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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 16 January 2014

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Thursday 16th January 2014.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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Progress on Tackling Poultry Diseases

It sometimes seems that we are fighting a losing battle against poultry diseases but there is constant progress and some examples have been reported in the last week.

On bird flu news, Thailand has confirmed that the country remains free of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus following allegations to the contrary of social media. In Australia, there have been no outbreaks since October 2013.

Indonesia has been hit hard by the HPAI H5N1 virus in poultry but a new study from the Netherlands reveals how the disease may be brought under control by vaccination.

In the US, researchers at Ohio State University say that the development of a universal vaccine that would protect humans, pigs and poultry against influenza is the focus of new research following the award of a substantial grant.

New technology is being used at Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center to create a more effective vaccine against Infectious Bursal Disease.

As in life, not all the news is positive.

Costa Rica has reported six outbreaks of fowl typhoid (caused by Salmonella gallinarum) affecting almost 112,000 birds; around 11,000 died and the rest have been destroyed.

HPAI H5N1 continues to rumble on in poultry flocks in China - where a new outbreak has occurred in Hubei province - and there have been four new reports from one northern province in Viet Nam.


Zoetis to unveil global coccidiosis initiative at IPPE

Rotating anticoccidials to optimize their effectiveness is standard practice on commercial poultry operations worldwide.

Even so, the world’s poultry industry still manages to lose more than $3 billion to coccidiosis, according to estimates by the US Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, no new in-feed anticoccidials are on the horizon.

With these staggering losses in mind and no silver-bullet solutions on the way, Zoetis Inc. plans to use the 2014 International Poultry & Processing Expo in Atlanta to unveil a new global initiative to help poultry producers develop more sustainable, cost-effective management programs.

According to Zoetis, the branded initiative is based on decades of published science and field trials, as well as the company’s own experience managing the costly parasitic disease in more than 60 countries.

To help illustrate how coccidiosis-management decisions made today can have a domino effect on future management measures and options, the main Zoetis exhibit at IPPE (#2251) will feature a giant domino sculpture made in the image of a chicken. The first tile will be given a gentle nudge on Tuesday, Jan. 28, the first day of the exhibition.

Zoetis to unveil global coccidiosis initiative at IPPE

To help illustrate how coccidiosis-management decisions made today can have a domino effect on future management measures and options, the main Zoetis exhibit at IPPE (#2251) will feature a giant domino sculpture. The first tile will be given a gentle nudge on Tuesday, Jan. 28, the first day of the exhibition.

For more information on Zoetis, visit


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This Week's Articles and Analysis

IPPE Expands into New Areas
The 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) will be bigger than ever this year with more than 1,100 exhibitors, covering more than 400,000 net square feet of exhibition space and a range of new features and exhibitors.

IPPE to Offer Varied Educational Programmes
The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) will be offering a wide variety of free education programmes for visitors.

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Americas to Produce 42 Million Tonnes of Chicken in 2014
In his latest report, industry analyst, Terry Evans, offers an overview of the current status and future trends in chicken meat production in the Americas. Output is increasing strongly in some countries, notably Colombia and Peru, while the US and Brazil together account for almost 30 per cent of the region's total volume.

Full Speed Ahead to Debone Automatically
With modern poultry slaughter lines running at more than 8,000 birds an hour and recent controversial USDA recommendations to increase those speeds to around 10,000 an hour, the requirement for greater automation on the processing line to keep up the pace is growing.

Impact of Broiler Production System Practices on Consumer Perceptions of Animal Welfare
A survey of Dutch university students offers an interesting insight into consumer perceptions of animal welfare regarding broiler production. There were differences as a result of gender and experience of farming but the attribute most highly ranked and consistently was outdoor access for the birds.

Effect of Different Intermediate Amendments on pH and Ammonia Emissions of Composted Poultry Mortalities
Composting with poultry litter may not be an appropriate best management practice if the aim is to minimise ammonia emissions during the disposal of dead birds, according to researchers in Canada.

