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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 31st January 2005's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 31st January 2005
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

Scientists have said a Thai woman who died of bird flu probably contracted the disease from her daughter, reports the BBC. The researchers, from the Thai Ministry of Public Health, warn it is likely there will be more cases where the virus is passed from human to human. Professor John Oxford, a leading UK expert, said the virus had broken down the "final door" which prevented it being spread between people. The study is published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Bird flu has killed a 10-year-old girl in southern Viet Nam, doctors said today, whilst they hoped the death of a Cambodian women suspected of having the virus would force Phnom Penh to take preventative measures. If the case is confirmed, the woman would be the first person from Cambodia found to be infected and killed by the H5N1 poultry virus, say Reuters. Poultry outbreaks were last detected in Cambodia in September 2004 but no human casualty has been reported there.

On Jan. 27, bird flu was found in 17 more sites in 11 districts, according to the Vietnamese Veterinary Department. The Veterinary Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) said that a total of 3,320 chickens, 4,471 ducks and geese and 2,530 quails had been culled in these localities.
     Since the beginning of this year, bird flu has broken out in 579 spots in 304 communes of 109 districts in 28 provinces and cities across the country, with a total of 213,486 chickens, 253,549 ducks and geese, and 361,570 quails having been culled.
     Meanwhile, health officials continue advising consumers to use poultry designated as safe. Chicken is an important dish of Tet (lunar new year), but many refuse to buy it, as avian flu has claimed nine lives in Viet Nam since December. The WHO said, however, "No cases of H5N1 infection have been linked to the consumption of thoroughly cooked poultry and egg products." Vietnamese health experts advise people to buy only quarantined poultry, or that with a clear, safe source.

In Thailand, more than 400 pigeons have been culled, after one of the wild birds was found infected with the H5N1 strain of bird flu, reports the ABC. A provincial livestock department chief said the infected pigeon was discovered in mid-December, but no more infected birds have been found since then. He says the infected pigeon has not been reported in the livestock department's regular updates because infections in wild birds are considered separately from poultry.

Thailand's Commerce Ministry has estimated the country's export of processed chickens would continue to increase in major destinations this year as factories in the country were found to meet international standards. The ban on the frozen chicken export remains imposed by three major destinations including Japan, European Union, and South Korea, which nevertheless allow processed chickens.

Philippine officials on Friday said that precautions have been heightened to keep the country free of bird flu. The Philippines has banned the import of all poultry products from countries affected by bird flu, and Agriculture Undersecretary Cesar Drilon told reporters that ban will remain in place.
     The government has also installed disinfectant foot baths at seaports, airports and poultry farms, enforced a ban on the capture and killing of migratory birds, and encouraged farmers to keep their livestock away from lakes and marshes where migratory birds flock.

Burma has also banned poultry imports from countries struck by bird flu, after new outbreaks were discovered in Thailand and Vietnam, a livestock official said Wednesday. Burma has had no confirmed cases of bird flu. Dr. Than Tun, director of the government’s Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, said Burma has banned poultry imports from countries where bird flu has been found.

In Australia, the demand for cereals as protein and energy sources for stock feed and human consumption is forecast to increase dramatically with consequent increases in their prices expected, according to Ezigrain. It is therefore essential, they say, that research be undertaken to find alternative feed sources for the chicken meat industry in order to reduce the cost of feed and maintain an internationally competitive chicken meat industry. The use of non-conventional feed ingredients will decrease the dependence of the poultry industry on cereal grains such as wheat and sorghum.

In the US, be it cow, chicken, horse or pig, waste management in the farming and agriculture community has always presented a challenge, reports Three major integrated manure management systems are paving the way for waste management in Western Canada by turning manure into usable by-products, such as methane, biogas and thermal energy.

Mississippi Poultry farmers could soon see their property taxes shrink should a measure authored by State Sen. Gloria Williamson make it through the state legislature and onto the governor’s desk. Williamson has proposed a bill in the senate which will exempt 25 percent of the assessed value of chicken houses from ad valorem taxes because she says poultry farmers are already paying more than their share.

Food inflation is taking its toll everywhere from high-end restaurants to megamarketers like Sara Lee, reports Slate. Higher prices for essential inputs like milk and beef (along with the weak dollar) are chopping profits and tamping down growth in consumer demand. But there's one sector of the food world where the sky isn't falling: the chicken economy. The companies that buy, process, and sell chicken parts are doing quite well. While many foods are getting more expensive, chicken seems to be getting cheaper and while food fads come and go, chicken consumption has been rising consistently.

In the UK, the chairman of the National Fallen Stock Company has said he will consider changes to the collection scheme but warned this could triple the subscription fee, reports FWi. Responding to criticism of the scheme in Farmers Weekly, Michael Seals said that NFSCo could change the type of service it offered but it would come at a cost.

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 3 highlighted features this week.

Avian Influenza in Poultry
In 1878 a respiratory disease causing high mortality in poultry was first described as Fowl Plague. In 1955 an influenza virus was isolated as the cause of Fowl Plague or avian influenza. This article provides a few fact about Avian Influenza and provides links to more detailed information on this destructive disease.

Ratite Nutrition and Feeding
By Julian D. Brake, Broiler Extension Specialist, Animal & Poultry Sciences Department, Virginia State University - Small Flock Factsheet, Number 7: There is limited quality research concerning the nutritional requirements of Ratites. However, some dependable guidelines have been established because of work completed in Australia and Africa. As in all diet formulations, a variety of high quality ingredients should be used to meet the nutrient recommendations of the Ratite. Using a wide variety of ingredients helps to decrease the effect of variations that are inherent in all ingredients.

The use of vaccines for the control of Salmonella in poultry
By the European Food Safety Authority - This article provides the summary and a link to a paper by the EFSA Journal on the Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards on the requests from the European Commission related to the use of vaccines for the control of Salmonella in poultry.

That's all for this week.

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