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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 1 May 2014

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Thursday 1st May 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor



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High Feed Prices, Trade Agreements Hit Poultry Farming Profits

Feed ingredient prices are down from their peak but feed costs continue to hit farmers' margins.

Delaware is one of the leading broiler-producing areas in the United States but new national statistics show that while chicken output grew slightly in 2013 and production value jumped 23 per cent, high grain and energy prices blunted growers' returns last year.

In Bangalore, India, local players in the poultry business in Koramangla report experiencing a tough period with slow business and margins severely hit by high feed prices.

Chicken producers in Pakistan, however, are blaming unfair competition resulting from Free Trade Agreements with Malaysia and China for their financial woes.

More positive news came from Russia, where Cherkizovo reports sales for its pork, poultry and grain divisions higher in the first quarter of the year.

In Mexico, the CEO of Industrias Bachoco commented in the latest quarterly report that sales volume increased compared to the first quarter of 2013. Although prices of the company's products declined, a decrease in the price of raw materials more than offset the price reduction and resulted in an improvement in the operating performance of the company.

BRF of Brazil also reported good poultry meat sales growth in the most recent quarter.

A session on injurious pecking in poultry and measures to address the issue was among the highlights of a poultry science meeting this week.

The annual meeting of the UK branch of the World's Poultry Science Association in Nottingham began with a focus on poultry nutrition, followed by the session on pecking - particularly laying hens - and the current status of beak trimming, which is already banned in some European Union countries and looks likely to cease in the UK in the coming years. The papers presented shed new light on why birds start to feather-peck and various genetic and management strategies to try to prevent this aggressive behaviour.

And finally, turning to bird flu news, South Korea has reported three new outbreaks of H5N8 highly pathogenic avian flu in poultry over the last month. A low-pathogenic avian flu virus was identified last week as the cause of increased mortality in a commercial flock of Japanese quail in California, US.

Featured Book of the Week

The Poultry Signals Series: Laying Hens, Broiler Signals & Poultry Signals. The Poultry Signals Series: Laying Hens, Broiler Signals & Poultry Signals.
Poultry constantly give out signals about their health, well-being, and performance. The art is to perceive these signals and to use them to monitor and improve the nutrition, care and housing of your animals.
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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Biosecurity Basics on Poultry Farms
One of the most crucial aspects of any poultry business is biosecurity - keeping diseases out of the farm - as the consequences of a breakdown can be devastating for the business, reports Jackie Linden. This is especially true if that disease is avian influenza.

Measuring Water Sanitation: Don't Be Fooled by Parts Per Million
If you are measuring chlorine levels in poultry drinkers, you are only seeing part of the picture on the effectiveness of your water sanitation procedure, according to Byron Stein in 'The Drumstick' from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries.

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2013: Growth in European Egg Production is Outside the EU
Europe's contribution to global egg production is declining but output within the region is growing, particularly in Russia and Ukraine, according to industry analyst, Terry Evans.

Understanding the Role of the Skeleton in Egg Production
A guide to bone biology in the laying hen is explained by Hy-Line.

Dietary Electrolyte Balance Influences Endogenous Amino Acid Losses in Broilers
Losses of essential amino acids in the ileum of broiler chickens were significantly affected by dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) but not by the ratio of corn starch to dextrose in the experimental diets in a new study at Purdue University.

Confined Livestock Operations Account for Majority of Chesapeake Bay Area’s Farmland with Applied Manure
An analysis of livestock production in the Chesapeake Bay area by Stacy Sneeringer of the USDA Economic Research Service suggests that policies addressing manure nutrient discharges from small and medium-sized concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) may be needed if larger reductions in Bay nutrient pollution are desired.

