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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 19 March 2015

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Thursday 19th March 2015
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor




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Bird Flu Impacts Global Poultry Sector

In its latest report on the global poultry industry, Rabobank analysts say that the margin outlook generally remains upbeat. The main drivers they identify are high beef prices, lower feed costs and relatively strong demand in most regions.

However, they sound a note of caution: global trade is under pressure from the spread of avian influenza (AI) in Asia, Europe and North America.

Rabobank Animal Protein Analyst, Nan-Dirk Mulder, said: “Avian flu is further spreading across the globe and could affect global trade streams, especially as the virus has moved further in Europe to Hungary, and in the US to central states like Minnesota, Missouri and Arkansas.

“Joint global approaches, optimal biosecurity, and strong monitoring and compensation systems are necessary to stop the spread of the disease,” he added.

In an assessment of the situation in the United States, CME Group analyst report that although highly pathogenic AI has been identified in a backyard flock of chickens and ducks in Kansas, any action taken by trading partners regarding Kansas will not have a major impact on poultry exports or supplies.

Boparan Holdings Limited, the parent company of UK chicken processing firm, 2 Sisters Food Group, has reported its latest quarter's results that AI in Europe contributed to making a challenging trading period over the last quarter even more difficult.

Over the last week, new AI outbreaks of the highly pathogenic type have occurred in poultry in the United States (Arkansas and Kansas), South Korea, India, Viet Nam and Taiwan. The low-pathogenic form has been reported in commercial turkeys in California and free-range layers in the Netherlands.

Also in the news this week, a recently released video from an animal welfare organisation allegedly shows welfare issues at a broiler processing company in the US. An independent expert panel commenting on the video explained the procedures shown and, while observing that some processes could be improved, they found no evidence for the video claims of "horrific animal abuse".

The European Commission has been called on to phase out as soon as possible killing methods that cause unnecessary suffering to animals, such as electrical water-bath stunners for poultry.

The PoultrySite Digital #46 - Health and Disease

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Americas' Egg Exports More Than Double
While shell egg exports by the Americas have more than doubled between 2000 ans 2011, they represent only a small proportion of the world total, according to industry analyst, Terry Evans. The region does account for just over one-third of global dried egg exports, however.

Nutritional Characteristics of Camelina Meal for Broiler Chickens
Research carried out in the US and Turkey indicates that camelina meal is poorly utilised by three-week-old broilers.

Response of Shaver Brown Laying Hens to Different Feeding Space Allowance
This experiment at the University of the South Pacific reveals that the best compromise in terms of flock uniformity and cost of production was achieved when each pullet/hen had between 11 and 14cm space at the feeding trough from 18 to 38 weeks of age.

Broiler Chicken Welfare Assessment in GLOBALGAP-certified and Non-certified Farms in Brazil
Broiler producers in Brazil are achieving good standards of welfare for their birds, regardless of whether they participate in an international certification scheme, according to a new study.

Development of Vaccine-induced Immunity against TRT in Turkeys
The frequency of turkey rhinotracheitis (TRT) outbreaks and/or failure of TRT vaccination could be correlated with differences in the immunological status and/or the age at vaccination, according to this new work from Poland.

Understanding the True Impact of Non-Starch Polysaccharides in Poultry Diets
Dietary fibre, and non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) in particular, can have a substantial negative impact on monogastric digestion and performance, with restricted digestibility leading to significant reductions in feed efficiency and growth, says AB Vista.

Effective Fumonisins Counteraction in Poultry
This study from Nutriad demonstrates that the presence of fumonisins in the feed has adverse effects on broiler productivity and health, which can be ameliorated by the inclusion of UNIKE Plus in the diet.

