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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 24 July 2014

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Thursday 24th July 2014.
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor


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Eat More Chicken and Save the Planet

Eating meat contributes to climate change as a result of the greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by livestock, according to a new report from the Carnegie Institution for Science.

The study found that beef cattle are responsible for far more GHG emissions than other food animals, which confirms previous work.

One of the authors, Dr Ken Caldeira, said: "It might be better for the environment if we all became vegetarians but a lot of improvement could come from eating pork or chicken instead of beef."

One interesting aspect of the report is the stark difference between countries in terms of livestock-related emissions. The developing world accounts for most of the GHG increase and this is expected to increase further as demand for meat, dairy products and eggs is predicted by some scientists to double by 2050. In developed countries, on the other hand, maximum livestock GHG emissions were reached in the 1970s and have been in decline ever since, the study found.

How well is poultry meat competing in the market? Not surprisingly, price is still the most important factor for consumers when choosing which meat to buy. In a consumer survey in the United Kingdom, more than 60 per cent gave this as the first consideration in their purchasing decision.

Following the horse-meat crisis in January 2013, the survey - conducted on behalf of the British Poultry Council - reveals that the poultry industry has continued to flourish, with one in five respondents saying they now eat more poultry than other meats. Buying British was also a priority for many consumers.

Also on consumer matters, one of this week's articles - from the Germany's Federal Institute for Risk Assessment - aims to allay fears about the risks to human health from hormones in meat and milk.

And finally, turning to bird flu news, Japan is now declared free of H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza following a single outbreak earlier this year. In China, however, a new study reveals that up to 22 per cent of poultry samples tested positive for H7N9 avian flu in live poultry markets in a Chinese city after the markets reopened in the summer of 2013 following their closure over earlier cases.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Campylobacter Research Reveals Potential for Poultry Vaccine
Researchers at the USDA Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Center have purified proteins from Campylobacter and tested them for their potential use as vaccines. One protein showed particular promise and future studies will focus on determining whether it can be used as a practical in-ovo vaccine.

Global Egg Industry Explores How to Work with Supermarkets
Professor David Hughes, Johann Morwald and Danielle Cagan were amongst the speakers at the recent IEC Business Conference Vienna 2014. They shared valuable knowledge and insights with International Egg Commission members.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hormones in Meat
Germany's Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) answers some frequently asked questions on the possibility of human health risks from hormones in meat and milk.

Short-term Nutritional Strategies Before Slaughter Affect Final pH and Colour of Broiler Breast Meat
The pH of chicken breast meat can be affected by altering the dietary amino acid profile for three days before slaughter, according to new research from France, without significant adverse effects on broiler growth or carcass composition.

Bacterial Chondronecrosis with Osteomyelitis in Broilers: Influence of Sire and Sex-separate Rearing
Two experiments at the University of Arkansas reveal a significant effect of sire line on the incidence of the leg condition, bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis (BCO) in broilers, especially after six weeks of age. Rearing the sexes separately did not affect BCO incidence, which was low for birds kept on litter.

Tensioner Failure: Serious Problem, Easy Fix
Freezing of the ventilation fan belt tensioner is a common problem in poultry houses, which reduces air movement but it is quite easy to remedy, explain Dennis Brothers, Jess Campbell, Jim Donald and Gene Simpson of the US National Poultry Technology Center at Auburn University College of Agriculture.

Comparative Study of Levamisole and Dexamethasone on the Chicks Immunity after Inoculation with Newcastle Vaccine
This Iraqi study suggests that in-ovo injection of hatching eggs with levamisol numerically improved hatchability, livability and the response to Newcastle disease vaccination. All three parameters were negatively affected by in-ovo injection of dexamethasone.

