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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 6 November 2014

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Thursday 6th November 2014
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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MSD Animal Health

Poultry Welfare: Bringing Together Theory and Practice

Wageningen University in the Netherlands is looking into what farmers can do to prevent severe feather pecking in laying hens when beak-trimming is banned.

From 2018 onwards, it will be forbidden by EU law to beak-trim laying hens, which is presently a preventive measure against feather pecking.

What can laying hen farmers do to prevent feather pecking? In all segments of the egg production chain, from egg to layer, there are possibilities to decrease injurious pecking.

Large group housing raises the risks during rearing and laying phases, according to Wageningen research, while management changes incorporating variable pecking options and fear reducing measures – such as a radio playing or introduction of roosters – can reduce feather pecking.

“It's all about the chain approach,” concluded Wageningen researcher, Elske de Haas. “From genetic choices to housing: avoid excessive fear in the birds, as high fearfulness is a big risk factor for feather pecking.

According to a new EU study, the main differences in farm animal welfare education across Europe seem to be in the reduced number of hours of education, less interactive teaching and fewer courses in English available to students outside the North West of the region.

In Australia, Poultry CRC is conducting a survey of free-range chicken farmers to investigate the future direction of research in this area.

In the United Kingdom, nine out of 10 vets say consumers should be better informed about farm animal slaughter methods, according to a new survey from the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

Few vets think the public understands the difference between stunned slaughter (where the animal is stunned to render it insensible to pain before having its throat cut) and non-stunned slaughter.

The BVA President said: "We know that UK consumers care about animal welfare but our members believe that there needs to be better understanding about methods of slaughter and how that impacts on welfare. We believe labelling that clearly explains the method of slaughter would help all consumers make informed choices about the products they wish to buy."

Featured Book of the Week

Whole Hog Brief Issue 125 NEW RELEASE: Probiotics in Poultry

The chapters of this book illustrate various studies which show the efficacy of probiotics in reducing livestock and poultry diseases, potentially reducing the need for antibiotic intervention, in addition to improving production performance.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Global Warming: How Does It Relate to Poultry?
Understanding how greenhouse gas (GHG) figures are generated and what the poultry industry can do to further reduce the impact remains important, explains Claudia S. Dunkley, Extension Poultry Scientist at the University of Georgia's Department of Poultry Science.

Poultry CRC Broiler Breeder Research in a Commercial Setting
Poultry CRC-supported PhD student, Sarah Weaver, at the University of Adelaide in Austalia in researching the relationship between breeder hen environment and subsequent broiler chick performance.

Effect of High-dose Irradiation on Quality Characteristics of Ready-to-eat Broiler Breast Fillets
High-dose irradiation of chicken breast fillets followed by storage at room temperature shows potential for the safe preservation of ready-to-eat products, according to new research from Brazil.

Using Litter Amendments during Broiler Grow-out for Better Production, Health and Environment
Studies by the University of Delaware show that repeated application of sodium bisulphate reduced ammonia emissions from broiler litter, as well as improving performance, foot pad health and Salmonella counts.

Welfare Quality Parameters Do Not Always Reflect Hen Behaviour
Research at Michigan State University reveals that although the average response of a laying flock may appear consistent across time or treatment, there may be marked differences between hens within the same flock in terms of their welfare score and behaviour.

Reducing Crude Protein Variability and Maximising Savings When Formulating Feeds
University of Georgia research shows how variability can be reduced and cost savings in broiler production can be achieved using two bins for storing corn (maize) and soybean meal prior to feed formulation.

