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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 14 November 2013

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Thursday 14th November 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Environmental Programme Is No Green-wash

Whatever your opinion on the impact of human activity on climate change, the devastation wrought by Typhoon Haiyan on the Philippines last week should focus our attention on making every attempt to reduce our environmental footprint as well as supporting the people there to rebuild their lives and businesses there in any way we can.

Researchers for the European Commission have found that the adoption of the ISO 14000 environmental management programme is not just an environmental whitewash - or 'greenwash' - but reflects a move towards more sustainable practices in both European and North American companies.

ISO 14000 is designed to help reduce environmental impacts produced by manufacturing businesses and among those sectors that have the greatest impact on the environment is food production.

Global food production occupies 25 per cent of all habitable land and is responsible for 70 per cent of fresh water consumption, 80 per cent of deforestation and 30 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Because of these impacts, the agri-food sector has to seek to make itself as efficient as possible.

It has been suggested that companies may use environmental management systems as greenwash – that they might adopt these systems purely as a marketing tool, hoping to win over consumers and other players in the market without having to invest in underlying green practices.

However, according to the latest European Commission study, companies in the EU and North America that had made more effort to implement the ISO 14000 also invested more in Environmental Supply Chain Management (ESCM) - for example, on pollution reduction, recycling and waste reduction measures.

While the results do not rule out the possibility of these systems being used as greenwash, the authors suggest that, overall, ISO 14000 leads to genuine environmentally friendly investment.

In other news, the poultry industry in India is in need of a major overhaul and massive investment if it is to meet the challenges ahead to address the demands of a growing population. As a result, there has been a new call for more investment in the sector.

A new report from Mozambique has highlighted the need to raise domestic production of feed and day-old chicks as well as greater co-operation and training in the poultry industry there. The country aims to double the recent rate of increase in per-capita chicken meat consumption.

And finally, turning to bird flu news, Nepal has reported 85 new outbreaks of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian flu, involving 1.4 million birds. There have been new outbreaks in Vietnamese poultry and further human cases have been reported in Cambodia and China. To close on better news, India has again declared itself bird flu-free.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2013: Chicken Imports Rise to Africa, Stable in Oceania
Chicken meat imports into Africa are forecast as the considerable increase in domestic production fails to keep pace with growing demand, according to industry watcher, Terry Evans. In Oceania, Australia is the only country to participate in the trade of poultry meat.

Phosphorus, Phytase and Poultry Litter
Tom Tabler (Extension Professor), Morgan Farnell (Associate Professor), Jessica Wells (Extension Instructor) and Haitham Yakout (Visiting Research Professor), all at the Poultry Science department of Mississippi State University, explain why phosphorus in poultry litter is an issue and what farmers and nutritionist can do to mitigate the situation.

FAO Food Outlook: Poultry Meat
For 2013, global production of poultry meat is forecast to be 106.8 million tonnes or 1.8 per cent higher than last year, according to the latest 'Food Outlook' report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). At 13.0 million tonnes, trade in poultry meat is expected to be slightly lower this year than in 2012.

Prevalence and Molecular Characterisation of Eimeria Species in Ethiopian Village Chickens
There was evidence of highly pathogenic Eimeria species in village chickens in Ethiopia and co-infection with multiple types, yet none of the birds sampled showed symptoms. Some regional differences were observed.

Interaction Between Breeder Age and Hatching Time Affects Intestine Development and Broiler Performance
Researchers in Turkey have explored the relationships between breeder age and hatching time and subsequent chick performance, concluding that that breeder age should be taken into consideration in the management of hatching eggs during incubation.

Progress on Control of Marek's Disease Discussed at US Veterinary Convention
New developments in the control of Marek's disease (MD) were discussed in the poultry session at the latest convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), which was held in Chicago in July 2013.

Company News

Patented Wall Air Inlets Provide Better Air Distribution, Accurate Control
US - The TJP Wall Inlets from Double L Group, Ltd. are counterbalanced and gravity controlled for minimum or transition ventilation.
New Biosecurity Education Programme Scheduled for 2014 IPPE
US - Outbreaks of the H7N9 virus in China and the H7N3 virus in Mexico have heightened the awareness and need for effective biosecurity programmes.
Zoetis Breaks Ground for New Manufacturing Facility in Suzhou
CHINA- Animal health company Zoetis has broken ground for a manufacturing facility in Suzhou.
Petersime at Agroprodmash
TURKEY - Petersime was present at VIV Turkey 2013.
Indian Broilers and Aviagen India Form New Partnership
INDIA - Indian Broilers, a central business in the IB Group of companies has announced that it will source breeding stock from Aviagen® India as it continues to grow and plans further expansion in the domestic poultry industry.
Biomin Inaugurates Second Vietnamese Premix Facility
VIET NAM - Biomin hosted the grand opening of its second premix plant in Viet Nam, a state-of-the-art facility located in Binh Duong province.
New Pas Reform Logistics, Training Centre Open for Business
NETHERLANDS - Pas Reform has officially opened its new state-of-the art Logistics and Training Center to hundreds of invited guests.
Market Reports

