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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 05 November 2015

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Thursday 5th November 2015.
Alice Mitchell - ThePoultrySite Editor

Alice Mitchell

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New Slaughter Regulations Causing Concern

New poultry slaughter rules that come into force today (5th November) in the UK have been criticised by vets for their animal welfare implications.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) said it is concerned by Defra’s decision not to include stunning parameters for poultry killed ‘in accordance with religious rites’ in the new Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (WATOK) Regulations.

These parameters are needed, the BVA said, to ensure that animals are stunned properly and are not conscious at the time of slaughter

BVA President Sean Wensley said: “In the last year we have seen headlines about the inhumane treatment of animals at slaughter and, while these new WATOK regulations are strong in many areas, we are concerned that the omission of specific parameters for electrical waterbath stunning leaves some poultry vulnerable to ineffective stunning.

"Slaughtermen, Official Veterinarians and Animal Welfare Officers in abattoirs are not able to tell the difference between birds that have been effectively stunned and those that are just electro-immobilised, thus compromising the animal welfare standards that these regulations are being put in place to protect.” – Read more.

Also this week, the US Poultry & Egg Association announced updates to its ergonomics training, which is used to help reduce incidence of cumulative trauma injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis – read more here.

The move follows the report by Oxfam America last week, which described high rates of injury in the poultry processing industry.

The US authorities are also combating the high injury rates by running a ‘Regional Emphasis Programme’ in some of the biggest chicken-producing states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

The programme will use education and prevention outreach activities to share safety and health information, as well as a targeted enforcement phase including inspections to ensure compliance with regulations – read more.

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Probiotics in Poultry Probiotics in Poultry

The chapters of this book illustrate various studies which show the efficacy of probiotics in reducing livestock and poultry diseases, potentially reducing the need for antibiotic intervention, in addition to improving production performance.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Effects of LED Lights on Japanese Quail Reproduction
Research undertaken at the Federal University of Grande Dourados and the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, aimed to evaluate the development of the reproductive system of Japanese quail exposed to artificial lighting with LED of different colours.

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Chicken Production Outside the EU is Much Faster Than Within
In Europe, non-European Union countries have expanded chicken meat production at six times the rate of EU member states since 2000, writes industry analyst Terry Evans.

GLOBAL POULTRY TRENDS - Wealth Distribution Key to Chicken Consumption Growth
Poultry consumption is expected to grow in future, with Asia to play a big part in that, but the increase may be limited by weaker economic growth, writes industry analyst Terry Evans.

Company News

Be Prepared for the Cold Season - Pericoli Gives You the Right Solution
GLOBAL - Keeping one move ahead is the key for never being unprepared. As a matter of fact, it is often not easy to accept the idea that summer is over, but winter can turn out to be a tough enemy if not faced with proper precautions.
Research Underway at Auburn to Control AI in Poultry Feeds
GLOBAL - Pathogen control specialist Anitox® has confirmed that studies are underway, jointly funded by the US Poultry and Egg Association, designed to offer critical data in the battle against Avian Influenza (AI).
Use in Poultry Farms and the Need for Effective Drug Residue Screening
GLOBAL - It has been reported recently that California are enacting the strictest laws yet, banning the state's livestock producers from using certain antibiotics for routine disease prevention and growth promotion.
EggAnalyzer Upgraded!
GLOBAL - EggTester.Com (better known as “ORKA Food Technology”) has upgraded EggAnalyzer.
Handle with Care: from the Nest to the Setter Door
GLOBAL - The egg provides the food and protection for the chick embryo from the time of lay to the point of hatch.
IPPE Extends Young Leaders “30 under 30” Program Application Deadline
US - The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) is extending the deadline for application submissions for the Young Leaders “30 under 30” program, which targets young professionals who normally would not have the financial resources or opportunity to attend IPPE.
Cobb-Vantress and Hendrix Genetics Sign Up for a Decade in Joint R&D
GLOBAL - Arkansas-based Cobb-Vantress and Hendrix Genetics, headquartered in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, have signed their third consecutive Joint Development Agreement (JDA).
Cold Weather Management
GLOBAL - As the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting colder as well in the Northern parts of the world. The cold itself wouldn’t be that much of a problem for the adult birds, but the humidity that goes along with it might cause some troubles, especially in relation to respiratory problems.
Judicious Antibiotic Use: What Does it Mean in Poultry?
US - What exactly does “judicious antibiotic use” mean? And what steps should poultry producers and veterinarians be taking to comply with judicious-use principles?
Research Focus for Cobb Australian – New Zealand Poultry Seminar
AUSTRALIA - More than 30 delegates from 10 companies across Australia and New Zealand took part in a two-day Cobb’s seminar in Sydney, Australia, where the focus was on the company’s global research investment.
Market Reports

USDA Broiler Hatchery - 5 November 2015
USDA Egg Products - 2 November 2015

Global Poultry Industry News


New World Agriculture Census to Begin in 2016
Processed Poultry Meat Market Expected to Grow
Could Self-Disseminating Vaccines Cut Animal Disease Spread?

   United Kingdom

Imported Turkey Cuts Pose Threat to Traditional UK Sector
UK Egg Sales Continue to Climb
New UK Poultry Slaughter Rules Pose Animal Welfare Problems
UK's Agri-Environment Scheme is Too Confusing, Say Farmers
How Can Volatility be Managed on the Farm?
Survey Shows Egg Consumers Less Concerned Over Cholesterol
Avian Influenza Roadshow to Prepare Northern Ireland's Farmers

   United States

US Poultry Industry Improves Ergonomics to Reduce Injuries
US Authorities Launch Programme Fighting Poultry Injuries
Study Finds Human DNA in Hot Dogs
Poultry Industry Hits Back at Oxfam, Says Injury Rates in Decline
Protect Your Backyard Poultry From Avian Flu

   South Africa

Low Path Avian Flu Outbreaks Continue in South Africa


More Avian Flu Hits Poultry Farms in Taiwan


Chicken Supply Remains Strong Despite Typhoon


Polish Meat Processor Eyes German Expansion


Smuggler Arrested in Nigeria with Huge Volume of Banned Poultry
Thousands More Poultry Dead in Nigerian Bird Flu Outbreak

   European Union

EU Parliament Rejects National Bans on GM Feed

   Viet Nam

Another Bird Flu Outbreak Hits Viet Nam


China Needs Cold Chain Improvement to Meet Food Demand


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