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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 05 February 2015

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Thursday 5th February 2015
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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New Focus on Antibiotic Resistance; Avian Flu Update

A new analysis of antimicrobial data in Europe confirms the link between humans and animals in the transmission of resistance.

The study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) shows that there are also important differences in the consumption of antimicrobials in animals and in humans between European countries.

This is the first integrated analysis of data from humans, animals and food in Europe includes data on antimicrobial consumption by animal species, data on antimicrobial consumption in hospitals in more European countries and monitoring of resistant bacteria in the normal flora from both healthy and diseased people.

The strongest associations between consumption and resistance in food-producing animals were found for the antimicrobials studied in relation to indicator E. coli. Positive associations were also noted for Salmonella spp. and Campylobacter spp.

The retailer is taking an increasing role in reducing the use of antibiotics on farms as consumers become ever more aware of antibiotic resistance.

One of the new articles this week examines how oral administration of antimicrobials affects antimicrobial resistance in E. coli from chickens. The German study shows that the administration of a single antimicrobial resulted in a higher level of antimicrobial resistance in most cases, and this tended to increase when more than antimicrobial and/or higher dosages were used.

In the last week, news of outbreaks of avian flu in poultry have been reported in Taiwan, Bulgaria, Israel, Viet Nam, Nigeria and the UK.

The highly pathogenic form of the disease is making a rampant spread across Taiwan; the H5N8 and H5N2 have been reported to be responsible for 159 outbreaks involving more than 885,000 birds (mostly geese), according to official reports released in the last week alone. More than half of Taiwanese geese are reported to have been lost to the disease – and with the most unfortunate timing, coming as it does just ahead of the New Year celebrations.

Bulgaria has reported its first outbreak of H5N1 high-path avian flu in domestic poultry since 2010, while Israel has lost 87,000 birds, mostly turkeys, to the same strain and in Viet Nam, 800 more succumbed. Eighteen states in Nigeria have now reported outbreaks of disease from this virus in poultry.

The new outbreak in England is a low-pathogenic H7 form in one flock of broiler breeders.

China and Egypt are also reporting a spike in human cases of influenza of avian origin.

IPPE Digital 2015

Featured Book of the Week

Whole Hog Brief Issue 125 Probiotics in Poultry

The chapters of this book illustrate various studies which show the efficacy of probiotics in reducing livestock and poultry diseases, potentially reducing the need for antibiotic intervention, in addition to improving production performance.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Backyard Poultry Biosecurity
Useful information for smallholders and hobby farmers on keeping their poultry healthy and what to do if you see signs of disease, particularly avian influenza or Newcastle disease.

Performance, Health and Tissue Weights of Broilers Fed Graded Levels of Hairless Hulled Canary Seed
Yellow and brown hairless canary seeds have merit and are safe for broiler feeding, according to new research from Canada.

Oral Administration of Antimicrobials Increases Antimicrobial Resistance in E. coli from Chicken
From a review of published literature, researchers in Germany found that the administration of a single antimicrobial resulted in a higher level of antimicrobial resistance in most cases, and this tended to increase when more than antimicrobial and/or higher dosages were used.

Effects of Sawdust Thickness on the Performance, Environmental Condition and Welfare of Yellow Broilers
Increasing litter thickness was associated with improvements in the growth, air conditions and welfare of yellow broilers in this study from Yangzhou, China.

Finalisation of FSIS's Modernisation of Poultry Slaughter Inspection Rule
Dr Ashley B. Peterson, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs for the US National Chicken Council, explains what the new Rule means for poultry production processes and food safety.

Xylanase Characteristics the Key to Unlocking Consistent, Reliable Gains from NSP-degrading Enzyme Use
The factors affecting efficacy in non-starch polysaccharide (NSP)-degrading feed enzymes remain subject to considerable confusion, despite increasingly widespread use within the poultry and swine sectors, writes Dr Craig Wyatt, AB Vista Poultry Technical Manager.

