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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 6 February 2014

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Thursday 6th February 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

A New Look at Sustainability - Cooperation with Producers

Sustainability is not broken but rather, it is filled with opportunity to grow the industry, according to Bob Langert, McDonald's VP of Global Sustainability, speaking at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association meeting in Nashville this week.

The company's strategy is to change the mind-set that sustainability is a nebulous term and something to fear. Instead, the company is focused on using sustainability as a means to grow its business while making a positive difference in society.

Mr Langert told the meeting: "We came here to collaborate, not mandate. Our philosophy at McDonald's is that we have long-term relationships with our suppliers. Our whole spirit of working with the supply chain is hand-shake agreements. We're not one to dictate on high and prescribe how things get done and to me that's not sustainable either. We respect our suppliers - we respect that they are the experts."

Sustainability and welfare must be benchmarked in modern livestock production, senior figures at Tyson Foods and McDonald’s said, acknowledging the growing need for labels and checklists in order to please an increasingly savvy consumer market.

At the International Production & Processing Expo last week, delegates at a summit on sustainability were told: "The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working to build relationships with animal producers to facilitate sustainable agriculture."

Jeff Potent, environmental protection specialist for the EPA's Office of Wastewater Management said during the Animal Agriculture Sustainability Summit: "At the EPA, sustainability is not our mission, per se, and we’re struggling to understand what that means for us. We need to listen to and work with stakeholders."

The EPA came to IPPE "to broaden how we do business. We want to collaborate with the livestock industry. Regulations have their place; however, we want to improve relationships between the EPA and livestock producers. We need to work together on this path. There is no expert on sustainability that we can call up on the phone."

"Manure management is a big challenge," according to Mr Potent.

Staying focused on the US but on a different topic, after three long years of starts and stops, the US Senate voted in a rare bipartisan agreement to approve the nearly $1 trillion 2014 Farm Bill with a vote of 68-32.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put forward proposals for sanitary practices for businesses shipping and transporting food and animal feed.

The new regulations, a requirement of the Food Safety Modernization Act, are designed to ensure that food is not transported under conditions that may cause the food to become adulterated.

And finally, turning to bird flu news, a second human case of H10N8 in China has led the authorities there to warn of the pandemic potential of this virus, while the Chinese poultry industry has called for a reduction in the media coverage of H7N9 cases as a means of limiting the economic damage to the sector. An international meeting has addressed the possibility of the H7N9 virus reaching African countries.

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Broiler Signals: A practical guide for broiler focused management Broiler Signals: A practical guide for broiler focused management
Broilers Signals follows the life cycle of these fast growing animals and points out issues specific to each developmental stage.
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Laying hens - A practical guide for poultry-oriented management Laying hens - A practical guide for poultry-oriented management
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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2013: Record World Duck Meat Production in 2013
Global duck meat output reached a record high in 2011, the latest year for which data are available, according to industry analyst, Terry Evans. Asia as a region dominates the world production league table and China accounts for almost 80 per cent of the Asian total.

Improving Performance of Laying Hens in Hot Regions by Desert Coolers
Egg layers in a deep litter house fitted with desert coolers laid significantly more eggs and with a better feed conversion than birds in a control house without a cooling system, according to a recent experiment in Jordan. The net margin per bird was also higher for the birds in the cooled house.

Bacteriophage-induced Reduction in Salmonella Enteritidis Counts in the Crop of Broiler Chickens
Research from Brazil shows that bacteriophage therapy of broilers can reduce Salmonella contamination of their carcasses by lowering the number of bacteria in the live birds.

Sambucus nigra Extracts Inhibit Infectious Bronchitis Virus at an Early Point during Replication
Sambucus nigra (common elderberry) extract was found in an in-vitro studies in the US to inhibit the Infectious Bronchitis virus at an early point in infection.

Studies on Newly Emerging Reassortant Very Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Viruses
Current breeder vaccination programmes may not adequately protect birds against the more recent very virulent strains of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV), concludes an Ohio State University researcher from a new study.

Evaluation of Different Strategies for Broiler Feed Formulation Using Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
Using Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) for the amino acid content of the raw materials in the feed formulation for broilers improved bodyweights, without affecting feed conversion, according to new research from Mexico.

Increasing Sidewall Height Does Not Significantly Increase Heating Costs
The cost of heating a poultry house is affected much more by the amount of insulation in the house than the height of the ceiling, explains Michael Czarick, Extension Engineer at the University of Georgia, US.

Nepal Celebrates its First National Poultry Day
Dr Krishna Kaphle, Associate Professor at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science at Tribhuvan University in Nepal reports on the progress made and challenges ahead for his country's poultry industry following its first National Chicken Day in January 2014.

