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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 02 January 2014

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Thursday 2nd January 2014.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor


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New Year, Same Challenges?

First and foremost, a very happy New Year and warmest wishes for a healthy, successful and prosperous 2014 to all those in the global poultry community!

A holistic long-term approach may be the key to introducing sustainability into the food and agriculture equation, according to a new report from Rabobank.

Fundamentally, it says, this would entail a shift in farmers' focus away from yield maximisation and towards input optimisation.

"Without a holistic approach towards feeding the world, the global agriculture industry's capacity to keep up with demand will be stretched at the expense of the environment," commented a Rabobank analyst.

According to the latest update from the United States, 416 people have been infected by Salmonella Heidelberg in a series of foodborne disease outbreaks there linked to one chicken processing company. There have been no deaths but 134 confirmed hospital admissions. Another new report has criticised the country's food safety organisation for its handling of the outbreaks.

Slaughterhouse staff in the European Union could be forced to carry out more checks of livestock to ensure the animals are not conscious after stunning, according to new scientific studies carried out for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

If the recommendations are ratified, processing plant workers who perform stunning, shackling, hoisting and/or bleeding will have to check all the animals and confirm that they are unconscious.

Three separate scientific opinions have been produced by the Scientific Committee/Scientific Panel of EFSA for the European Commission to cover poultry, pigs and goats & sheep.

Finally, turning to news on avian flu, human cases have been reported over the last couple of weeks in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Having advised the OIE that there had been no new cases of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry since October, Viet Nam has reported an outbreak in a commercial duck flock in the Mekong Delta on 25 December. In China, highly pathogenic avian influenza of a 'new' sub-type - H5N2 - has hit a poultry farm in Hebei province.


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This Week's Articles and Analysis

The Phenomenon of 'Silver Backing' in Free-range Hens
Brown-feathered hens in Australia have been observed to conduct pecking behaviour that removes the coloured part of the feather, leaving behind its white base, giving rise to a 'silver-back' appearance. Mingan Choct (University of New England) and Michael Sommerlad (Poultry Works Consultancy) explore possible causes of this phenomenon in the latest issue of 'eChook'.

Growth Performance, Antioxidant Status and Immunity in Broilers under Different Lighting Regimes
Chinese research reveals that lighting programme can affect the antioxidant status and non-specific immunity of broilers although the birds' growth was not affected in this study.

Evaluation of Soybean Meal Source and Particle Size on Broiler Performance, Nutrient Digestibility and Gizzard Development
Two experiments at the Prestage Department of Poultry Science examine the interactions between maize and soybean particle sizes, nutrient digestibility and broiler growth. Gizzard weight was more affected by the particle size of the maize in the diet than the soybean meal.

Egg Weight Declines to Baseline Levels over the Laying Season in Domestic Geese
New research from Ireland reveals that average egg weight increases in geese between one and four years of age, and that egg weights decline during the laying season.

Range of Health Issues Addressed in Final AVMA Poultry Session
Among the topics discussed in the final 'Miscellaneous' session on poultry disease at the 150th annual convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in Chicago in July 2013 were clostridial dermatitis in turkeys, Intestinal Dilation Syndrome in brown hens, health issues in small flocks and an unusual condition causing elevated mortality in young broilers.

Science and Technology's Role in Sustainable Intensification
Professor Charles Godfray, University of Oxford, recently delivered the fourth lecture in the Teagasc/RDS lectures series on 'Sustainable Intensification and the Role of Science and Technology in meeting the Food Security Challenge'. Dr Lance O'Brien summarises the main points in the publication, 'TResearch'.

