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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 14 May 2015

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Thursday 14th May 2015
Jackie Linden - ThePoultrySite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor

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Looking Forward to a Bright Future for the Poultry Sector

There is wide consensus that we need to reduce the environmental impact of food production as agricultural output needs to double in order to feed nine billion people in 2050.

Two new tools have been developed that aim to make easier to identify and focus on ways to make livestock farming more sustainable.

To achieve the balance of food and livestock production and their environmental impact, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has established a mechanism for assessing and establishing sustainable production practices.

The Global Livestock Environmental Assessment Model, GLEAM, provides detailed data on animal numbers, production and emissions, a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) of livestock sector’s environmental impacts. And a new web site makes the model accessible to everyone.

GLEAM simulates the main stages of livestock production using an LCA approach for poultry meat and eggs as well as other animal products.

The current version focuses on the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions and enables a more accurate picture to be built up on how feeding and manure management options could be used for mitigation.

Agriculture ministers from around the world have backed a plan to increase food security and sustainability and reduce food waste.

Following the G20 meeting of agriculture ministers in Turkey, the ministers said that the pressures on natural resources and biodiversity and the impacts of climate change have produced a need for a rise in productivity while at the same time moving towards food systems that are more sustainable.

One leading poultry meat company in the United Kingdom has this week announced a significant commitment to renewable energy.

Turkey producer and processor, Bernard Matthews, has broken ground on the next stage of its large-scale carbon-cutting exercise. By 2020, the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint to zero with its latest solar energy installation across 11 farms.

Fifteen states in the US have now reported outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian flu in poultry, with Indiana and Nebraska reporting their first cases in the last week. The number of outbreaks nationwide stands at 158, with more than 33.33 million poultry affected.

Other countries reporting outbreaks in poultry over the last week are Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Israel, Turkey, Taiwan and India.

With this newsletter, I say farewell to ThePoultrySite and its many readers around the world. It has been the greatest pleasure to serve and work with you over the last seven years and I send thanks and best wishes to you all as I move on to pastures new.

ThePoultrySite Digital - Issue #49

Featured Book of the Week

Probiotics in Poultry Probiotics in Poultry

The chapters of this book illustrate various studies which show the efficacy of probiotics in reducing livestock and poultry diseases, potentially reducing the need for antibiotic intervention, in addition to improving production performance.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS 2014: Asia’s Shell Egg Trade Expands
Between 2000 and 2011, exports of shell eggs from Asia increased at an annual rate of more than nine per cent, writes industry analyst, Terry Evans, with Turkey's export volume increasing most notably.

Recent Advances in the Production, Management and Nutrition of Intensively-farmed Domestic Ducks
A review of the global duck sector, looking important areas of the production of meat- and egg-type as well as Muscovy ducks by David J. Farrell, Research Consultant to the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Brisbane, Australia. There is a special focus on duck nutrition, including trial work that has not previously been published.

Incubation Temperature Profiles Affect Broiler Feathering
This North Carolina State University study - looking at the effects of incubation temperature, breeder feeding programme and litter management on feather follicle development of broilers - may help to improve broiler welfare and reduce the incidence of scratches and lesions on chicken carcasses.

Atypical Velogenic Newcastle Disease in a Commercial Layer Flock in Japan
Ten years on from an outbreak of disease in a Japanese layer flock thought to be caused by infectious bronchitis, scientists have also identified a velogenic Newcastle disease virus.

Effects of Increasing Concentrations of Corn DDGS on Chemical Composition and Nutrients Content of Egg
Feeding a high level of maize (corn) distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) to laying hens increased the content of lutein and polyunsaturated fatty acids in egg yolk in this experiment at Iowa State University.

Egg Pre-heating in Modern Single-stage Hatcheries
A review of pre-heating eggs prior to single-stage incubation from Petersime.