Company News

Ceva Returns to Double-digit Growth During First Six Months of 2014
FRANCE - Consolidated first semester sales of Ceva Group reached €366.5m at the end of June representing growth of 18.3 per cent versus last year.
Pas Reform Delivers Growth for Sarawak’s Poultry Integrations
MALAYSIA - In Kuching, Pas Reform now accounts for more than 80 per cent of hatching eggs produced in a strong and growing poultry sector.
IPPE Selected for 2015 International Buyer Programme
US - The 2015 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) has been named one of 24 companies nationwide to participate in the Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Programme.
Record Number of Students Attend Aviagen Parent Stock School
RUSSIA - Aviagen LLC welcomed a record 60 attendees to its School in Russia recently. Delegates came from Russia as well as neighbouring countries including Lithuania and Belarus to attend the Aviagen Parent Stock Management School held in Moscow, organised by the company’s Russian business unit Aviagen LLC.
Feed Enzyme Makes Sorghum an Attractive Alternative Ingredient
US - Supplementing feed for pigs and poultry with protease enzymes helps break down complex protein structures in sorghum, making it a more viable feed component for these species, according to Novus.
New Big Dutchman Premises Open in Indonesia
INDONESIA - Due to the growth over recent years and in order to keep up with the rise in business activities this development has brought about, Big Dutchman PT BD Agriculture Indonesia has opened its new business premises in Surabaya.
Russia’s SPK Udarnik on Track for Higher Production with Pas Reform
RUSSIA - SPK Udarnik has completed the major refurbishment and expansion of its hatchery complex in the Vyborgskiy district of Leningradskaya region, with the installation of Smart™ hatchery technologies from Pas Reform to produce nine million day-old chicks per year.
Novus Scientists Share Findings at 2014 PSA Annual Meeting
US - The wealth of scientific information that is shared during the 2014 Poultry Science Association (PSA) Annual Meeting makes it a valuable industry event, reports Novus.
New Commercial and Technical Manager for Indian River
PHILIPPINES - Esmi San Pedro graduated with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Central Luzon State University in 1987 before entering the pig industry as he started his career in agriculture.
Market Reports

UK Poultry and Poultry Meat Statistics – June 2014
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 23 July 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 23 July 2014
USDA International Egg and Poultry: Argentina
USDA Cold Storage - 22 July 2014
USDA Chickens and Eggs - 22 July 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 22 July 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 21 July 2014
UK May Agricultural Price Index - 17 July 2014
China Wholesale Prices - 18 July 2014

Global Poultry Industry News

   United Kingdom

2 Sisters Responds to Poor Hygiene Allegations
Council Increases Support for Harper Adams Students
Breakthrough in Coccidiosis Research
Poultry Genetics Project Receives Agri-Tech Funding
Poultry Meat Price the Most Important Factor, Say Consumers
Farmers Welcome Defra's £400-million Food Procurement Plans
International Egg Commission Announces Two New Appointments
New Science Minister Announces Collaboration on Antimicrobial Resistance


Nutreco Reports Rise in Revenue During First Half of 2014
Joint Initiative for Global Food Security Introduced
Virginia Govenor Happy to Send Chicken to China
Dutch Animal Welfare Researcher Recognised with Award
Strong Performance in China, India Boost Yum Brands' Results


Indonesia Plays Important Role in Tanzania Agriculture
Expired Chickens Confiscated in Bogor

   United States

Multiple Influences in Antibiotic Resistance Debate Uncovered
CME: Red Meat, Poultry Stocks Below Year Ago Levels
US Chicken Consumption on the Rise
Study Shows Livestock Emissions on the Rise
National Safety Conference to Discuss Industry Safety Trends, Best Practices
Organic Poultry Company Acquires Empire Kosher Poultry
Poultry Nutrition Research Award Goes to Joseph Moritz
Tyson Starts Process to Buy Hillshire Brands
Sanderson Farms Evaluates Cumberland County for New Chicken Processing Plant
Farmers Union Seeks Clarity on Key Points Under US Water Rule


BRF Confirms Legal Trading
Chicken Price Dropped after World Cup Run

   Viet Nam

Decree for Fines for Animal Health, Feed Penalties Released


Kenyan County Farmers in Rush to Meet Chicken, Eggs Demand


Poultry Units Distraught over Feed Price Hike
Egg Council Seeks Moratorium on Loans to Poultry Farmers


Australian Farmers Welcome Carbon Tax Repeal


Federation Inaugurates Poultry Project in Kombo Central


Japan Retail Egg Prices Up from Last Year
Japan Declared Free from H5N8 Bird Flu


Utrecht Set to Host Veterinary Nutrition Conference


Meat Safety Concerns Hit Chinese Fast Food Supplier

   European Union

Copa-Cogeca Urges Stronger Action to Combat Unfair Practices


Netherlands Urges Ghana Not to Ban Chicken Imports


Zambia Reports Rise in Egg Prices


Fijian Project Opens Doors to Poultry Farming


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