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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 11th April 2005's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 11th April 2005
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

We start this week in North Korea, where the Government sought South Korea's help last Friday in combating a bird flu outbreak that has forced it to cull more than 210,000 chickens at two poultry farms in its capital, a South Korean ministry official said.
     North Korea asked for equipment and medicine. It expressed gratitude for the South's offer of help, which was made shortly after Pyongyang announced the outbreak on March 27, the Unification Ministry said.

The Bird flu found in North Korea has been identified as an H7 strain which has been previously undetected in Asia, reports Reuters.
     Secretive North Korea, struggling with widespread famine due to natural disasters and bad harvests in the 1990s, has clamped down on bird movements in a bid to contain the outbreak which has devastated poultry farming in much of Southeast Asia.

Seoul is stepping up measures to prevent the outbreak of bird flu in North Korea from spreading to South Korea, the Unification Ministry said last Wednesday. South Korea began testing wild birds in the Demilitarized Zone for the avian virus, which North Korea has acknowledged was found at three chicken farms in Pyongyang. Testing along the heavily fortified border will continue until April 15.

The US has sent bird flu testing kits to North Korea to help determine what influenza viruses are breaking out in the reclusive state and to test whether humans are infected, in a move that apparently runs counter to its isolationist policy, the Finacial Times reports.

In the US, antibiotic-resistant bacteria continued to be found in chickens bought at area supermarkets a year after two large poultry producers stopped using an antibiotic blamed for creating the resistant strains, Johns Hopkins researchers report.
     The researchers say the findings suggest antibiotic-resistant bacteria may persist in the poultry industry after the use of the antibiotics, known as fluoroquinolones, has stopped and may contaminate more poultry than previously thought.

By a 40-10 vote, the Montana Senate has tentatively endorsed a statewide requirement that all meat and other food products sold in the state contain information about where the products were produced. The country-of-origin law, which has already passed the Montana House, would take effect on Oct. 1, 2006. Opponents said that the bill will attract a suit from the Federal government, since it conflicts with present Federal standards.

Lawmakers say a single national food safety agency will be more effective in protecting the public, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Under the current federal structure, food safety is regulated by two not-so-similar agencies – USDA, which regulates the safety of red meat and poultry, and the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees all other food.
     The two-agency structure may change. This week Senator Richard Durbin and Representative Rosa DeLauro introduced the Safe Food Act of 2005, which, if passed and signed into law, may better protect consumers from foodborne illness by consolidating the current fragmented and overlapping food-safety system.

VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

Group Grimaud La Corbiere, SA has announced last week that they have completed the purchase of Merial’s subsidiary Hubbard, one of the world’s leading Broiler Breeding Companies. The transaction, concluded on March 25th, took the form of a sale of stock of Hubbard SAS (France), Hubbard LLC (USA) and Hubbard BV (Netherlands).
     Hubbard, with strong global representation, will operate autonomously within the Grimaud group and maintain its own identity continuing to trade under the name Hubbard, selling quality parent and grandparent stock broiler breeders to poultry producers and integrators world-wide under the Hubbard brands.

In the UK, The latest reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy have come under heavy criticism by a former chief economist at the NFU. The Guardian reports Séan Rickard - now a lecturer in agricultural economics at Cranfield University - as being heavily damning of the latest reforms on a number of counts.
     "Just how much of the claimed environmental benefits produced by farmers would be delivered anyway if the single farm payment was phased out?" asks Mr Rickard. "The evidence is clear. These larger scale farms are less damaging to the environment than their smaller counterparts," he said.

A poultry plant in Norfolk, England, has installed a combination of pyrolysis and gasification technologies to process waste materials, the first time this combination of technologies has been used to provide this type of energy requirement, reports FoodProductionDaily.
     The system devised by Banham Power, a division of Banham Poultry, will be able to generate all the electricity it needs to run its business and also provide a 2MW surplus to sell on. The technologies have been used successfully elsewhere but have not previously been put together to process this type of waste.

April 2005 sees the launch of a powerful new logo for the Red Tractor, reports the NPA. Designed by Assured Food Standards (AFS) as part of their new marketing strategy, the logo is presented as a robust and recognisable symbol signifying whole food chain assurance to a rigorous set of independently inspected standards.
     A new consumer message will focus on the fact that Red Tractor food is delivered by an alliance of British farmers, processors, retailers and distributors working together to deliver safe food ‘every step of the way’.

In Northern Ireland, an Ulster Farmers’ Union delegation, led by Deputy President Kenneth Sharkey has met senior DARD officials to raise farmers concerns and frustrations about the new farm mapping exercise.
     The UFU highlighted the need for farmers to be able to resolve their mapping queries as efficiently as possible and the need for a clear resolution, which would allow farmers to complete their 2005 IACS form and associated Field Data Sheets accurately.

Merial Avian Products
Merial Avian Products

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 2 features this week.

Standardised ileal digestibility
By V. Ravindran - Massey University - This study proposes a new system to describe amino acid digestibility of feed ingredients for poultry. Ileal amino acid digestibility is a more sensitive approach to describe the protein quality of feed ingredients than excreta digestibility values.

Effects of dietary methionine on broiler flock uniformity
By S. Mack, A. Lemme, G. Irish and J. Tossenberger, Degussa Australia Pty Ltd - It is well documented that increasing levels of essential amino acids when starting from a deficiency increase broiler performance. The response typically follows the law of diminishing returns, which means a non-linear dose response approximating an asymptote.

Cumberland - Your Source for Poultry Equipment
Cumberland - Your Source for Poultry Equipment

That's all for this week.

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