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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 16th February 2004's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 16th February 2004
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Welcome to this week's newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

This week we start in Japan, where Farm Ministry and local government officials plan to declare an end to an outbreak of bird flu this week if no new cases are reported, reports Reuters. Bird flu was discovered in mid-January, but the outbreak appears to have been contained in a single farm. Japan is still studying the source of the outbreak, and no conclusion had yet been reached.

In China, a suspected bird flu case in Baicheng City in northeast China was reported this Monday, according to China Daily. This is the first case of suspected or confirmed deadly H5N1 bird flu ever occurred in northeast China.

Meanwhile, scientists have been tracking the source of the bird flu outbreak in China and the main focus is on wild birds. Beginning next month, migratory birds will begin flocking to the north, possibly carrying with them the virus that has swept across Asia, reports Xinhuanet.

In Vietnam, UN agencies said it could take months if not years to eradicate the bird flu virus that has killed 14 people, and that hopes for a quick recovery of the poultry industry here were premature. The outbreak of the H5N1 strain of the bird flu has led Vietnam to cull 35 million chickens and inflicted devastating losses on the local poultry farmers, reports Channel News Asia.

Thailand's poultry industry could face losses of up to Bt40 billion, double the government's preliminary assessment, if the bird flu outbreak in the country is not contained within three months, the Thai Chamber of Commerce said, according to eFeedLink.

In the US, the shares of major poultry companies fell as did the prices of key feed ingredients on concerns that poultry flu found in two more states may cause a lengthy halt to chicken exports. On Thursday, cases were also found in a New Jersey live poultry market and in a Pennsylvania flock raising concerns that countries will be slow in lifting their bans.

A new, state-of-the-art poultry processing facility allows Agricultural Research Service researchers to design research projects with protocols that cannot be tested in inspected, commercial facilities. The facility was designed and constructed to allow the research group to install prototype imaging equipment and technology to detect fecal contamination on processed carcasses.

In the EU, David Byrne, the European Commissioner for health and consumer protection, has outlined the measures that have been taken to protect Europe’s poultry industry. Speaking at the European Parliament, he claimed that safeguards were now in place that would prevent against any possible introduction of the Avian flu virus that has decimated parts of Asia and has now surfaced in the US.

Spain could have an overproduction of 3,000 tons of chicken because of its decreasing consumption for fear of avian influenza, or bird flu, which have killed 19 people in Asia, authorities said Wednesday. The surplus will continue to increase if the downward trend in consumption persists, which has caused economic losses in the sector, reports Xinhuanet.

In the UK, an MLC study was made to establish the benefits of farm assurance schemes to livestock producers in England and compare them with their associated costs. A four-stage approach was adopted for this study including a survey of livestock producers, to explore their attitudes towards farm assurance and one of red meat consumers, to explore their willingness to pay for farm assured meat.

British poultry producers should soon be getting a higher price for their product, as retailers and processors respond to a call for help to cover rising feed costs, reports FWi. The Grampian Country Food Group - the UK's biggest processor - has said it is close to securing an increase of about 8p/kg from its customers and this will be passed back to growers. The developments followed an NFU warning that poultry production was in danger of becoming a niche activity in the UK unless retailers and caterers paid more.

In our Features section we have an interesting article from Antec International referencing the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) recommendations for biosecurity in the wake of the bird flu outbreaks. The article overviews the procedures for cleaning and disinfection using Virkon S, the most proven veterinary disinfectant in the world.

That's all for this week.

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