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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 09 April 2015

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Thursday 9th April 2015
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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Avian Flu Challenges US Poultry Industry

The last week has brought news of a surge in outbreaks of avian influenza across the United States as well as a first outbreak in Canada since the turn of the year.

Following a brief lull during February 2015, there have been 15 outbreaks in the US across 10 states, mainly in commercial turkeys, and centred on the state on Minnesota.

The great majority of the outbreaks have been caused by the H5N2 subtype of the highly pathogenic virus, which has been identified as having mixed Eurasian and North American origin. With nearly all the outbreaks being in the Mississippi flyway, wild birds are thought the most likely to be spreading the virus to domestic poultry.

Two outbreaks appear to be different from the rest; they occurred in backyard flocks of mixed poultry, one in Kansas and one in Montana, which are in the Central flyway although the virus is apparently the same H5N2 variant.

Direct losses from the outbreaks are mounting up, with mortalities and destruction of 810,000 turkeys since the beginning of March alone, as well as restrictions placed by a number of countries on imports of US poultry and poultry products.

In the last week, Canada has reported its first high-path avian flu outbreak this year – also the H5N2 subtype and on a commercial turkey farm in Ontario. Eight nearby farms are currently in quarantine. The outbreak occurred as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency increased the restrictions on poultry products from its northern neighbour.

Meanwhile, in Asia, there has been an outbreak of high-path bird flu in a village poultry flock in Viet Nam and the virus has also been detected for the first time in the border area between China and Myanmar. There have also been new outbreaks in Taiwan and China.

Palestine has reported a new outbreak and in Europe, the Netherlands has reported a new outbreak of low-pathogenic avian flu in North Brabant in the east of the country, affecting a free-range laying hen flock.

Further cases of flu of avian origin have been reported in people in Egypt and China over the last week.

The PoultrySite Digital #48 - Breeding and Incubation

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Europe Dominates World Egg Trade
As a region, Europe accounts for most of the global trade in eggs and egg products, explains industry analyst, Terry Evans.

Poultry Industry Byproduct is Valuable Natural Fertiliser
Georgia produces 1.4 billion meat-type chickens and 300 billion table eggs a year, making it the largest poultry-producing state in the US, and all that poultry creates a valuable byproduct - litter, writes Sharon Dowdy of the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Risk Factors for Development of Vent Pecking and Cannibalism in Free-range and Organic Laying Hens
A new study from the University of Bristol confirms the link between severe feather pecking and vent pecking or cannibalism and identifies some management factors that appear to increase the likelihood of these undesirable behaviours.

Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Probiotic or Synbiotic on Broiler Haematology and Intestinal Integrity
Supplementation of probiotic and synbiotics had positive effects on the performance of broilers, thereby improving their haematological and intestinal histological aspects, according to new research from Kurdistan in Iraq.

Effects of Dietary DDGS on Growth, Oxidative Stress and Immune Function in Broilers
This Chinese study reveals that corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) included in a broiler diet at a level of 15 per cent had some beneficial effects on immune functions in the birds for broilers to some degree, without adversely affecting growth.

Microbial Communities Present in the Lower Respiratory Tract of Clinically Healthy Birds in Pakistan
Based on examination of the respiratory tract samples from a number of birds from three farms in Punjab province, researchers found a diverse population of bacteria, including some opportunistic respiratory pathogens in apparently healthy birds.

Company News

Nutriad Continues Sales Team Expansion in Europe
SPAIN & PORTUGAL - Nutriad has appointed Antonio Vila as Key Account Manager for Western Spain and Portugal.
Cobb Flock Awards for Canada
CANADA - Agri Group of Nova Scotia is the latest winner of the award for the top Cobb500 breeder performance in Canada.
Broilers Show Less Tendon Swelling in Reovirus Vaccine Study
US - A recent study showed that broiler chicks receiving higher reovirus antibody levels from conventionally vaccinated hens had a lower incidence of tendon swelling and were protected from weight suppression caused by Variant Group-1, reports Zoetis Inc.
Enzyme Characteristics Critical When Choosing a Superdosing Phytase
UK - Enzyme characteristics are critical when choosing a superdosing phytase, says AB Vista.
Hydratec Industries Appoints Bart Aangenendt as CEO
THE NETHERLANDS - Hydratec Industries NV has announced that Bart Aangenendt, CEO of subsidiary company Pas Reform, will succeed the Group’s CEO Roland Zoomers, when he steps down later this year.
Aviagen Successfully Hosted Customer Events at VIV Asia 2015
THAILAND - The Aviagen stand at VIV Asia in March 2015 featured the theme ‘Industry Leader’ during the recent VIV Asia exhibition, differentiating the company and promoting the three commercial brands – Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross – distributed in the Asia region.
VIV Asia 2015: Business Centre for the Whole Region
THAILAND - Animal protein business leaders from every single Asian country came together at the latest VIV Asia held in Bangkok in March 2015, according to independently verified data now available for the global trade fair.
Market Reports

GB Animal Feed Statistical Notice - February 2015
USDA International Egg and Poultry - 9 April 2015
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 9 April 2015

Global Poultry Industry News


VIV Asia Reflected Growth of Livestock Farming in Asia


Cage-Reared Hens Show Impaired Spatial Awareness

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New Feed Rules: Write it Down or It Didn't Happen
More Than 300,000 Minnesota Turkeys Hit in Latest Bird Flu Outbreak
CME: Port Dispute Partly to Blame for Poor US Meat Exports
Minnesota Reports Another Bird Flu Outbreak in Turkeys
Tyson Cuts Poultry Processing Capacity at Two Georgia Plants
Minnesota Turkey Bird Flu Tally Reaches Seven
Fifth Avian Flu Outbreak in Commercial Turkeys in Minnesota
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South Dakota Turkey Flock Hit by High-path Avian Flu


HKScan Completes Egg Business Sale
Eating Eggs Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


Canada Confirms H5N2 Avian Flu Virus in Ontario Outbreak
Ontario Reports First H5 Avian Flu Outbreak
Canada Restricts More US Imports to Protect Its Poultry


Food Safety at Heart of World Health Day
FAO Food Price Index Drops Further in March 2015
Hilton Commits to Cage-free Eggs
World Health Day: Can 'FoodKeeper' Application Reduce Waste?

   European Union

European Commission Makes Progress on Poultry Welfare During Transport


Four New Newcastle Disease Outbreaks in Israel


H5N2 Avian Flu Confirmed in Dutch Layer Flock
Low-path Bird Flu in Dutch Poultry Flock

   Viet Nam

Viet Nam Reports H5N6 Bird Flu in Village Poultry


Call for Poultry CRC Industry Transferrable Projects


German Egg Market: Organics Up, Small Colonies Down


Pakistan, Malaysia Help Export Recovery for Brazilian Chicken

   United Kingdom

UK's First Roast-in-the-Bag Chicken Ready to Launch
New Championship Show Promises Record Poultry Entries


Top Poultry Plant to Make Way for Houses in Bahrain


China Reports New Outbreak of Bird Flu in Jiangsu Geese


Two New High-path Bird Flu Outbreaks in Taiwan's Geese

   Palestinian Territory

H5 Avian Flu in Palestinian Backyard Flock


Global Poultry Trends - Exclusively prepared for
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Fier Avicola 49th International Poultry Exhibition - Italy, Forli 15 - 17 April 2015
World Egg Day
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Antimicrobial Resistance
Biomin - Surveying the Global Mycotoxin Threat


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