Company News

Surveying the Global Mycotoxin Threat
GLOBAL - Biomin has launched an infographic providing a global view of mycotoxin occurrence and the main trends from its latest Mycotoxin Survey.
Clint Lewis Named 2015 Agribusiness Leader of the Year
US - Clint Lewis, Executive Vice President and President, US Operations at Zoetis, was recently named the 2015 Agribusiness Leader of the Year by the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA).
New Moves Strengthen Cobb Research and Development Team
US - Two senior appointments have been made by Cobb-Vantress to strengthen its research and development team.
Exhibitor Reviews VIV Asia 2015
THAILAND - VIV Asia 2015 was a great success for both visitors and exhibitors, reports Jansen Poultry Equipment.
Venray Reaps Rewards for Aviagen
THE NETHERLANDS - Aviagen EPI in The Netherlands attended the Venray Show LIV recently, building several new relationships and gathering a lot of interest in the slower growing Rowan Ranger bird and Ross Ranger bird.
Vano Flock Performance Gains Entry to Ross 400 Club
IRAQ - Vano Group has been recognised as a new member of the Ross 400 Club, having achieved outstanding performance with two of its broiler flocks.
Hy-Line International Quality Systems Manager Promoted
GLOBAL - Hy-Line International has promoted Jessica Boor to the position of international quality and planning manager.
Hubbard Launches Completely Renewed Web Site
GLOBAL - Hubbard has completely renewed its web site in the English and French languages.
Better Health for Higher Profit in Poultry Production
BELGIUM - Considering the great amount of water poultry require to drink in order to achieve their optimal performance in terms of feed conversion, daily gain, health level etc., water intake will have a great impact on their performance, says CID Lines.
Lithuanian Version Launched of Biomin's Corporate Web Site
LITHUANIA - Biomin has now launched a Lithuanian version of the new corporate web site.
Successful Dealer Training at Vencomatic Group
EUROPEAN UNION - To learn more about the latest Vencomatic Group innovations, that is why 54 dealers from over 19 countries visited the EU dealer training from 4 to 6 March.
Expert Panel Calls for Closer Collaboration Between Human, Animal Health
THE NETHERLANDS - Experts in animal and human health called on the medical, veterinary, public health and related healthcare communities to collaborate more closely to prevent and combat diseases, reports Zoetis.
Wilco Poultry Company First to Join the Ross 400 Club
US - Wilco has a long history in the Lebanese poultry industry and have been working with Ross for many years. at Midwest Poultry Convention
US - Following its success at previous shows, is again participating at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention this year.
Market Reports

USDA International Egg and Poultry - 18 March 2015
USDA Turkey Hatchery and Raised - 18 March 2015
Australian Rural Commodities Wrap - March 2015
USDA Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook - March 2015

Global Poultry Industry News

   United States

CME: Avian Flu in Four States, What's the Damage?
97 Per Cent of All US Farms Are Family-Owned
Low-path Avian Flu in California Turkey Flock
CME: Total Meat Output Jumps Significantly Higher
New Poultry Processing Plant for North Carolina
H5N2 Virus Poses No Threat to Food Safety, Human Health
Expert Panel Examines Undercover Video from Chicken Processing Facility
Florida Venue for US Poultry's Human Resources Seminar
US Poultry Industry Confirms Chicken Safe to Eat
Money Confirmed to Attract People to Poultry Studies
New Poultry Welfare Specialist for Cargill
H5N2 Virus Confirmed in Kansas Avian Influenza Outbreak
Confirmed Positive Case of Avian Influenza in Kansas
CME: January One of Best Months Ever for US Meat
Bird Flu Trade Bans on US Poultry to Affect Pork and Beef
West Virginia University Receives $6,890 USPOULTRY Foundation Grant
Oregon Hobby Flock Owners Warned to Stay Vigilant for Bird Flu
High-path H5N2 Avian Flu Confirmed in Arkansas Turkeys


Agriculture Bears Major Brunt of Disaster Impacts
FAO Boosts Disease Control, Food Security in Response to Syria Crisis
International Poultry Council Welcomes New Associate Member
Global Poultry Outlook Upbeat, Says Rabobank

   United Kingdom

Scottish Poultry Count Down 16 Per Cent in December 2014 Census
Political Parties Commit Support to UK Poultry Sector
Avian Flu, IT Issues Hit Boparan's Bottom Line
Eggs Could Benefit from New Meal, "Brinner"
Export Uncertainty Hits Poultry Industry Confidence

   Viet Nam

Viet Nam Reports H5N6 High-path Bird Flu in Poultry Flock
New Avian Flu Outbreak in South Viet Nam


Three New High-path Bird Flu Outbreaks in Taiwan


Canada Invests in Biosecurity to Support Livestock Industry


India Optimistic about Boosting Poultry Exports to Japan
Uttar Pradesh Responds to Avian Flu Threat
High-path Avian Flu Confirmed in Uttar Pradesh


Agriculture Helping Irish Economic Recovery


First IEC Asia Leadership Forum Hailed a Great Success
Nutriad Announces New Asian Partnership


Reminder on Safe Egg Practice


Nigerian Government Agrees Compensation for Avian Flu-Hit Farmers

   European Union

Call on European Commission to Enforce Slaughter Regulations
Aiming for Profitable, Sustainable Poultry Sector

   South Korea

South Korea Reports 47 Bird Flu Outbreaks

   The Netherlands

Barneveld Poultry Farms Test Negative for Bird Flu
Low-pathogenic Bird Flu Outbreak in Dutch Layer Flock


Prices of Chinese Farm Produce Drop


Global Poultry Trends - Exclusively prepared for
5m Farm Supplies
Fier Avicola 49th International Poultry Exhibition - Italy, Forli 15 - 17 April 2015
VIV Asia 2015
World Egg Day
Broiler Breeder Manager Wanted
VIV Digital
Antimicrobial Resistance
Biomin - Gizzard Lesions: What's Wrong With My Birds
VIV Turkey 11-13 June 2015 - Istanbul, Turkey


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