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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 16 July 2015

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Thursday 16th July 2015.
Alice Mitchell - ThePoultrySite Editor

Alice Mitchell

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Avian Flu Outbreak Found in UK

In this week’s top story, the UK has announced that a poultry farm in north west England tested positive for H7N7 avian influenza.

The farm, near Preston in the county of Lancashire, is understood to involve a mixed 170,000 bird flock of housed and free range layers.

The outbreak was confirmed on Monday by the UK’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) after a temporary control zone was placed around the farm on Friday.

The temporary control zone has now been replaced by a 10 kilometre surveillance zone and an inner 3 kilometre protection zone, centred on the affected farm. Humane culling of all birds at the farm is continuing.

The restrictions mean that all poultry farms within the 10 kilometre zone around the infected premises are not allowed to move poultry, captive birds or mammals except under licence.

The H7N7 virus is not the type of avian flu that caused the recent outbreaks in the US, which was the H5N2 variant of the disease. However, a case of low severity H7N7 avian influenza was found in Hampshire in February 2015.

Chief Veterinary Officer, Nigel Gibbens said: "Bird keepers should remain alert for any signs of disease, report suspect disease to their nearest APHA [Animal and Plant Health Agency] office immediately and ensure they are maintaining good biosecurity on their premises." – Read more.

Other avian flu outbreaks were confirmed this week in South Africa and Taiwan.

In other news, Germany has made a lot of progress recently on its animal welfare initiative.

Researchers at the University of Leipzig and its collaborators have been presented with extra funds to help the country end the killing of male day-old layer chicks as soon as possible.

"Since the theory works, we must now press on with a practical application. As soon as appropriate equipment is available on the market, there is no longer any justification for the breeders to hatch male chicks and then kill them," said Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt at the funding presentation.

The researchers aim to develop a practical, fully automated device prototype for early determination of sex in the fertilised egg, allowing them to prevent male chicks from hatching. The device will also sort the eggs automatically – read more.

Some German poultry associations also signed an agreement this week to phase out the routine beak trimming of laying hens and turkeys – read more.

~ Alice

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