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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 21 April 2016

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Thursday 21st April 2016.
Alice Mitchell - ThePoultrySite Editor

Alice Mitchell


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Progress on US Salmonella Contamination, Illness Rates

This week, there has been some good news for American consumers of poultry products.

Iowa State University testing showed a dramatic decrease in the number of environmental samples taken from egg facilities that test positive for the Salmonella enteritidis bacterium.

“The test data also show that the likelihood of a positive environmental test translating into contaminated eggs is extremely low,” said Hongwei Xin, director of the Egg Industry Center at Iowa State.

“It’s a very positive outcome of the industry implementing the federal egg safety rules that went to effect in July 2010.” – Click here to read more.

The US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also released a report recently showing that the incidence of Salmonella typhimurium infection, often linked to poultry and beef, decreased 15 per cent from 2012-2014 levels in 2015.

However, USDA Deputy Undersecretary for Food Safety, Al Almanza, said: “Our work is not done. The newly published performance standards for poultry parts will lead to further Salmonella reductions and fewer foodborne illnesses.”

Dr Kathleen Gensheimer, from the Food and Drug Administration, added: “We want to respond quickly to foodborne illness, but our true goal is to move forward with preventive measures that will be implemented from farm to table.” – read more.

Meanwhile in the UK, Campylobacter contamination on chicken carcasses has been decreasing, but the Food Standards Agency has had to halt its survey of contamination.

The FSA had been surveying Campylobacter by taking samples from the neck skin of birds, which is usually the most contaminated area.

However, processors began to remove more of the neck skin in an effort to improve food safety, which rendered the survey method unfair due to differences in the amount of skin being removed between retailers.

The agency said it aims to restart testing with a new method in the summer - read more.

ThePoultrySite Digital #58 - Breeding & Genetics

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Poultry Signals Poultry Signals

Proper management starts with recognising signals in practice. For poultry-keepers, this means being alert when in the hen house, watching and listening to the animals, and paying attention to their behaviour as a group as well as their individual behaviour. This usually provides much information about animals’ health, well-being and production for poultry-keepers to use for improving economic results and the well-being of the animals, as well as their own. Poultry farming is currently investing in various new housing systems that require another type of management.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Chemicals from Old Poultry Houses Can Contaminate Eggs
Chickens foraging on soils containing environmental pollutants can accumulate these chemicals in their tissues and eggs. A study by Piskorska-Pliszczynska et al. assessed levels of dioxins in eggs produced in Poland, in some cases finding concentrations several times above the safe EU limit.

Company News

Aviagen Launches Broiler Management Guide for Open-Sided Housing
GLOBAL - Rearing broilers in open-sided housing is still preferred by growers in many parts of the world. That is why Aviagen®, the world’s leading poultry breeding company, has recently launched a Guide to Managing Broilers in Open-Sided Housing.
Merial Launches NeO Vaccines at Pig and Poultry Fair 2016
UK - Merial will use its presence at the Pig and Poultry Fair to launch its NeO vaccination technology to the UK and Irish poultry sectors on 10th and 11th May 2016.
How to Aid Early Development in Poultry
GLOBAL - Much has been written, and is accepted, about the importance of getting the earliest stages of the chick’s life correct in order to maximise the genetic performances available. With continued genetic improvements in broiler growth performance, the impact of early development takes greater significance as it represents a larger and larger percentage of the bird’s life.
Surveillance, Careful Vaccine Selection Tops “Shoot-in-the-Dark” Strategy for IB Control
GLOBAL - A producer’s ability to match vaccine coverage to the circulating infectious-bronchitis threat depends largely on a well-executed surveillance program, according to Mark Jackwood, PhD, University of Georgia.
Nutriad Hosts Technical Symposium Brazil
BRAZIL - On March 30th Nutriad organized its third annual Technical Symposium in Florianopolis (SC, Brazil). At the event Nutriad experts and external speakers introduced new insights and novel solutions for gut health, feed intake and mycotoxin control.
AB Vista Appoints Dr Eckel as Distributor in Germany and Austria
GLOBAL - Animal nutrition technology company AB Vista has announced an alliance with German-based distributor Dr Eckel, a global provider of animal feed additives.
Field Vaccination for Respiratory Disease: Spray or Pump?
GLOBAL - Day-of-age spray vaccination at the hatchery is widely accepted by most US poultry veterinarians, but the best mode of field vaccination for respiratory diseases, especially infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT), continues to be debated.
Hatchery Roundtable Brings Together Cobb Global Experts
US - The second Cobb grandparent hatchery roundtable brought together more than 30 Cobb technical managers from Brazil, Europe and the US in Gainesville, Georgia.
FAI Focussing on Animal Welfare Outcome Measures
UK - Carly Scott is a researcher at FAI farms in Oxford. Here she explains the principles behind welfare outcome measures and the work her and the Science Team are doing in this field.
AB Vista Video Sheds New Light on the Positive Effects of Complete Phytate Destruction on Animal Nutrition
GLOBAL - A new video from AB Vista reveals details about why complete phytate destruction in the digestive tract may lead to increased growth efficiency in swine and poultry.
AB Vista Appoints New Technical Services and Sales Coordinator for North American Market
NORTH AMERICA - The newest addition to the AB Vista team, Kendre Stringfellow, has been appointed as North America Technical Services and Sales Coordinator.
Market Reports

USDA Bi-Weekly International Meat, Poultry & Egg Review - 15 April 2016
USDA Turkey Hatchery and Raised - 15 April 2016
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 14 April 2016
USDA Hatchery Annual Summary 2015 - Broiler-type and Egg-type Up with Turkey Hatch Down
USDA WASDE - April 2016
USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade- April 2016

Global Poultry Industry News


Report Urging Consumers to Eat Less Meat for Planet "Riddled with Flaws"
African Poultry Wrap: Countries Boost Indigenous Chicken Production

   United Kingdom

UK Campylobacter Survey Suspended Until New Methods Decided
New Information Released to Retailers on Runny Egg Consumption
NFU Favours Remain Vote for Farming in Brexit Debate


Latest French Bird Flu Outbreak Affects New Region

   United States

Mexico's Ban on Arkansas Poultry Products Lifted
US Poultry Organisations Unite Against Extra Safety Inspections
Salmonella Illness Rates Decrease in 2015 After US Standards Tightened
EU Delegation Visits China, Japan to Promote Agri-Food Trade
CME: Chicken Producers Benefit from Low Feed Costs, Export Improvements
Salmonella Contamination in US Egg Facilities Down


Australian Farmers Hit Back at TV Show's Laying Hen Comments
Nominees Sought for American Egg Board


Myanmar Reports First Bird Flu Outbreak for a Year, Blamed on Poor Biosecurity


Poultry Waste Converted into More Useful Products in Pilot Plant


Growing Brazilian Exports of Fresh Eggs to Japan
Brazilian Meat Producers on Alert for Corn Shortage


Newcastle Disease Reported Amid Scorching Indian Heatwave


Two Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease Reported in Romania


Record Poultry Production Forecast in Mexico Despite Flu Concerns


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Biomin - The Global Mycotoxin threat 2016
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Cobb700 - Cobb
Georgia Poultry - Maximized Cooling, Evaporative Cooling Systems
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