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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 05 March 2015

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Thursday 5th March 2015
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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Slow Progress on Foodborne Pathogens from Poultry

The poultry sector is under ever greater pressure to reduce the prevalence of Campylobacter on chicken products.

In the UK, 19 of chickens tested in the first nine months of a British Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey on the prevalence of Campylobacter were positive within the highest band of contamination. In all, 73 per cent of chickens tested positive for the presence of Campylobacter and seven per cent of packaging tested positive for the presence of Campylobacter.

However, only three out of more than 3,000 samples of packaging tested positive at the highest band of contamination.

One UK supermarket chain has published a case study showing the results from its recently implemented and successful five-point intervention plan to reduce Campylobacter on its chickens.

Richard McDonald, Chair of the ACT (Acting on Campylobacter Together) Board, said: “The UK is leading the way in the search for solutions to reduce Campylobacter levels. We have learned a lot over the last five years about which interventions have the potential to make chicken safer. We must continue to work together to apply these successfully and help industry deliver the results we all want to see.”

The industry body, the British Poultry Council, welcomed the news that retailers and their suppliers are making significant progress, and confirmed its commitment to the collaboration between industry, retailers and regulators to solving the Campylobacter problem.

Also on foodborne disease, multi-drug resistant forms of Salmonella are spreading across Europe, according to a new report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and there is also high resistance to the antimicrobial, ciprofloxacin, in Campylobacter in both humans and animals in some Member States.

The report does say, however, that resistance to critically important antimicrobials for both bacteria remains low.

Finally, turning to news of avian flu, Germany has reported its first outbreak of the disease since November as a low-pathogenic H7N7 variant of the virus has hit a turkey flock in the state of Lower Saxony. Over the last week, we have reported further outbreaks of the highly pathogenic disease in Taiwan, affecting more than 346,000 poultry, and new outbreaks in Myanmar, Nigeria and Hungary. There have also been new human cases in Egypt (H5N1) and China (H7N9).

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Managing Coccidiosis in Broiler Breeders
The management of coccidiosis in broiler breeders is reviewed by Dr Hector Cervantes of Phibro Animal Health Corp.

Carbon Footprint Assessment and Calculation Tool Development for the Poultry Industry
University of Georgia scientists have tested a computer-based spreadsheet calculation tool, which they found to be user-friendly and easily accessible to poultry producers. As well as allowing a grower to assess the carbon footprint of their farm, it can offer suggestions for improvements to the farm operation.

Review of “Long Crower Chickens” as Poultry Genetic Resources in Indonesia
Researchers in Indonesia have analysed the sounds made by four native chicken breeds, which are valued for their melodious crows in chicken "singing" contests.

