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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 26 June 2014

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Thursday 26th June 2014.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

Weekly Overview: US Puts a Value on Food Waste, Tackles Tricky Trade Issues

A recently published report from the USDA Economic Research shows that while meat, poultry and fish makes up 12 per cent of the volume of food waste in the United States, this food group accounts for 30 per cent of the value of those losses. Most of this waste was at the consumer level for the meat category.

The authors suggest potential strategies to reduce food losses, including improvements in food packaging, more efficient inventory management in grocery stores and restaurants, and having consumer education campaigns.

US Agriculture Secretary was in the European Union last week, emphasising the importance of agricultural trade in negotiations over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP). Stumbling blocks to progress include GM crops, hormones in beef and food processing technology, which likely includes the use of chemicals in the rinse water for chicken carcasses in order to reduce foodborne bacteria, a measure which is normal commercial practice in the US but banned in the EU.

Also last week, Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio and Rep. Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey, held a Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) to discuss the safety issues of processed poultry from China.

“Americans want to know where their foods come from and want to make sure that everything is being done to keep it safe,” Senator Brown said in his opening statement, reported the US National Chicken Council.

Dan Engeljohn, assistant administrator for the Office of Field Operations within USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, appeared before the CECC to defend the agency’s determination that China’s approach to food safety in chicken processing is equivalent to the United States.

During questioning, Mr Engeljohn emphasised that FSIS has only established equivalence for China’s processing system, not its slaughtering system, but he also said China was “close to hitting the mark” in its slaughter audit as well.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

What Could Cause Feathers to Fall out of Chickens?
There are several possible causes for feather loss, explains the US National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Removing Limescale Improves Water Quality on Poultry Farms
The principles of electronic water conditioning/treatment are explained by Jan de Baat Doelman, President of Scalewatcher North America, who also offers a case history of the successful application of this technology at a large broiler breeder facility in Canada.

Comparison of Meat Quality Characteristics and Oxidative Stability between Conventional and Free-range Chickens
Free-range systems were found by researchers at the University of Bologna to modify the quality of chicken meat. They also demonstrate the effects of the bird's genetics and nutrition on meat quality characteristics.

Odour, Dust and Non-methane Volatile Organic-Compound Emissions from Tunnel-ventilated Layer Chicken Sheds
This Australian study on two egg farms shows that odour emission rates vary with the amount of manure accumulation on the manure belts as well as diurnal and seasonal changes in ventilation rate, while dust emissions increased only with ventilation rate. Concentrations of volatile compounds varied by location, season and day of sampling.

Use of Live Oocyst Vaccine in the Control of Turkey Coccidiosis
Live oocyst vaccination can be used effectively as a preventive against avian coccidiosis in commercially reared turkeys, concluded the scientists from their results of this experiment in Brazil.

Research Examines Impact of Stocking Density in Enriched Colony Cages
Researchers at Michigan State University found minimal differences in measures of production and well-being at the various stocking densities, from 464 to 929 square centimetres per bird during the period of 17 to 69 weeks of age, and suggest that future research should focus to determine at which point stocking density provides a significant impact on feathering.

Food Loss: Questions About the Amount and Causes Remain
Two-thirds of the 133 billion pounds (5.9 million tonnes) of food loss in the US in 2010 occurred in homes, restaurants and other place outside the home, and one-third occurred in grocery stores and other food retailers, according to a new report from the USDA Economic Research Service. The authors outline some strategies to reduce these losses.