Company News

New Regional Technical Managers for Aviagen
GLOBAL - Aviagen® has announced the appointments of Neil Clark as Regional Technical Manager for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Tore Mercan as Regional Technical Manager within Eastern Europe and the CIS.
Gauthier Appointed Ceva's New Strategy and Business Development Director
FRANCE - Jérôme-André Gauthier joins the Executive Committee team at Ceva Santé Animale as the new Strategy and Business Development Director, starting 1 January 2014.
Pas Reform Appoints New Regional Sales Director
SAUDI ARABIA - In line with continuing international expansion and growing demand for its hatchery technologies, Pas Reform has appointed Asad Yaseen to the new role of regional sales director based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Aviagen Appoints New Hatchery Specialist
US - Aviagen® has announced the appointment of Nirada (Ni) Leksrisompong as one of the team of Incubationists working in the hatchery support group. Ni started her new role in January and is based at the Aviagen headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.
Cobb Opens New Hatchery in Russia
RUSSIA - Cobb has opened a new parent stock hatchery at Stromyn in the Moscow region.
Morocco's Groupe Casa Grains Chooses Petersime
MOROCCO - Groupe Casa Grains has constructed two new hatcheries in the Rhamna area, 50km north of Marakkech: a layer and a broiler hatchery, both equipped with Petersime incubators.
Jones Joins Ceva as Manager of Poultry Technical Services
US - Kelli Jones, DVM, MAM, has joined Ceva as Manager of Poultry Technical Services.
What if Antibiotics Were Banned Worldwide? Asks Jefo
CANADA - Jefo has a long experience of poultry production without antimicrobial growth promoters.
Cablevey Conveyors Move Feed Gently
US - Cablevey Conveyors is a manufacturing company that develops and builds state-of-the-art enclosed mechanical systems used to convey feed mill materials and to feed livestock.
USDA Approval for Randox Ractopamine Screening
US - Randox Food Diagnostics leads the field with USDA approval for ractopamine screening.
Changing the Guard at Bowler's Palace with ALIS
UK - Changing the Guard at Bowler's Palace? It’s not the Guards but changing to 'ALIS', says Agrilamp.
Successful Year in 2013 for AB Vista
UK - AB Vista will be exhibiting at the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta from 28 to 31 January.
Aviagen Launches New Parent Stock Pocket Guides
GLOBAL - Aviagen has launched new Parent Stock Pocket Guides for its Ross, Arbor Acres and Indian River birds.
APL: Tight Packaging for Poultry
GERMANY - Poly-clip System has equipped its automatic packaging machine for poultry in a bag, the APL, with highly efficient, new functions.
FootCheck for Accurate Disinfection, Biosecurity Compliance
UK - Hysolv FootCheck is a unique footbath with a revolutionary design that both raises standards in biosecurity delivering accuracy and economy in disinfectant use for footwear disinfection.
Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive: FAST Ways to Save Energy
THE NETHERLANDS - The Multifan Intelligent Fan Drive from Vostermans saves extra energy by controlling the speed of three-phase fans.
Ingenieria Avícola Shows How to Add Value to Egg Waste at IPPE
SPAIN - Spanish company, Ingeniería Avícola, will introduce a new process developed by its R&D department at IPPE in Atlanta, US in January 2014.
DOL 16: New Member of the Dol-Sensors Family
DENMARK - The new DOL 16 from dol-sensors® is designed to measure light intensity in livestock houses.
Impextraco Focuses on Sustainable Animal Production
BELGIUM - Through research, quality, product range and service, Impextraco focuses on using natural resources for raising animals in a sustainable manner, thus securing and strengthening the competitiveness of its customers.
Rendering Equipment from Anco
US - ANCO rendering equipment has been providing engineered solutions to the rendering and meat industries world-wide since 1902.
Diamond V Makes Upper Level Management Changes
US - Diamond V recently announced upper level management changes, which took effect on 1 January 2014.
Pas Reform Appoints New R&D Manager
THE NETHERLANDS - Pas Reform has expanded its Research & Development team with the appointment of Edwin Tinnevelt to the position of R&D Manager.
Pericoli Helps Beat the Cold, Improve Productivity
ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli has for many years understood that the core feature of any heating system is in the 'heat exchanger', the point at which the burnt fuel (energy) is converted into a usable source of heat.
Randox Widens Poultry Drug Residue Screening Range
UK - Randox Food Diagnostics is growing its drug residue screening range for the poultry market.
Aviagen SweChick's First Ross 400 Club off to Flying Start
DENMARK - Aviagen® SweChick and DanHatch have together celebrated the first year of the Ross® 400 Club in Denmark.
ORKA Instruments Win Tenders all over the World
GLOBAL - ORKA Food Technology (better known as recently has won tenders from respected international institutions.
Indbro Rainbow Rooster in East Africa
EAST AFRICA - Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt.Ltd. India is steadily progressing into East Africa with its versatile, multi-coloured, dual-purpose, low-input bird, the 'Rainbow Rooster'.
Virocid Disinfectant: Effective at Low Concentration
BELGIUM - Virocid is the world’s most powerful disinfectant, according to CID Lines.
Halamid on the Agenda in Eastern Europe
CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE - It was a busy fourth quarter for Halamid on the poultry conference circuit, says Axcentive.
Red Mite Treatment Demonstration
UK - Throughout 2014, there will be a series of free red mite treatment demonstrations held at selected farms around the country, says PCS Poultry.
Diamond V's Original XPC Family of Products
US - An overview of the original XPC™ family of products from Diamond V.
Danisco Animal Nutrition Unlocks Full Potential of Feed
UK - Danisco Animal Nutrition, a subsidiary of DuPont, will mark over 25 years of innovative product launches with yet another 'first' that they will unveil at IPPE 2014 - a combined enzyme and multi-strain probiotic solution designed to fully unlock healthy nutrition benefits from animal feed.
Biomin Event Focuses on Broiler Leg Health
US - Biomin is hosting an event at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) of lameness and leg disorders in broilers.
Market Reports

