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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 7th March 2005's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 7th March 2005
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

We start this week in Vietnam, where a 26-year old Vietnamese male nurse who cared for a patient with bird flu in northern Vietnam has contracted the deadly virus, a doctor said this morning. It was still unclear whether the man contracted the virus from the patient or through contact with sick poultry, the doctor said, adding that further investigations would be carried out.
     "He is the nurse who took care of a patient confirmed positive to H5N1," a doctor from Hanoi's Institute of Tropical disease told AFP. Some experts believe the disease could trigger a devastating pandemic if the H5N1 virus mutates to a form easily transmissible among humans.

A WHO official said last Wednesday that he believes the current outbreak of avian influenza in Vietnam is likely to end soon, as the outbreak pattern has shown similarities to the one experienced last year. "New H5N1 cases in the country are not signs of a worsening situation in Vietnam," said Hans Troedson, the country’s representative for the WHO.
     Troedson said there hadn’t been any new cases for three weeks until the recent discoveries in the northern province of Thai Binh, and these might simply be a few isolated cases.

Initial tests of a bird flu vaccine on monkeys in Vietnam have been successful, medical officials said Friday. Vietnamese researchers injected a vaccine based on weakened H5N1 bird flu virus on three monkeys early last month and three weeks later found the monkeys were healthy and had produced anti-bodies, according to Reuters.

Health and animal experts said any long-term strategy for controlling bird flu must address the role of ducks and other waterfowl as major culprits in the spread of the deadly virus. At an international conference in Ho Chi Minh City, officials said extensive research since the first major outbreak last year has confirmed that wild birds, particularly ducks, are primary reservoirs for the H5N1 virus, since they can carry it without falling ill.

In Thailand, Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc, the country's largest agribusiness exporter, is decidedly upbeat about its performance this year on robust export growth prospects, with 2005 sales projected to exceed 100 billion baht (roughly US$2.6 billion).
     With existing problems that have affected the chicken and shrimp industries easing, the outlook for the year was improving, according to Adirek Sripratak, CPF's president and chief executive officer.

In the US, health officials are putting eleven states on the lookout for boneless chicken feet - an Asian delicacy the government says was illegally smuggled into the country. The government banned imports of birds and poultry products from Asia last year because of bird flu. Chicken feet have already been seized at stores in Cleveland and Columbus.

Thousands of factory farms nationwide are expected to sign up for a new Environmental Protection Agency compliance program, but the agency will pick only about 30 to monitor levels of gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.
     The EPA program allows owners of farms that house thousands of hogs, chickens or dairy cattle to avoid fines for violating the Clean Air Act by paying a civil penalty up front and volunteering to collect air quality data over a two-year period. They also agree to correct any problems that federal officials uncover.

Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders
Cobb - Primary Broiler Breeders

In the UK, Poultry feathers being imported from China could carry the bird flu virus, a microbiologist has warned. Poultry meat from the country has been banned, but BBC Radio 4's Farming Today reported that duck, chicken and turkey feathers were still being imported. Professor Hugh Pennington said the virus could survive in faecal material on the feathers, some of which are used in making pillows.

An increase in broiler breeder performance of up to 33 chicks per parent over the last four years has made Grampian Country Chickens in Scotland the first winner of the Cobb Europe Flock of the Year Award.
     The prize-winning 20,000-bird flock was Grampian's first delivery of Cobb 500 derived entirely from US breeding stock and achieved an average 143.67 chicks per parent placed to 60 weeks of age at Glendevon Farm, Crossgates, Fife.

The governments new Environmental Stewardship Schemes have been warmly welcomed by both farmers and environmental groups. The NFU said it would strongly encourage farmers to consider signing up to both the Entry Level Stewardship scheme and the Higher Level Stewardship scheme. The schemes were launched by DEFRA secretary Margaret Beckett last Thursday.

The news that an international consortium of research teams has plotted the entire genome of the chicken provides useful information for geneticists selecting for traits in many species. This is especially important for traits that cannot easily be measured in the live animal, such as disease resistance.
     "The challenge will be finding beneficial genes, or regulatory sequences, and using them in a breeding programme in a cost-effective manner," said Dr Grant Walling, senior geneticist with international pig-breeding company, JSR Genetics.

In Pakistan, there are two poultry farming systems - the small scale, and the large scale or commercial poultry farming erports the Times and Democart. The latter did not exist till 1963. In 1977, the government decided to improve and develop the rural poultry farming on commercial lines. New breeds like Fayoumi, Dhoki and Red were introduced as these were capable of producing 200-220 eggs per year.
     In 2004, egg production increased to 8,247 million and poultry meat to 4,02,000 tons. The share of meat in 2004 was 18.1% of the total national meat production as compared to its nominal share of 2.46% in 1971-72. In terms of animal protein source, its share was over 20%.

Paracox-5 - Coccidiosis vaccine for poultry
Paracox-5 Coccidiosis vaccine

Philippines biggest poultry integrators want the government to indefinitely extend the minimum access volume (MAV) for imported chicken which expires in June this year. "The local poultry industry at this point still needs to be shielded from cheap imported chicken.
     Without the MAV, anybody can just import the volume they want to bring in and at prices lower than locally-produced chicken. A free-for-all regime will definitely have adverse repercussions for our domestic broiler growers," said Ruben Pascual, PABI spokesperson.

The Poultry Farmers' Union of Ukraine, uniting the biggest Ukrainian poultry farms, predicts no rise in prices of poultry on the domestic market in the current year. Prices of poultry won't rise this year, Oleksandr Bakumenko, the chairman of the Poultry Farmers' Union board, said at a February 7 press conference. According to Bakumenko, at present sale prices of broiler meat are reaching UAH 9.10 - 9.60 per kilogram.

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 3 features this week.

Footballs for broilers
By Richard Allison, Hubbard Europe - Giving fully housed birds footballs to kick around, straw bales to perch on and more space may sound far fetched, but one West Country company believes this high welfare approach will prove profitable.

Betaine And AGP- free Diets
By Milan Hruby and Janet Remus, published by eFeedLink - Betaine, through its ability to preserve intestinal integrity, will help reduce intestinal lesions in conjunction with a coccidiostat, and thus may aid in minimising losses due to sub-clinical and clinical necrotic enteritis.

Poultry Litter as a Fertilizer and Soil Amendment
By G. L. Mullins, Professor, Crop and Soil Environmental Science and E. S. Bendfeldt, Associate Extension Agent, Agricultural and Natural Resources; R.A. Clark, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Virginia State University - Poultry litter, if properly handled, is a valuable organic source of essential plant nutrients and soil amendment to improve soil quality. Applying poultry litter to agricultural lands is a proven, environmentally sound method for recycling essential nutrients. This brochure reviews the use of poultry litter as a fertilizer and soil amendment for non-poultry producers

DuPont Animal Health Solutions - ANTEC® BIOSENTRY®
DuPont Animal Health Solutions - ANTEC®  BIOSENTRY®

That's all for this week.

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