Company News

Aviagen Injects Conversation at 3rd European Vet Forum
SCOTLAND, UK - The third Aviagen European Vet Forum was recently held in Edinburgh with over 20 attendees from over 10 countries taking part. The focus of the meeting was vaccination and monitoring programmes.
Mintrex Celebrates 10 Years in Global Trace Minerals Market
US - Novus International is proud to observe the 10th year of its highly-effective chelated trace mineral product, MINTREX®.
Danisco Animal Nutrition 'Thinks Outside the Gut' on Probiotic Benefits
HUNGARY - Dr Ajay Awati, Development Lead at Danisco Animal Nutrition, a subsidiary of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, will present a lecture on the topic ‘Think outside the gut! The Effects of probiotics on animal performance and environment’ at the International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics (IPP) in Budapest on 24 June at 13:30.
Spain’s Uvesa Adopts Smart Innovations for New Hatchery
SPAIN - Grupo Uvesa, one of the country's leading broiler integrations, is to build its new green field broiler hatchery with the most advanced SmartPro™ single stage incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems from Pas Reform.
Arbor Acres School Goes Dutch with Russia, Kazakhstan
GLOBAL - The sixth week-long Arbor Acres® School for customers from Russian and Kazakhstan recently took place in the Netherlands.
Should Antibiotics Be Used to Prevent Disease in Poultry?
US - Using antibiotics to prevent — not just treat or control — certain diseases of poultry is a sensible, responsible and ethical practice, according to three veterinarians featured on an industry panel discussion, reports 'Poultry Health Today'.
Petersime Invests in China
CHINA - Petersime has opened a representative office in Tianjin in Heping District. The subsidiary is officially known as Belgium Petersime Tianjin Rep. Office.
Outstanding Results for Willmar/AG Forte with Phoenix Incubation
US - Willmar Poultry Company / AG Forte is reporting outstanding first hatch results following the recent installation of 12 new Phoenix single stage turkey incubators from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies at its hatchery in Aurora, Missouri.
Over 1.5 Million Parent Stock Chicks from Broiler Budushevo
RUSSIA - The hatchery of Broiler Budushevo has delivered its first 1.5 million Cobb parent stock chicks in Russia — just five months after hatching the first chick at Stromyn.
Distributors Get Added Value with Ross
TURKEY - ‘Adding value’ was the topic at the recent Ross® Distributor Customer Focus Team (RDCFT) meeting held in Belek, Turkey.
Market Reports

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USDA Chickens and Eggs - 23 June 2014
USDA Cold Storage - 23 June 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 23 June 2014

Global Poultry Industry News

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Two Million Hectare Shortfall in UK Land Possible by 2030
Moy Park Introduces No Need to Wash Labelling
NFU Announces 'Tour de Yorkshire' Wifi Tractor
Honouring the Best in the UK's Free-range Egg Business
Poultry Specialist Wins Top Honour at UK Green Awards

   United States

Part II: Three Truths about Public’s Perception of Genetic Modification
Three Truths about Public’s Perception of Genetic Modification
Top South Korean Food Maker Goes after Bigger US Share
Cargill Turkey Feed Mill Marks 30 years with no Lost Time Injury
US Congress Examines Food Safety Issues over Chinese Poultry
Meat, Poultry and Fish Account for 30 Per Cent of US Food Waste
Taste the Difference with Pasture-Raised Eggs, Says Farmer
New Mobile App Enhances Vet Certificate Submissions


Covenant Signed for Grupo AgriMex-Holanda - Gateway to Dutch Poultry Science
Contentious Areas Revealed in US-EU Trade Talks


Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Resume Next Week in Canada
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Report Outlines Nineteen Steps for Canadian Competitiveness


FAO Says Iraq Faces Serious Food Security Due to Conflict


Chicken Prices Likely to Force Growers Out of Industry
Baiada Takes Over Aviagen's Coleambally Chicken Operation
Falling Agricultural Output Forecast for Australia


Egg Prices Go Up in Philippines


Over 300 Ramazan Bazaars to Sell Poultry at Cheap Rates
Prices of Chicken, Eggs to Go Down During Ramazan


CB Chicken, Social Development Commission Form Partnership

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EU Becomes World's Largest Agri-food Exporter


Poultry Farming Turns Lucrative Alternative in Tamil Nadu
Egg Prices from Namakkal Up After a Lull
Godrej Tyson Aims for 24 Per Pent Share in Fresh Chilled Chicken Market
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Indian State Hikes Agri Budget


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