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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 17 April 2014

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Thursday 17th April 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Raising the Bar for Poultry Welfare

Animal welfare standards are to be pushed even higher in the European Union.

A five-year plan has been launched to encourage the production, sourcing and consumption of food and products from animals to be from higher welfare regimes across Europe.

The proposals put forward by the Farm Animal Welfare Forum (FAWF) call on the UK government to lead the way in forcing through new animal welfare measures in Europe.

The new measures follow on from the FAWF’s 2008 strategy that called for, among other things, all egg-laying hens to be kept cage-free and improvements in the welfare of chickens reared for meat.

In Australia, a study is underway to examine what free-range production means there as there is great variation between different farms in the sector.

Already, 40 per cent of eggs and 15 per cent of meat chickens are produced free-range and dramatic increases are expected over the next five years as two supermarkets have announced they will phase out cage egg sales in the coming years. It is unclear whether the Australian egg industry will be able to meet the demand for non-cage eggs by 2018.

Students at Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan have dressed up as chickens to push the Council of Agriculture to ban battery cages for laying hens.

Animal rights campaigners in Canada have posted a video allegedly showing cruelty to chicks.

In the United Kingdon, top of the Green Party's manifesto priorities for the May elections is action against mega-farms and 'factory farming'.

On bird flu news, an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza from an H5 virus has occurred in Japan, leading to the destruction of two poultry flocks last week, while in March, there were two outbreaks of bird flu of the H5N1 in the P'yongyang region of North Korea. Ten new cases of H7N9 flu in humans in China have been reported to the WHO in the last week.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2013 - Population Is Key to Egg Uptake Growth in Africa and Oceania
Poultry industry analyst, Terry Evans, forecasts the likely trends in per-capita egg consumption in Africa and Oceania in the coming years.

Composting Mass Poultry Mortalities
The composting process can be an economical, biosecure and environmentally sound method of converting substantial poultry losses into a biologically stable product for use as a soil amendment, explains Casey W. Ritz, Extension Poultry Scientist at the University of Georgia.

Effect of Production System and Flock Age on Egg Quality and Bacterial Load
New research from Australia reveals that overall eggshell quality was better and there was less bacterial contamination on eggs from caged hens than those kept on free-range.

Incidence of Gastrocnemius Tendon Rupture in Broilers
More tendon ruptures were observed in broilers reared during cooler months in this US trial, which the researchers attributed to the use of a growth promoter resulting in heavier bodyweights.

Effects of Light Stimulation During Incubation on Behaviour, Melatonin Levels and Productivity of Broilers
Results from the University of California-Davis indicate that 12 hours of light provided during incubation can have long-lasting effects on chick behaviour although the mechanism for this effect is unclear.

Arginine and Vitamin E Improve the Immune Response after a Salmonella Challenge in Broiler Chicks
Following a Salmonella Typhimurium challenge in chicks, dietary supplementation with the amino acid, arginine and vitamin E improved immune response although the concentration of the bacteria in the birds' caeca were unaffected, according to new research from the US.

Broiler Chicks Benefit from Natural Betaine
Dietary betaine supplementation for layers increased the level of betaine in their eggs and addition to broiler breeder diets increased hatch rate, according to new research from Poultry CRC.

