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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 09 June 2016

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Thursday 9th June 2016.
Alice Mitchell - ThePoultrySite Editor

Alice Mitchell



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Concern As Supermarket Moves to Ban Caged Hen Eggs 

The National Farmers Union (NFU) is raising concerns following confirmation from Aldi UK that it plans to move away from selling caged hen eggs.

The retailer is suggesting that this phase out commences in 2025. This comes after Aldi Australia’s recent announcement on phasing out caged eggs by 2025.

A NFU spokesperson said: “The NFU understands from Aldi UK and Australia that this is a reaction to changing customer demand.

"The NFU welcomes Aldi UK’s commitment to consult with their suppliers on how they deliver this ambition as it is vital that UK producers have sufficient time and can afford to meet this change. We will be continuing discussions with the retailer on this.

“Poultry farmers invested £400 million in the transition to enriched cages for laying hens in 2012. The NFU is keen that this recent investment and UK producers’ continuing dedication to animal welfare are not overlooked.”

Another outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza has been reported in France this week. 

The H5N2 strain was discovered on a farm in Coudures, Landes. 

In other bird flu news, new outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) have been reported on layer farms in Mexico, Nigeria and Niger.

A HPAI finding at a local street market in Hong Kong has resulted in authorities placing a ban on live poultry trade.

The H7N9 strain was detected in a fecal sample taken from a street market in the Tuen Mun district.

The market has now been given thorough cleaning and disinfection. Spot checks will now be conducted on all local poultry farms. - Register Today

Featured Book of the Week

Broiler Signals: A practical guide for broiler focused management Broiler Signals: A practical guide for broiler focused management

Broilers are fast growing animals that need constant care. There is no time for correcting mistakes; mistakes mean high costs. The prevention of mistakes is therefore crucial.

Proper management starts with recognising signals in practice. For broiler-keepers, this means being alert when in the poultry house, watching and listening to the animals, paying attention to their environment and their behaviour as individuals and as a group. This usually provides important information about their animals' health, well-being and production. This information helps poultry-keepers to improve their economic results, the well-being of their animals and their own.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Backyard Flock in an Urban Area
Backyard chickens are becoming one of today’s hottest pets. These benefits are just for families who live in the country, right? Surprisingly not. Gordon Ballam, PhD, a flock nutritionist for Purina Animal Nutrition, says that backyard chickens can make excellent additions to a family – no matter where you live.

Company News

Poultry Expert Guillermo Zavala Discusses the Future of Avian Health
ANALYSIS - Dr Guillermo Zavala, the world-renowned poultry disease expert, gave a presentation during the 4th Merial Global Avian Forum on the current situation with vector vaccines, and also led a workshop on emerging (and re-emerging) poultry diseases. Nuria Martínez Herráez, editor of ThePoultrySite's Spanish sister site ElSitioAvícola, interviewed Dr Zavala to find out more about vaccination and bird health.
Mycotoxicoses in poultry: a manageable problem
GLOBAL - Earlier experiments, conducted for short periods or using single purified compounds, showed that poultry were resistant to DON.
Novus International Celebrates 25 years of Helping Feed Tomorrow
US - Novus International commemorates 25 years of business this month. The Company, which originated as the Feed Ingredients division of Monsanto, started on its path of Health through Nutrition when Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. acquired it in June 1991.
Aviagen EPI Hosts Long-Standing Customer from Germany at US Headquarters
US - Aviagen® EPI recently hosted four key members of the H. Borgmeier GmbH & Co. KG team at the Aviagen U.S. head office in Huntsville, Ala. Borgmeier is a long-standing customer of the Ross® 308 and Ross 708 in Germany and one of the first customers in the market to use the Ross Ranger®, a specialty product for the slower-growing broiler market and part of Aviagen’s Rowan Range® product portfolio.
NOVOGEN Strengthens Its Position with New Partnerships in North America
US - North America – NOVOGEN is very proud to announce that after an intensive testing period the Friesen Group Companies' ‘Pacific Pride Chicks Ltd.’ of Abbotsford, British Columbia and ‘Featherland Farms Ltd.’ of Sumas, Washington have both made a move to support and solely commit to the NOVOGEN Product portfolio.
Vets: Your Opinions are in Demand
Being a vet is pretty hard work: you have to study for many years to qualify, work long hours to apply your competence and skills, then advance your knowledge through continuous professional education and further qualifications. Your clients and employers search and benefit from your brainpower and these skills.
Industry Insights: Increased Production, Improved Animal Welfare Meet Global Needs
ANALYSIS - The growing population, increases in household income and water scarcity are key drivers for the protein industry, and technology that can increase production and improve animal welfare will be important in meeting these challenges, according to Francois Fraudeau, president and CEO of Novus International.
IPPE One of the Fastest-Growing Trade Shows
US - The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) has been recognised by the Trade Show News Network (TSNN) as being one of the top 25 fastest-growing shows in net square footage.
Four Tips for Taking the Lead on the Animal-Welfare Conversation
GLOBAL - Recently, I ran across an ad from a well-known animal-rights organization looking for an undercover investigator. That prompted me to check ads run by similar organizations. I found that, except for a unique phrase here and there, the job descriptions were pretty much the same.
Arbor Acres, KGB Hold Successful Seminar in South Korea
SOUTH KOREA - Arbor Acres® and KGB (Korea Grandparent Breeder) hosted a successful seminar in Boryeong, South Korea, the company’s first seminar in Korea. It featured a series of management presentations and was opened by Mr. Lee Su-Beom, managing director of KGB who welcomed more than 120 participants from the local poultry industry.
Delegation from Myanmar Poultry Sector Visits the Netherlands
NETHERLANDS - From 15 – 22 May 2016 a delegation of 18 representatives from the Myanmar poultry sector visited the Netherlands. The program included reference visits to companies in the Netherlands active in the various steps of the poultry sector value chain, knowledge & training institutes and a round table session at the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Antibiotic Stewardship: Keeping Good Tools Effective
GLOBAL - The efficacy of many antibiotics used today is at risk because of increased resistance of pathogenic bacteria.
Improving Genetic Performance Requires Nutrition Updates
GLOBAL - Ongoing improvements in broiler breeder performance need to be matched by ongoing improvements in breeder nutrition.
Market Reports

Global Poultry Industry News


Nigeria Bird Flu Outbreaks Continue to Kill Thousands of Layers

   Russian Federation

Moscow Closer to Self-Sufficiency in Poultry Meat

   United States

Pilgrim's Gains Approval for $24M Poultry Processing Expansion Project
CME: Broiler Exports Disappointing
CME: Muddled Demand Picture for Meat Industry
Salmonella Outbreaks in 7 US States Linked to Backyard Poultry
Concerns Over Aldi UK's Plan to Drop Eggs from Caged Hens


International Report Confirms More Government Vets are Needed


Poultry Prices Likely to Rise Following Government Tax Proposal


How Much Does Animal Agriculture Contribute to US Greenhouse Gas Emissions?


86,000 Layers Killed in Niger Bird Flu Outbreak


Further Bird Flu Reported in Jalisco Poultry

   Hong Kong

Hong Kong Suspends Live Poultry Trade After H7N9 Bird Flu Finding


Nigeria’s Ban on Poultry Imports – Important Lessons for Ghana


Another Low Path Bird Flu Outbreak Found in France


Romanian Meat Processor Boosts Sales Following VAT Cut


Cameroon Bird Flu Outbreak Restrictions Affecting Farm Businesses


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