Company News

New Four-way Gravity Attic Air Vent from Double L
US - The TJ4200 TopJet 4-Way Gravity Attic Air Vent from Double L Group, Ltd. mixes warm air from the attic with house air along ceiling for better tempered air mixing and prevents downdrafts or chilling of birds.
Integrated Poultry Concept Introduced by Vencomatic Group
NETHERLANDS & AFRICA - On Thursday 12 December, Peter Vingerling – CCO Vencomatic Group and Peter Bart Lichtenbeld – Sales Director Africa presented the company's ambitious integrated poultry concept at the NABC Ambassador’s dinner.
Antibiotics Workshop Scheduled for IPPE
US - The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is announcing a workshop on 'Antibiotic Use in the Meat and Poultry Industry' at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, from 8am to 12pm on 29 January 2014.
Venco Facility Tops Sustainability Rankings
NETHERLANDS - Venco Campus is no. 1 in top 10 ranking in the country's most sustainable projects.
Registration Open for Poultry Processing Facility Tours at IPPE
US - Sponsored by The American Meat Institute, registration is now available for meat and poultry processing facility tours as part of the 2014 International Processing & Production Expo (IPPE).
Zoetis Participates in PROHEALTH Consortium
EU - Zoetis is part of a consortium of 22 academic, industry and private enterprise organizations from 11 countries who are exploring new ways to ensure the sustainability of modern animal production. The consortium was recently awarded the largest animal health grant in EU history.
Ceva Acquires Sogeval
FRANCE - By the terms of an agreement signed in Laval, Sogeval, a subsidiary of Sofiprotéol, joins veterinary firm Ceva Santé Animale with a view to creating one of the world leaders in veterinary pharmacy.
Aviagen Russian Production School Provided Intensive Training
RUSSIA - Over 60 people representing more than 30 broiler farms in Russia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan have completed a five-day intensive training course with Aviagen®. Organised by Aviagen LLC, Aviagen’s Russian Business Unit, the second Aviagen Russian Production School proved just as popular and successful as the first one held back in July.
First Poultry Course at New CPF Learning Centre
THAILAND - Forty CPF employees in poultry production from 13 countries attended a 12-day intensive poultry management course organised by CPF Thailand and Cobb Asia at its newly opened Sikhiu learning centre.
Ross Turkey, Middle East, Africa Association Meeting in Cape Town
SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa is the largest poultry market on a continent of just over one billion people with an average per capita consumption rate of 4kg, less than one-third of the global average. Cape Town proved to be an excellent location to have a meeting for the Ross distributors and to consider current trends and review regional market opportunities in the future.
Zoetis Declares First Quarter 2014 Dividend
US - The Board of Directors of Zoetis Inc. has declared a first quarter dividend payable to holders of the company’s common stock of $0.072 per share, an increase of 11 per cent from the quarterly dividend rate paid in 2013.
IPPE Plans Meat Me in @LANTA Activities for Attendees
US - The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is planning a variety of Meat Me in @LANTA activities for IPPE attendees. IPPE will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, from 28 to 30 January 2014.
New Economical Approach to Climate Control in the Hatchery
BELGIUM - Fresh air, conditioned to the correct temperature and humidity, is a key element in the performance of your hatchery, says Petersime. Moreover, your air handling system should safeguard biosecurity at all times. At the same time, you want to reduce your energy bill and your ecological footprint.
Market Reports

USDA Egg Products - 30 December 2013
USDA Agricultural Prices 30 December 2013
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 26 December 2013
USDA Chickens and Eggs - 23 December 2013
USDA Cold Storage - 23 December 2013
USDA Poultry Slaughter - 23 December 2013
China Wholesale Prices - 23 December 2013

Global Poultry Industry News


China to Re-Examine 'Chicken Dumping' Case against US
BIRD FLU: Taiwan Authorities on Bird Flu Alert; Viet Nam Fears Stronger Virus Strains; First Bird Flu Death in HK
Feed Antioxidant Market Buoyed up by Demand for Animal Proteins
Report: Europe Tops Veterinary Vaccine Market
BRF in Talks with Americana
Half a Million Square Kilometres of Abandoned Farmland in Europe
Global Food Security Relies on Trade
Outlook for 2014 Global Poultry Sector Generally Bullish
Holistic Farming Approach to Meet World Food Demand Sustainably