USDA Turkey Hatchery and Raised - 15 January 2014
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 15 January 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 15 January 2014
USDA International Egg and Poultry: US Shell Egg Exports
USDA Feed Outlook - 14 January 2014
GB Animal Feed Statistical Notice - November 2013
China Wholesale Prices - 14 January 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 13 January 2014
USDA WASDE - 10 January 2014

Global Poultry Industry News

   United States

Senators Urge Open Markets for US Chicken in TPP Talks
Perdue to Close Organic Plant in Pennsylvania
US Poultry Industry Explains Position on Trade with Africa
Women's Conference Provides Skills, Guidance to Participants
California Chickens Ruffle Feathers in Farm Bill Debate
Chicken Council Supports Trade Promotion Authority Bill
Foster Farms Temporarily Suspends Operations at Livingston
Labelling Arguments Heard in Court
Tyson Recalls Mechanically Separated Chicken
Improved Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine in Prospect
US$2.2 Million Grant Boosts Research on Flu Virus
White Paper Highlights Complexities of Antibiotic Resistance Issues
USDA Reports Sharply Rally Corn, Push Soybeans Up, Sink Wheat
Cargill's CEO Reports Solid Second-quarter Performance
Analysts Offer Outlook for USDA Report Expectations
Cockroach Infestation Closes Foster Farms Plant
Speakers Announced for 2014 Agricultural Outlook Forum
FDA Tests Show Improved Method to Detect Salmonella on Eggs


Cost of Foot-and-Mouth Disease to Philippines Poultry Industry


Australia Reports No Further Bird Flu Outbreaks
Animation Shows How the Chick Develops in the Egg
Concerns for Chickens in Heatwave
Construction on Massive Chicken Farm Delayed

   United Kingdom

Union Builds Campaign Looking at Availability of
Scottish Meat

New Focus on Reducing Campylobacter Risks
Welfare Group Calls for Pre-Slaughter Stunning for All Animals
Protecting Our Water, Soil and Air
Breeding Broilers for a Sustainable Future
Poultry Feed Features at Livestock Event


Key Priorities for Irish Farmers Outlined at Annual General Meeting
Rising Input Costs Erode Price Gains for Irish Farmers
Irish Food and Drink Exports Approach €10 Billion


Poultry Prices to Drop in Two Weeks, Says Poultry Association


Ukraine Cancels Import Licensing for Chicken Meat
Cargill Acquires Ukraine-based Agricultural Company


Study Looks at Improving Bird Flu Vaccination in Indonesia


Antibiotic Resistance Germs in Livestock Populations

   South Africa

Rising Chicken Prices Cause Concern


Chinese Egg Prices up Compared to Week Before
China Confirms H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak


Thai Poultry 'Bird Flu-free', Says Ministry of Commerce


Fayose’s Poultry Designed to Fail, Says Governor

   Costa Rica

Costa Rica Reports Fowl Typhoid Outbreaks


World Poultry Prices Stable in December
Egg Industry Body Aims for International Welfare Standardisation
Egg Industry Updated on Animal Influenza Discussions
New Foundation to Support Egg Farmers in Developing Countries

   Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Soon to be Self-sufficient in Eggs

   Viet Nam

Four Bird Flu Outbreaks Reported in Vietnamese Province


Polish Poultry Processor Announces Major Investments

   Hong Kong

Hong Kong Continues Ban on Local Chinese Poultry


Rial Elected CEO of Marfrig
Brazilian Meat to Gain New Markets in 2014


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VIV Europe 2014


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