Company News

HatchTech Chick Storage Room
THE NETHERLANDS - The HatchTech Chick Storage Room is equipped with its unique patented MicroClimer technology that has proven in practice to optimise environmental conditions and chick quality from the incubation stage to transport and brooding.
Vetagro Products Improve Growth with Lower Environmental Impact
ITALY - AviPlus-P significantly improves the digestive efficiency and growth of poultry while reducing the environmental impact, says Vetagro.
Asian Presence for Fienhage
ASIA - At VIV Asia 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, Fienhage will introduce its Asian presence with local offices in Bangkok and in Shanghai, China.
Seminar on Poultry Enteric Disease to be Hosted by Amlan
THAILAND - Amlan International will be hosting a seminar entitled 'Alternatives to Drug Strategies to Reduce Economic Losses Due to Enteric Diseases of Poultry' at VIV Asia.
Hubbard Focuses on Less Feed, More Meat
GLOBAL - Hubbard’s product range embraces the ‘Natural Concept’ of Groupe Grimaud, of which Hubbard has become part in 2005, with the aim to produce in a more sustainable fashion.
Water-soluble Enzymes from Huvepharma
THAILAND - Huvepharma has developed a new form for enzyme application in the feed mill - water-soluble enzymes - which the company will feature at VIV Asia.
Roxell Introduces New Open Broiler Feeder Pan
THAILAND - Roxell is introducing a new broiler feeder pan, CoMeo, at VIV Asia 2015.
Hotraco Presents Fortica for Broiler Cage Houses
THAILAND - At VIV Asia 2015 from 11 to 13 March in Bangkok, Hotraco Agri will present its latest climate control innovations and solutions.
Innovative Fan from Termotecnica Pericoli Adds Depth
ITALY - A new innovative fan from Termotecnica Pericoli adds depth to making your production a little easier and more efficient.
Impex Barneveld Presents Its Latest Innovations at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Impex Barneveld BV will present its latest innovations - the I-Flow pressure regulator and the I-Control flush computer - at the forthcoming VIV Asia.
Champrix Presents Innovative Feed Products at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Champrix will be presenting a variety of its innovative animal feed products at the forthcoming VIV Asia 2015.
Nutrex Specialises in Feed Additives
BELGIUM - Nutrex is a research-driven company specialised in the development, production and marketing of additives for feed and food.
Impextraco Returns to VIV Asia as Exhibitor
THAILAND - Once again IMPEXTRACO is exhibiting at VIV Asia in Bangkok from 11 to 13 March, one of the biggest feed-to-meat fairs in the world.
Delacon Launches Biostrong Forte
GERMANY - Delacon has launched Biostrong Forte for profitable poultry production under challenge conditions and will be exhibiting at VIV Asia 2015.
Animals First, Productivity Always
US - 'Animals first, productivity always' is the business philosophy of Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, which now includes Vi-COR.
Evonik Industries Has More Than 60 Years of Experience
GERMANY - Evonik Industries is a leading producer of amino acids and a reliable partner in the animal nutrition industry.
Hy-Line International to Offer Latest Management Manuals at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Hy-Line International will make available the latest management manuals for the Hy-Line Brown and W-36 at VIV Asia 2015.
Ceva Holds “State of the Art” Summit at VIV Asia 2015
THAILAND - Ceva’s poultry, swine, services and equipment teams will focus on what is “State of the Art” in animal production during the VIV Asia international trade show to be held in Bangkok from 11 to 13 March 2015.
Big Dutchman Has Largest Booth Ever, New Location at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Big Dutchman will be present at this year’s VIV Asia with many new and further developed products as well as a stand of 432 square metres, the largest booth the equipment supplier has ever had in Asia.
Petersime Hatchery Development Department Links Client, Manufacturer
BELGIUM - The Petersime Hatchery Development Department is an essential link between client and the manufacturer.
Webinar to Discuss Optimising Performance through Micronutrients
US - Novus International is to sponsor a webinar to discuss optimising performance through micronutrients on 12 March.
Biomin to Launch Mycofix 5.0 Mycotoxin Risk Management Solution
THAILAND - Biomin will unveil Mycofix 5.0, a fully re-formulated, all-in-one mycotoxin risk management solution for livestock at the VIV Asia 2015 in Bangkok.
Aviagen EMEA School Aimed to Optimise Hatchery Performance
TURKEY - The first Aviagen Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) School of 2015 took place in Istanbul, recently, with the Hatchery and Incubation Management module focused on ‘Optimising Hatchery Performance.’
Claxton Poultry Wins Top US Complex for Cobb500
US - The 20th anniversary award for the top Cobb500 egg production in the United States has been won by Claxton Poultry of Glennville, Georgia – their first time success for this award.
Aviagen Kft Focuses on Efficiency in Czech Republic, Slovakia
CZECH REPUBLIC & SLOVAKIA - Aviagen Kft recently organised a roadshow to mett broiler breeders from across Slovakia and Czech Republic to talk about the most efficient way of growing the Ross 308 broiler.
CID Lines with D'Tasi at the Sudan Poultry Expo
SUDAN - CID Lines' distributor, D'Tasi, was at the Sudan Poultry Expo (SPE) last week.
Biomin Receives GMP Certification for Premix Facility in Viet Nam
VIET NAM - The 4.7-hectare Biomin premix plant in Binh Duong is the first and only premix facility in Viet Nam to obtain the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) according to the requirements of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme.
Novus Wraps up a Successful Year at IPPE 2015
US - Novus wrapped up a successful year at IPPE 2015.
Petersime to Show Hatchery Expertise, BioStreamer Re-Store at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Petersime will be present at VIV Asia 2015, exhibiting its hatchery and incubation expertise and latest innovations.
Pervomaiskaya IPS First to Achieve Ross 140 Club Gold Status
RUSSIA - December 2014 and February 2015 were significant months for delivering high production results for Ross Parent Stock in Russia, with Pervomaiskaya IPS becoming the first company to achieve a Ross 140 Club Gold Certificate.
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Global Poultry Industry News

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New Model Measures Danish Agricultural Efficiency


Taiwan Reports More Avian Flu Outbreaks to OIE
Further Bird Flu Spread in Taiwan Prompts New Controls
Cause of Avian Flu Outbreaks Challenged in Taiwan
Highly Pathogenic Avian Flu in Taiwan: Update


Avian Flu Returns to Germany


Farms Forced to Close In Lake Tai Clean-up


Seven More H5N1 Avian Flu Outbreaks in Central Nigeria
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Cargill Completes Investment in South African Animal Feed Facility
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International Poultry Council Expects Record Attendance at Rome Meeting; Focus to be on Avian Flu
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Four New Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease in Israel


Call for Bird Flu Alert System for Backyard Poultry Owners


Ducks Culled Following Bird Flu Outbreak in East Hungary


Three Outbreaks of Avian Flu Reported in Myanmar

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Warning of Lower Poultry Production Standards Threat in EU-US Trade Talks

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Most Ducks Farmed Without Full Body Access to Water
Bird Flu Restrictions Lifted from UK Poultry Farm
Pressure Put on Poultry Sector to Reduce Campylobacter
Moves to Increase Welfare in Non-stun Slaughter


Prestigious Award Goes to Australian Poultry Scientist
Researcher Reveals Campylobacter Insights Ahead of New Role


Oman Bans Poultry Imports from Indian Region over Bird Flu Scares


Higher Taxes in Iraq Trouble Turkish Poultry Exporters


Romanian Meat Industry Expects VAT on Meat to be Cut


BRF Sees Sales Profits Rise


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