South Australia's Poultry Farmers Urged to Prepare for Heat-wave
Australian White Paper to Boost Agricultural Output
Egg Supplies Disrupted in Tasmania after Bird Flu Hits Mainland Farms


Demand May Perk up Poultry Products
Odisha's Poultry Plan Targets Backyard Flocks
Report Warns of Growing Feed Shortage in India
Egg Prices Drop in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar on Arrivals from South

   United States

USPoultry Accepting Research Proposals on Salmonella Infection
Connecticut to Establish Small Poultry Slaughter Inspection System
Mississippi Study Highlights Importance of Correct Diagnosis for Fowl Cholera
Pecan Shell Extract Protects Meat from Pathogens
Speciality Egg Sales Help Boost Calmaine's Bottom Line
Crop and Livestock Price Prospects for 2014
Study Casts Doubt on Efficacy of Helminth Control in US Broiler Breeders
Water-based Foam Can be Used for Emergency Turkey Depopulation
Study Confirms Quality of US Speciality Egg Brand
Incubation Light Reduces Broiler Stress Susceptibility
US Consumers Confused about GMOs
University of Arkansas Receives Foundation Award
Poultry Litter Additive Reduces Ammonia in Raleigh Study
Report Investigating Linked Salmonella Outbreaks Blames Food Safety Agency
No Farm Bill Deal Before 1 January
Foundation Awards Grant to Mississippi State University
Poultry Industry Body Responds to Food Safety Report
CME: Average Composite Broiler Price for November Down


Poultry Company Takes on Green Projects


Pakistan Focuses on Better Poultry Disease Control
2013: Worst Year Ever for Pakistan's Poultry Sector
Egg Prices Rise to Rs130 Per Dozen

   United Kingdom

Scottish Government Launches Poultry Plan
Eggs Chosen as Hang-over Remedy
Symposium to Focus on Greater Sustainability in Poultry Production
UK Consumers Warned Not to Eat Unapproved Turkey Products
UK Farm Animal Antibiotic Use Figures for 2012 Updated
Implementation of Common Ag Policy Announced


Academic Advocates Fee for Antibiotics Used in Vet Medicine
Canadian Programme to Fund Water Infrastructure Projects


New Slaughterhouses for Four Philippine Provinces

   Russian Federation

Russian Authorities Block Import of Dutch Poultry Meat
Cherkizovo Completes Bryansk Poultry Cluster


Prices of Chinese Poultry Products Show Little Change
Final Report on Audits Conducted on Chinese Poultry Slaughter Plants
Partnership to Coordinate Chinese-EU Animal Health Research
New Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Hits Hebei Farm


Newcastle Disease Reported in Israeli Broiler Flock

   South Africa

South Africa Reports Low-Path Bird Flu in Eastern Cape
Low Pathogenic Bird Flu in Western Cape Ostriches
H7N7 Bird Flu Virus Found on South African Ostrich Farm

   European Union

EU Feed Industry Raises Concern over Low-Level GMOs
Tighter Welfare Checks on Livestock at Slaughterhouses Proposed
EU Commission Progresses Research Plans on Agriculture Sustainability


Extra Heating Promotes Hatchability from Young Breeder Flocks


Call for Govt to Set up Chicken Feed Mill in Sabah


High-welfare Investment in Broiler Farming Needs Secure Chicken Prices

   Saudi Arabia

Unhygienic Fresh Chicken Products Destroyed


BRF Appoints New Finance Director


Better Prospects Ahead for Thailand's Chicken Sector


Intestinal Health
IPPE 2014
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Santrev - Poultry House Construction Specialists
Pfizer Global Poultry - Embrex Inovoject m
Merck Animal Health - It's a New Day for Animal Health
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Only from Big Dutchman
Vectormune - Ceva
Merial Avian Forum 2013
Which came first - Cobb


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Double L - Poultry Inlets, Flooring and Fans
Biomin - The Natural Way
Petersime - world leader in the development of incubators and hatcheries
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