Company News

Aviagen Russian Broiler School 2014: Records, Results, Achievements
RUSSIA - Now in its second year, the latest Broiler Production Management School, organized by Aviagen® LLC in Russia for Ross® 308 and Arbor Acres® customers, took place in October.
Novus Hosts Poultry Breeder Forum in Rayong, Thailand
THAILAND - Formulating breeder diets with MINTREX chelated trace minerals impacts breeder longevity, hatchability and progeny quality, says Novus International.
Tehran's International Exhibition Supported by CID Lines
IRAN - CID Lines' Vatche S. participated with his distributor at the 13th international exhibition for poultry, livestock and dairy in Tehran at the end of October.
Environmental Bootcamp Education Program Offered at 2015 IPPE
US - The Environmental Bootcamp education programme will provide an overview of the environmental regulations that commonly affect the poultry, egg and meat processing industries and discuss the importance of environmental audits and inspections.
New Leader for MSD Animal Health’s Integrated Livestock Business
UK - MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the United States and Canada) has appointed Albert Urbanek as head of its Integrated Livestock Business Unit (ILBU) in the UK, covering the company's pig, poultry and aquaculture activities.
Zoetis Reports Higher Reveue, Net Income in Third Quarter
US - Among the headlines of its third quarter 2014 results, Zoetis has reported revenue of $1.2 billion and net income of $166 million, which represent increases of 10 per cent and 27 per cent, respectively, from the same quarter of last year.
New Commercial Director for Pas Reform do Brasil
BRAZIL - From November this year, Artur Frederico Schlick has been appointed as commercial director of Pas Reform do Brasil.
IPPE Ranks 35 in TSE Gold 100 Shows
US - The October 2014 issue of 'Trade Show Executive' (TSE) has ranked the 2013 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) as number 35 in its listing of TSE Gold 100 Shows.
Introducing the Huvematic Concept
BELGIUM - Huvepharma® will be on hand at EuroTier to explain its new Huvematic® Concept.
Adisseo Launches Innovative Antioxidant Organic Selenium
FRANCE - Adisseo has launched Selisseo®, the innovative antioxidant organic selenium.
Veit Eases Poultry Weighing Management
CZECH REPUBLIC - Let your day-old chicks travel by first class for economy price by VEIT vehicles with EcoTransport technology, says Veit.
Arbor Acres Successful Series of South African Roadshows
SOUTH AFRICA - Arbor Acres® recently completed a successful series of roadshows for individual customer companies in South Africa.
Applications Open for Aviagen Hatchery and Incubation Management School
THE NETHERLANDS - Applications for the next module of the popular Aviagen® EMEA Production Management School are now being invited.
Celebrating 100 Million Chicks from Cobb Germany Hatchery
GERMANY - With pride, Cobb Germany hatched its 100 millionth female Cobb500 parent stock chick, which was delivered to Polish broiler breeder farmer, Leszek Wasikowski.
MSD Animal Health Hosts Second “High Quality Poultry Congress” for Latin America
US - More than 120 producers representing most countries in the Latin American region came together in Miami, Florida between 3 and 5 September to participate in an MSD Animal Health 'High Quality Poultry Congress' (HQPC) meeting.
Feeding Poultry for Pre-harvest Food Safety
US - Diamond V’s Poultry Program consists of research-proven Original products with multiple modes of action to support robust digestive health by balancing the immune system and gut microbiota while optimising gut morphology.
Pioneer in Health- and Performance-enhancing Micro-nutrition
SWITZERLAND - Pancosma offers seven ranges of products to improve animal production efficiency.
VIV China 2014: Successful Business Week in Beijing
CHINA - The concept of the China Livestock Industry Week - comprising of the VIV International China Summit and the VIV China 2014 exhibition - is likely to be used as the recipe for future VIV shows, say the organisers at VNU Exhibitions about the successful event in Beijing.
IPPE to Host Seminar on Food Safety Modernisation Act
US - The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) will host a one-day Food Safety Modernization Act (FMSA) seminar at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia on 28 January 2015.
New Trial Confirms Equivalency of Two Methionine Sources for Broilers
FRANCE - A new trial confirms the equivalency of DL-Methionine (DLM) and DL-Hydroxy-Methionine (HMTBA) on performance of broilers, reports Adisseo.
DACS Presents the Most Efficient Ventilation Ever
DENMARK - The DACS patented ventilation systems for livestock production offer unique, yet simple features that combine maximum animal well-being with profitable production.
Media Specialist Advises Poultry Sector to Get on Message
US - A professor of public relations advises the poultry sector to talk about antibiotic use and other production issues with the public in this video clip from Zoetis.
Aviagen to Renovate Elkmont Hatchery
US - Federal money will help Aviagen expand and add jobs in Elkmont, Alabama.
Novus Highlights Mineral, Gut Health Solutions at EuroTier 2014
US - Novus International, Inc. is exhibiting at EuroTier 2014, highlighting its mineral and gut health solutions.
Open Door Day at Roelens-Pattyn Family Breeder Farm
BELGIUM - On 24 October, the Roelens-Pattyn family opened their two new breeder houses in Langemark, where the Vencomatic Group equipped the entire egg collection system in cooperation with its Belgian dealer, De Jaeger.
Market Reports

USDA Broiler Hatchery - 5 November 2014
China Wholesale Prices 5 November
USDA International Egg and Poultry 5 November 2014
USDA Egg Products - 31 October 2014
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Global Poultry Industry News


New Guide for Better Detection of Animal Health Risks
Industrialisation Should Not Come at Expense of Agriculture, Says FAO Head
JBS Joins International Poultry Council


Research into the Prevention of Severe Feather Pecking

   United States

New US Task Force on Antibiotic Resistance in Farm Animals
American Feed Conference to Discuss Pet Food Trade
Registration Open for NFU’s 2015 Women’s Conference
Higher Quarterly Sales, Earnings, Income for Pilgrim's Pride
User-friendly Poultry Feed Formulation Tool Available

   United Kingdom

Advice on Eggs for Mums, Babies and the Elderly
UK's New Animal Disease Research Centre Opened
UK Vets Say Consumers Should Know about Slaughter Methods
Faccenda Foods Invests in Food Safety Technology
UK Poultry Person of the Year 2014 Announced
British Parents Want More Lesson on Food and Farming in Schools
NFU Seeks Reassurance over New Farm Payments IT System
New Monogastric Science Research Centre Launched in Scotland


Australian Free-range Poultry Farmers Have Their Say on Research
Successful Feed Formulation Workshop in Armidale
Opinion-moulders Tour Australian Chicken Farm


Family Farmers Play Significant Role in Eradicating World Hunger
Maple Leaf Sees Losses Reduced

   European Union

Promotion of Agricultural Products in the EU
Study Reveals Differences in Animal Welfare Training across Europe


Afghan Ambassador Meets India's Agriculture Minister
Declining Demand for Backyard Poultry in India
Poultry Feed to be Tested for Mycotoxins in India


What Challenges Face Ukraine?


BRF Shows Strong Growth

   Russian Federation

Miratorg Shows Solid Results for First Three Quarters


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