Company News

New Poultry Health Publication Launched
US - 'Poultry Health Today' is a new web site and magazine sponsored by Zoetis Inc. to inform the US poultry industry about new research and trends as well as ideas and practical insights for improving flock care, welfare and performance.
German Veterinary Congress Great Success for HIPRA
GERMANY - From 17 to 18 January 2014, Germany's most significant Veterinary Congress took place in Leipzig. HIPRA actively participated with a booth arranged in an open and light design. Individual consultations were given by highly motivated staff from the HIPRA Germany team.
Nominations Open for 2014 Young Veterinarian Award
US - Zoetis will once again be supporting the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) Young Poultry Veterinarian Award – and nominations are now open.
Co-operation to Prevent Zoonosis
HUNGARY - In early-January, Ceva-Phylaxia Veterinary Biologicals held a conference to facilitate the control of diseases transmissible from animals to humans.
IPPE Visitor Numbers Hit by Bad Weather
US - More than 24,000 registrants and 1,148 exhibitors at the 2014 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia, last week.
Market Reports

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Global Poultry Industry News


BIRD FLU: China Reports New H7N9 Human Cases, H7N9 Virus Increases Cross-border Spread Risk; Viet Nam Reports Second Bird Flu Death in 2014
Poultry Council Names Bradnock Policy Affairs Consultant
Study Proves Positive Role of Specialty Feed Ingredients
Yum! Brands Reports Drop in Profits
African Countries on H7N9 Bird Flu Alert
South-South Cooperation Agreement Between Angola, Brazil, FAO


Thai Poultry Company Exports First Lot of Frozen Chicken to Japan

   United Kingdom

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry Event to be Held in June
Joint Range of Motion Studied in Broilers
Free Online Course about UK Food Systems
Union Calls for Understanding of Severe Flooding
Will 'Non-organic' Allowance Continue to be Needed for Pigs, Poultry?
2013 Northern Ireland Farm Incomes Up
ForFarmers Acquires HST Feeds
Proposal 'Fails to Consider' Survival of Farm Businesses
Weather Still Impacting on Farming’s Bottom Line


Bahamian Egg Industry 'Destroyed' by Price Controls

   United States

Sanitary Practices for Food, Feed Transport Proposed
Consumer Perception: Why Be Afraid to Flaunt Straight A's?
McDonald's Sustainability VP Wants to Collaborate, Not Mandate
Poultry Provision in Farm Bill Agreement
Top Ten Tips for Listeria Reduction in RTE Foods
February Weather Outlook: Prepare for More of the Same
Technology Developed Delaware's Poultry Industry
US Senate Approves Nearly $1 Trillion 2014 Farm Bill
A Kinder, Gentler EPA?
Foundation Announces Ensuring the Future Campaign
Biosecurity Important to Poultry Operations Worldwide
Poultry Company Purchases Marshall Durbin
Research Programme Reaches $25 Million in Funding
Tyson Foods Reports Higher Gross Profit in Latest Quarter
Agency Awards Close to $9M for Improvement of Water Quality
Vaccinate Breeding Flock to Reduce Salmonella in Broilers
Chicken Council Supports RFS Targets Proposed for 2014

   South Africa

Call for Rethink on Brine Cut


Costlier Inputs Drive Poultry Feed Prices Up


Influenza Virus H7N9 Increasing Risk of Cross-border Spread


Newcastle Disease Outbreak Reported in Hamerkaz


Chick Distribution Model Helps Ethiopia's Small Poultry Farmers


Organic Farming Versus Conventional Agriculture


Quail Farming Could Meet Pakistan's Meat, Egg Needs
High Feed, Chicks Rates Hit Pakistan's Poultry Industry

   Russian Federation

US Turkey Exports to Russia to Resume Shortly
Cherkizovo Sales Rise


New Programme Supports Animal Welfare at Slaughter

   European Union

Import Levies, Quotas to Protect EU Poultry Meat Sector
MEP Urges Complete Country-of-Origin Labelling for Pork, Chicken
Europe Ill-serving Consumers over Animal Welfare, Say Farmers


Greek Poultry Farm Quarantined as Meat Undergoes Inspection


Buyers Knock Jamaica Broilers' Pullet Policy


Next Global Feed, Food Congress to Take Place in April 2016


Zambia's Poultry Expo Scheduled for April


Pig Meat, Poultry Sustainability Schemes on the Cards


Ukraine Cut Poultry Imports in 2013


Egg Commission to Hold Vienna 2014 Business Conference


Intestinal Health
Global Poultry Trends - Exclusively prepared for
5m Farm Supplies
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VIV Europe 2014


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