilisation of Pastures
These chapters in 'Pastured Poultry Nutrition and Forages' from the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) cover insects and other animals as forages and pasture management tips.

US Poultry Vets Explore Control of Infectious Laryngotracheitis
Six papers were included in the session on Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) at the 150th convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), held in Chicago in July 2013. The main focus was on improving disease control and characterising the causal virus.

Company News

Novus International at World Conference
CHINA - Novus participated in the World Conference on Animal Production (WCAP), organized by the World Association of Animal Production, dubbed the “Olympics” of animal science by the industry. In addition to Diamond sponsorship of the six-day conference, Novus hosted an informative half-day seminar entitled, “Gut Health: Creating New Value for Food Safety.”
Animal Connections Exhibit Heads for Washington DC
US - The Smithsonian Mobile Exhibit, which explores the human–animal bond and is supported by Zoetis, is due to be in Washington, D.C. between 26 and 29 October.
Partnership on 'Pig' Pin for Good Cause at International Expo
US - The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is partnering with the Hard Rock Café to offer a 'pig' pin for sale during the Expo.
Poultry Expo Attendee, Hotel Registration Now Open
US - Attendee and hotel registration are now open for the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia in January 2014.
Complete Drinking Water Treatment for Better Performance
BELGIUM - Acidifying the drinking water can help to improve the quality of the “forgotten nutrient”, according to CID Lines.
First-Ever Export Seminar at IPPE
US - The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) is to host its first-ever export seminar at the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia, in January.
Marton Joins Aviagen Global Veterinary Team
GLOBAL - Aviagen® has appointed Dr Zoltán Marton as Veterinarian within its Global Veterinary Team. Dr Marton replaces Dr Akos Klausz in the role, who recently moved to a position within the Aviagen UK Veterinary Team.
MSD Animal Health Shows Strong Presence at WVPA XVIII Congress
FRANCE - "Convenience of process and performance improvement" was the focus of the satellite symposium organized by MSD Animal Health, as part of the World Veterinary Poultry Association XVIII Congress, held from 19 to 23 August, in Nantes, France. As part of this symposium, MSD Animal Health introduced the company’s proprietary "Convenience" and "Go Beyond" programmes.
Indian River Aims for Further Growth in Asia and TMEA
MALAYSIA - Indian River®, an Aviagen® brand, is looking for further growth in the Asian and the Middle East and Africa (TMEA) market, following the success of a recent Indian River Technical Association (IRTA) meeting held in Malaysia.
Biomin Establishes New Business Unit in the UK
UK - New UK operations will focus on local feed and livestock needs with customer-specific technical expertise and the full suite of well-established Biomin product brands.
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