UK September Agricultural Price Index - 14 November 2013
China Wholesale Prices - 14 November 2013
Irish CSO Reports: Agricultural Price Indices - September 2013
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 13 November 2013
China Wholesale Prices - 13 November 2013
GB Animal Feed Statistical Notice - September 2013
China Wholesale Prices - 11 November 2013
USDA WASDE - 8 November 2013
United Kingdom Egg Statistics – Quarter 3, 2013
China Wholesale Prices - 8 November 2013

Global Poultry Industry News


Mozambique Targets National Chicken Consumption


Ukraine Introduces New Poultry Meat Requirements
First Poultry Meat Exported by Ukraine to EU; Eggs to Follow


Marfrig Reports 11 Per Cent Increase in Net Revenue
Culture Change for Brazilian Processor BRF

   New Zealand

New Zealand Sending Chicken to Faraway Markets
Water Policy Statement Welcomed by NZ Farmers

   United States

Air Quality Specialist Named Endowed Professor
NFU Applauds Consumer Support for COOL
Foundation Allocates Funds in Student Recruiting Grants
Research Programme Impacts Salmonella Research
Turkey Prices, Food Price Inflation Lower This Holiday
US Will Not Allow Imports of Chinese Poultry Meat
Association Aims to Introduce Poultry Science to High School Students
US Forecasts Lower Chicken, Turkey Output; More Eggs
Scientists Link Enzyme Level to Chicken Meat Defect
FDA Urged to Report Additional Data on Antibiotic Usage on Farm
Corn, Soybean Futures Gain Following Not-So-Bearish USDA Report Friday; Wheat Steady
Losses by Butterball Hit Seaboard's Results
Ozark Mountain Poultry Takes over Former Pilgrim's Plant


India, UK Collaborate in Farmed Animal Health and Disease
CReSA Joins International Animal Disease Network
BIRD FLU: India Declared Bird Flu Free; 85 New Outbreaks in Nepal; China Reports Two Human H7N9 Cases in October
Organic Market Growth Forecast to Continue
Food Markets Becoming More Balanced, Prices Less Volatile
FAO Launches Forum for Africa on Genetic Diversity
Are Environmental Management Systems Just Greenwash?

   United Kingdom

Chromosome Map Highlights Campylobacter’s Genetic Controls
Chicken Biology Symposium Now Open for Pre-registration
Skills Summit Focuses on New Age of Professionalism
Call for Papers for 2014 Animal Welfare Conference
Joint Welcome for CAP Allocation
Cargill to Upgrade and Enhance UK Poultry Processing Business


Poultry Feed Seen Ruling at Current Levels
Calls for Investment in India's Poultry Industry
Yum, Partners to Invest $10 Billion in Emerging Markets by 2020


CPF Reports Recovery of Net Profits


Antibiotic Resistance: Killer Virus to the Rescue?
Environmental Schemes Must Work for Ireland

   United Arab Emirates

BRF Starts Work on First Processing Plant Outside Brazil


Iraqi Council of Ministers Lifts Ban on Arkansas Poultry


Cambodia Recognises US Meat, Poultry Sanitary Certificate

   South Africa

Poultry Company Seeks Protection from Imports
IEC Cape Town Post Conference Report
Poultry Losses Hit Astral Foods' Profit Hard


Slight Drop in Chinese Farm Produce Prices
Dalian Exchange Hatches Egg Futures Contracts
Company to Build Third Feed-Premix Plant in China


Wageningen's Contribution to Decade of Animal Production Research


Nepal Reports 85 New Bird Flu Outbreaks


Thousands Dead, Farming Destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan


Prime Minister Calls for Innovation from Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen


Lebanon Allocates $2.66 Million Annually to Livestock Health

   Saudi Arabia

French Poultry Firm Set to Sign Saudi Deal

   Trinidad and Tobago

Import Surcharge to Resume for T&T Poultry


Takoradi Poultry Farmers Fear Losses


HKScan Reports Margins Lagging Behind


Eurasian Commission Publishes Quotas on 2014 Meat, Poultry, Whey

   Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka to be Self-sufficient in Eggs by 2014


Antimicrobial Resistance: From Monitoring to Preventive Measures


Growing Competitiveness Programmes Provide Opportunities


Intestinal Health


Novus International
Poultry Respiratory Protection
Santrev Poultry
Vectormune - Ceva
Merial Avian Forum 2013
Aviagen - Ross Breeders, Arbor Acres, Indian Wells - Poultry Breeders
Which came first - Cobb

Pfizer Global Poultry - Embrex Inovoject m


Hatchery automation systems
Petersime - world leader in the development of incubators and hatcheries
Hy-Line International

Biomin - The Natural Way
Double L - Poultry Inlets, Flooring and Fans


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