Company News

Ceva Hosts Second Biotech Innovation Day in the US
US - Ceva’s Global Biology Industrial Team recently held its second 'Together, Creative Innovation-Day' at its US biology campus in Kansas City.
Randox Food Diagnostics Debuts Drug Residue Product Range at VIV Europe
THE NETHERLANDS - Randox Food Diagnostics has expanded its exhibition schedule for 2014, establishing a presence at one of Europe’s leading animal husbandry and processing expo.
Aviagen Showcases ‘Global Reach, Local Touch’ at VIV Europe
UK - ‘Global Reach, Local Touch – Supply where you need it, Support where you want it’ will be the theme for Aviagen at VIV Europe 2014.
Salmonella Intervention: A Multi-Step Approach
US - Salmonella remains one of the deadliest food-borne pathogens and one of the most challenging for poultry producers, according to Diamond V.
Controlling Infectious Bronchitis Virus: New Virkon S Results
UK - The Infectious Bronchitis (IB) virus has been a worldwide problem for the poultry industry for many years. However, the negative effects of an IB virus infection can be prevented by vaccination and the implementation of strict biosecurity principles, according to DuPont Disinfectants.
Halamid to Promote Thermofogging at VIV Europe
THE NETHERLANDS - Axcentive will be exhibiting the Halamid brand at VIV Europe from 20 to 22 May 2014 in Utrecht.
Virocid: No. 1 for a Reason!
BELGIUM - Each and every day, somewhere in the world, Virocid® is being applied, says CID Lines. Production companies in animal husbandry, food processing, animal transport and feed storage all choose Virocid for its disinfecting power.
Magnation’s Mortality-Reducing and Scale-Decreasing Water Systems
US - Magnation Water Technologies, a leading water technologies innovator, is now showcasing new products at significantly lower price points that continue to advance poultry health and reduce disease, while also promoting less scale in pipes with chemical- and-energy-free softer water.
JSC Tyumen Broiler Joins Russian Arbor Acres 400 Club
RUSSIA - JSC Tyumen Broiler has joined an elite group of high performing poultry producers in Russia by becoming the latest member of the Arbor Acres 400 Club.
Supplemental Bacitracin Reduces Mortality, C. perfringens in Broilers
US - Commercial broilers that received a bacitracin-supplemented diet had less Clostridium perfringens in their gut, according to researchers at Ohio State University, reports Zoetis.
Russian, Kazakh Delegations Visit Turkey to Exchange Hubbard F15 Experience
TURKEY - BALTISA and Hubbard organised a technical visit for a Russian and Kazakhstan delegation to the Keskinoglu company in Turkey to share the positive experiences of the Hubbard F15 used successfully by their companies.
Biomin, BOKU Win First Place for Research on Fumonisin
AUSTRIA - In the latest acknowledgement for pioneering research in mycotoxins at Biomin, the Vienna-based B&C Foundation has awarded the first place in the Houska Prize for the fumonisin-degrading enzyme, FUMzyme®.
Eco-friendly Smart Hatchery Sets Pace for Bábolna TETRA Expansion
HUNGARY - Bábolna TETRA Kft., one of the world’s leading layer-hybrid breeding companies, has developed one of Europe’s most advanced hybrid hatcheries at Uraiújfalu, in Hungary’s Vas county, with SmartPro™ single stage hatchery technologies from Pas Reform.
New Title Shows David Brown Was a Global Leader
GLOBAL - The international importance of a Yorkshire-based tractor company is being detailed in a new publication to be released next month.
Market Reports

China Wholesale Prices - 29 April 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 28 April 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 25 April 2014

Global Poultry Industry News

   United States

Delaware Chicken Production Rises But Margins Take a Hit
Turkey Muscle Growth: Ohio State Scientist Recognised for Discoveries
COOL, Competition and RFS Issues Raised by Farmers Union
No New Bird Flu Cases Found in California
Scientist Earns UGA's Medal for Poultry Research
Low-pathogenic Avian Flu in Californian Quail
Complaint Filed Against Poultry Plant over Unsafe Practices


Weekend Will Bring Higher Poultry Feed Costs
Chicken Prices Go up in Manipur
Poultry Business Faces Tough Time Due to High Production Cost, Slowdown

   United Kingdom

Petition Launched to End Non-stun Poultry Slaughter in UK
Hot Topics Addressed at WPSA UK Branch Annual Meeting
Precision Farming for Pig and Poultry Farms


Poultry Expo to Present Ugandan Industry


Ministers of Latin America, Caribbean to Agree to
End Hunger

Animal Welfare Took Centre Stage on World Veterinary Day
Nutreco Revenues Rise


Israel Reports 13 New Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease

   South Korea

Three New Outbreaks of High-Path Avian Flu in South Korea


BRF Sees Good Growth in First Quarter


Live Poultry Trade Set to Resume in Shanghai
Live Poultry Markets to be Closed in South China


Bachoco Sees Sales Fall, Profits Rise


Imo Govt to Revive Avutu Poultry Firm


Female Farmers to Receive Training to Help Boost Pakistan's Poultry Sector
Pakistan's FTAs with China, Malaysia Damaging Poultry Industry

   Hong Kong

HK Steps up Surveillance of Chicken Farms in Bid to Prevent Bird Flu


Bulgarian Ag Minister Announces Funds for Poultry Farmers


Kazakhstan Poultry Farm Set to Produce 20,000 Tonnes of Chicken Annually

   Russian Federation

Cherkizovo Poultry, Pork and Grain Sales Rise


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