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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 05 December 2013

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Thursday 5th December 2013.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Start of a New Bird Flu Season?

Could we be seeing the start of a new 'bird flu season' in the Northern Hemisphere?

There have been reports of a low-pathogenic bird flu viruses being found during routine surveillance of poultry in southern Germany, southern Portugal and in the north of The Netherlands. The Portuguese infection is the first in the country for almost five years.

In each of these outbreaks, the source of infection remains a mystery. The flocks certainly have no connection with each other but the fact that they are small and/or mixed flocks suggests the most likely source of infection is wild birds while the poultry were on free range.

Birds in the affected flocks have been destroyed as a precaution and the usual biosecurity measures have been put in place.

In Asia, Taiwan has reported finding the low-pathogenic virus in a large duck flock a month ago as the result of routine surveillance following previous outbreaks.

After their experiences last year with bird flu, the Chinese authorities have announced that a leading live poultry market in Shanghai will be closed from the end of January until the end of April as a precaution.

China and Hong Kong have reported new human victims of the H7N9 avian influenza A virus.

Meanwhile, global H7N9 flu preparedness work is well underway, according to the the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). With the threat of avian influenza A(H7N9) spreading during the autumn and winter months, that organisation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have joined forces to enhance surveillance and improve preparedness and response capacities in key countries in Asia and beyond.

Re-stocking is expected to start at the farms in Australia hit by bird flu in October. There, the units were large enough for the production break for thorough cleaning to make egg supplies short in the run-up to Christmas.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Replacing Supplemental Oil with Full-fat Canola Seed in Broiler Diets
New research at Poultry CRC in Australia reported by Bob Swick and Reza Barekatain shows that feeding whole canola seeds to broilers reduced their performance slightly compared to those fed the canola meal and oil added separately but there was a significant advantage in terms of feed cost per kilo of liveweight gain.

Aerial Dust Concentration in Different Facilities for Laying Hens
New research from France raises concerns about the levels of dust in floor and aviary housing systems for laying hens in terms of the health of farm workers. Cage systems were markedly less dusty.

Organic Control of Darkling Beetles and Lesser Mealworms in Poultry Houses
The options for the control of these pests in chicken houses using methods acceptable under organic standards in the US are outlined by ATTRA's National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

EU-funded Research into Precision Livestock Farming
Two projects funded by the European Union into Precision Livestock Farming - one complete and one on-going - are described in a new European Commission report, 'A Decade of EU-funded Animal Production Research'.

Research Advances the Understanding of Vaccination against Arkansas Infectious Bronchitis
Auburn University research has shed new light on continued outbreaks of Infectious Bronchitis in the US despite widespread vaccination. It appears that there have been mutations in the field strain of the virus that enable it to 'escape' the chicken's immune response.

Microalgae Utilisation in Wastewater Treatment
Microalgae are a proven low initial capital cost, low operational cost supplement or alternative to mechanically aerated wastewater treatment systems, explains Dr Brian H. Kiepper Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist at the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia.

Researchers Present Progress on Poultry Disease Involving Reoviruses
Developments in our understanding of diseases caused by reoviruses were covered during one of the poultry sessions at the 150th Annual Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) held in Chicago in July 2013. Reoviruses are involved in causing viral arthritis as well as respiratory and enteric diseases of chickens and turkeys.

Colibacillosis and its Impact on the Poultry Business
Dr Tibor Cserep, DVM MRCVS, Technical Manager for MSD Animal Health, explains the poultry health problems caused by E. coli and how the company's vaccine, Nobilis E.coli inac, can provide an effective solution to protect broilers, breeders and layers from the bacterium.

Company News

Dedication of the Diamond V Layer Research Unit at Kasetsart University
THAILAND - Diamond V recently celebrated the ribbon-cutting and opening ceremony for the new Diamond V Layer Research Unit in the Animal Science Learning Center of the Department of Animal Science on the Kamphaeng Saen Campus of Kasetsart University in Nakhon Pathom.
Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Erber Group Campus
AUSTRIA - Biomin, as part of the Erber Group, began its move to a new campus location in Getzersdorf with a groundbreaking ceremony on 13 November 2013.
Zoetis BPC Poultry Trainee Award Goes to Herefordshire
UK - Herefordshire breeder farm manager, Nicholas Ham, is the winner of the 2013 Zoetis / British Poultry Council Trainee of the Year Award.
Positive Indian River Association Meeting in Bali
INDONESIA - Indian River® customers gathered in Bali to attend the 4th Association Meeting and conveyed an optimistic message for the current product and its future performance in a number of markets around the world.
Cobb Chooses Petersime for Major GP Hatchery Project in China
CHINA - Petersime has been selected to design the hatchery and supply the incubation and HVAC equipment for a new joint-venture agreement between Cobb-Vantress and chicken producer, Hubei Tong Xing Agriculture.
EuroTier 2014: Preparations Underway for Leading Animal Production Event
GERMANY - Preparations are now underway for EuroTier 2014, the leading international event for animal production professionals which is to take place from 11 to 14 November 2014 in Hanover, Germany. The event will also be ‘EnergyDecentral’ and ‘Veterinarian Congress’.
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