Company News

DeWeese Joins Hubbard as Technical Service Representative
US & CANADA - Hubbard has announced that Rory DeWeese joined Hubbard LLC early March 2014 to fill the position of Technical Service Representative.
Merck Animal Health Announces Availability of MILDVAC-Ma5
US - Merck Animal Health last week announced the availability of MILDVAC-Ma5™, a vaccine to control Massachusetts-type infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) – the most prevalent IBV serotype worldwide and one that costs the US poultry industry millions of dollars in revenue loss each year.
2015 Expo Expected to Exceed 450,000 Net Square Feet
US - The 2015 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is expected to exceed 450,000 net square feet with more than 28,000 attendees and 1,200 exhibitors.
Poultry Health Today Remembers Dr Scott Hurd
US - The editors of 'Poultry Health Today' offer a tribute to Dr Scott Hurd who passed away last month.
£90M for Centres of Innovation: Do Pigs, Poultry Want Their Share?
UK - The Government has made £90 million available for UK centres for innovation as part of its strategy to make UK farming more competitive, productive, resilient and sustainable. The British Pig & Poultry Fair will be discussing if pigs and poultry want their share for a monogastric centre of innovation.
Irish President Visits Benchmark Holdings Farm
UK - The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins and Sabina Higgins visited a leading sustainable farming research and innovation centre, the Food Animal Initiative (FAI), in Oxford, as part of a landmark state visit to the UK.
Market Reports

USDA Broiler Hatchery - 16 April 2014
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USDA Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook - 15 April 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 15 April 2014
Irish CSO Reports: Agricultural Price Indices - February 2014
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Global Poultry Industry News

   United Kingdom

Turkey Company Exhibit to Focus on Real Value
British Poultry Farmers Warned to Maintain Vigilance Against Bird Flu
Freedom Food Announces Launch of Online Suppliers Directory
Green Party Opposes 'Factory Farming', Live Animal Exports
Recent Cuts to Red Tape Makes Farming Easier
New Sales, Marketing Director for Potter’s Poultry
Irish Victory in Champion Turkey Plucking Event in Essex


Taiwanese Students Dress as Hens for Poultry Welfare
Taiwan Toughens up Chicken Labelling Rules

   Trinidad and Tobago

Poultry Sector Must Develop, Says Trinidad Minister

   North Korea

Two Outbreaks of High-path Avian Flu in North Korea


Quarterly Sales of Poultry Meat Rise for MHP

   European Union

How Can EU Food be Produced to Higher Welfare Standards?
Promise Project Aims to Improve EU Food Safety
Climate Change Adaptation Tool Helps Predict Disease Risk
Crop Issues, Milk Quotas on EU Ag Committee Agenda

   United States

Application Made to Turn Poultry Processing Waste into Feed Ingredient
FDA Withdraws Antimicrobials for Use in Food-Producing Animals
Fast-food Chain Offers New Grilled Chicken Options
Union Policy Supports Mandatory Labelling of Food Products
High Incidence of Disorders, Injuries Found in Poultry Plant Workers
Salmonella in Poultry Cases Reach 524
CME: USDA Trims Back Broiler Supply Growth


Poultry Farmers Threaten Strike in Bahrain


Poultry Worker Filmed Abusing Chick
Joint Effort to Promote Judicious Use of Antimicrobial Drugs in Farm Animals
DVD Communicates Scientific Information to Poultry Producers

   South Korea

Sugar-Vinegar Mix Improves Chicken Meat Quality


Challenging Year Ahead for Mexican Agriculture


Nigerian State Trains Youths on Poultry Farming


Brazilian Poultry Exports up in First Quarter of 2014


China's Food Prices Increase; Inflation at Retail Level
Cause of Black Abdomen in Chinese Broilers Identified


Team Seeks to Understand Free Range Farming’s Questions

   New Zealand

Rooster Poses as Hen, Survives Chop

   Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bans Poultry Products from Japan
Sales of Live Local Chickens About to Be Suspended


Malaysian Minister Promises No Chicken Price Hike During Ramadan


Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Agriculture on the Rise
BIRD FLU: Four New H7N9 Flu Patients in China; HK Bans Japanese Poultry Products


Balancing Carcass Yield, Quality in Japanese Quail


Zimbabwe Faces Poultry Price Hike


Bird Flu Outbreak Reported in Japan


Market Realities Showcased by Turn to GM Soybean Meal


Food Products Contaminated by Bacteria from Livestock Farming


Kazakhstan Bans Russian, Belarusian Poultry over Salmonella


European Poultry Conference: Discounts End Soon

   United Arab Emirates

BRF Increases Share in Federal Foods


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