Company News

Poultry Science Foundation Approves Guidelines for Undergraduate Programme
US - The Poultry Science Foundation has approved guidelines for the first funded undergraduate internship programme named in honour of Dr Andrew F. Giesen, III.
Honour for Rosales of Aviagen
US - Aviagen’s Dr Gregorio Rosales has been honoured by the US Poultry & Egg Association for ‘sustained and exemplary service’.
New Sales Manager at Termotecnica Pericoli
ITALY - Termotecnica Pericoli Srl appointed Fabrizio Sappa as Sales Manager, with effect from 1 January 2015.
Benchmark Holdings to Acquire Improve International Limited
UK - Benchmark Holdings Plc has acquired the entire issued share capital of Improve International limited, the Swindon-based veterinary continuing professional development provider.
Second Edition of ‘Mycotoxins in Focus’ comes to VIV Asia 2015
THAILAND - The 'Mycotoxins in Focus: Trends, Facts, and Effects' conference is set to provide an insight into the latest mycotoxin trends and occurences to delegates at VIV Asia 2015 in Bangkok in March.
IPPE Breaks Record: Estimated 30,000 Registrants and 1,288 Exhibitors
US - The 2015 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is the largest show on record with an estimated 30,000 poultry, meat and feed industry leader attendees from all over the world.
Market Reports

USDA International Egg and Poultry - 4 February 2015
USDA International Egg and Poultry - 28 January 2015
USDA Egg Products - 2 February 2015
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 30 January 2015
Irish CSO Reports - Livestock Slaughterings - December 2014

Global Poultry Industry News

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IPPE Seminar Explored How to Handle Environmental Regulations
Challenge to California's Foie Gras Ruling
Fresh Call to End Port Dispute Hitting Meat Exports
Tyson Reports 37 Per Cent Rise in Quarterly Operating Income
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Sharp Drop in Poultry Prices in Pakistan

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Government Challenged on Animal Welfare Ahead of Election
Culling Underway at Hampshire Chicken Farm with Avian Flu
Low-pathogenic Avian Flu Virus Detected in Southern England
Decline Predicted in Profitability of UK Farming
Animal Welfare at Slaughter Improves in UK
Regional Variation Suggested as Brits Eat More Eggs
Groceries Code Adjudicator’s Powers Welcomed by Farmers Union


Nutreco Sees Earnings Rise
What Role do Retailers Play in Reducing the Use of Antibiotics on Farms?
Agreements Finalised Between Turkey Genetics Companies
What’s Left If We Lose Antibiotics?
Critical Issues Discussed at International Feed Regulators' Meeting


Taiwan Reports 159 Avian Flu Outbreaks on Farms, Abattoirs
More Than Half Taiwan's Geese Lost to Avian Flu
Concern Rises as Avian Flu Spreads to Eastern Taiwan


Bulgaria Reports First Avian Flu Outbreak in Domestic Poultry


Belarus Restricts Bulgarian Imports Citing Bird Flu Fears

   European Union

Analysis of Antimicrobial Data Confirms Human-Animal Link


Cheap Imports Blamed for Woes of Kazakhstan's Poultry Sector


Wild Birds Act as Reservoir for Foodborne Salmonella

   Viet Nam

Viet Nam Reports New Outbreak of Avian Flu


Poultry, Product Restrictions in Mexico Due to Bird Flu


Brazil Seeking More Agriculture Trade with China


Israel Reports Four New Avian Flu Outbreaks
Another Israeli Turkey Flock Hit by Bird Flu


Avian Flu Hits 18 Nigerian States


Draft Order Issued on Use of Antibiotics in Meat, Poultry Products


Revolutionary Feed NIR Calibration Delivery Platform Available


China Reports Two New Avian Flu Outbreaks
Chinese Food Prices Rise Slightly

   Russian Federation

All-Round Improved Sales for Cherkizovo Group in 2014


Global Poultry Trends - Exclusively prepared for
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World Egg Day
Broiler Breeder Manager Wanted
Agra me - 16-18 March 2015
VIV Digital
Where The Margin Is 2015 - 6th International Confrence For Agricultural Producers


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