Company News

Hy-Line Speaker Featured at Leadership Forum
US - Hy-Line International, the world leader in layer poultry genetics, was pleased to provide the opening speaker for the second day of the Egg Industry’s Center’s 7th Annual Egg Industry Leadership Forum in April in Des Moines, Iowa.
Aviagen Welcomes European Customers to Scotland
EUROPE - Aviagen's recent Euro Seminar focused on ‘Managing for Potential’.
Russian Delegation Visited Hubbard in France
FRANCE - Last month, a delegation of several Russian poultry integrations, coming from different regions, visited the facilities of Hubbard in France.
Anticoccidial Rotation: Game of Strategy
US - Shrewd moves: like a chess match, anticoccidial rotation is a game of strategy at Wayne Farms, says Zoetis.
Petersime Launches Chinese Web Site
CHINA - Petersime has announced that its web site,, is also available in Chinese, as part of a continuing effort to expand its reach and support to its international customers.
Technical Transfer at Heart of Sudan Poultry Show for Arbor Acres
SUDAN - The Arbor Acres international team joined poultry businesses from across Europe and Asia at the recent Sudan Poultry Show in Khartoum, to transfer technical knowledge to customers.
Hatchery Management Training from Petersime
BELGIUM - Petersime’s Hatchery Management Training is “An excellent way to gain extensive knowledge”, the company says.
Aviagen Increases Breeding Stock Production in Tennessee Valley
US - Aviagen has expanded the capacity of its hatchery in North Alabama by 52 per cent.
Renewed Focus into NSP Research a Year on from Inspire Forum
UK - While the feed industry is yet to fully understand non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes despite 25 years of research, AB Vista says a renewed focus is seeing more exploration than ever before.
Market Reports

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Indian Egg Prices - May 13th 2015
USDA WASDE - 13 May 2015
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Irish CSO Reports - Agricultural Price Indices March 2015
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Global Poultry Industry News

   United States

US Avian Flu Hits Nebraska
US Documentary Leads to New Poultry Recall Powers
House of Brands for Tyson Foods
US Agriculture Predicted to Create Thousands of Jobs in Next Five Years
Software Speeds up Salmonella Strain Identification
Texas University Top of Poultry Judging Tree
H5N8 Avian Flu Virus Spreads to Indiana
CME: High Meat Demand Despite High Prices
USPOULTRY Hosts Web-based Farm Depopulation Training
CME: US Restaurant Performance Decline
Eggs in Short Supply in Minneapolis-Saint Paul
Seven New Outbreaks of Avian Flu in US Poultry, Toll Approaches 30 Million
Two New Avian Flu Outbreaks Confirmed in US


Nigeria Reports 54 Outbreaks of High-path Avian Flu


Four Outbreaks on High-path Avian Flu Reported by Taiwan
Taiwan Reports Seven New Outbreaks of Low-path Avian Flu
Taiwan Confirms Outbreaks of H5N2 Avian Flu


Israel Reports Outbreak of High-path Avian Flu


Newcastle Disease Detected in Nicaragua

   United Kingdom

Vets Develop New Concept to Reduce Poultry Antibiotic Use
CAP Simplification Welcomed But Lacks Ambition
Moy Park Soars to Five Million Chickens Per Week
Award for 2 Sisters’ Work on Campylobacter
New Government Should Set Positive Agenda for Farming
More Form Filling to Secure Organic Stewardship Payments
Energy-saving Initiative for Bernard Matthews
Can Farming Contribute to Research & Innovative Housing for Layers?


How to Assess Environmental Impact of Meat Production
What's in a Name? No More 'Bird Flu'
G20 Action Plan for Food Sustainability
FAO Predicts World Food Import Bill to Fall to Five-year Low


Help for Canadian Poultry Sector to Recover from Impact of Avian Influenza


Icelandic Vet Strike Halts Livestock Slaughter


French Poultry Companies Fined for Price Fixing

   Burkina Faso

Four New Outbreaks of Avian Flu Reported in Burkina Faso


Two Avian Flu Outbreaks Confirmed in Northern Turkey


Ecuador Bans US Poultry on Bird Flu Fears

   European Union

New CEO for Findus Group Southern Europe


Price of Chinese Farm Produce Drops Slightly

   New Zealand

Animal Welfare Amendment Bill Passes Final Reading


Telangana State on Bird Flu Alert Again


Global Poultry Trends - Exclusively prepared for
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World Egg Day
Broiler Breeder Manager Wanted
Antimicrobial Resistance
VIV Turkey 11-13 June 2015 - Istanbul, Turkey
Biomin - Egg production and quality: What's wrong with my birds?
agrivision bridging the gap 16th - 18th June 2015 - The Netherlands Register Now


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