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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 21 July 2016

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Thursday 21st July 2016.
Alice Mitchell - ThePoultrySite Editor

Alice Mitchell

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Chickens Found with Genetic Resistance to Bird Flu

New research has suggested that the genes of chickens play a key part in whether the birds are susceptible or resistant to the potentially deadly avian flu virus.

They found that birds that carried the virus but were genetically resistant to the disease only shed the virus through their respiratory tract and for a limited period of time, whereas birds which were susceptible to the disease, also shed virus in faeces and over a longer time.

This meant that the more resistant birds could not transmit the disease, offering potential for future poultry breeding initiatives to limit the impact of bird flu on poultry production.

Work is being planned to discover and examine the precise biological mechanisms behind this genetic resistance – click here to read more.

In other avian flu news, France reported two more outbreaks of the highly pathogenic virus this month. The outbreaks were discovered during surveillance put in place as part of eradication efforts.

The country has reported 79 outbreaks since November 2015, but until the new reports disease spread had slowed down. The last report of highly pathogenic avian flu was in April - read more.

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Featured Book of the Week

Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Poultry Poultry Behavior and Welfare

This authoritative textbook provides an introduction and guide to poultry behaviour and welfare. It describes the origin and biology of the various species of bird that are of agricultural importance, as well as giving a succinct overview of their key behaviour patterns. There is careful discussion of the many factors that influence their welfare, and detailed consideration of the ways in which legislation and commercial interests interact in an attempt to satisfy the many needs involved. The final chapters discuss possible future developments within the subject. The book is in part an update of a previous work, Poultry Production Systems: Behaviour, Management and Welfare (CABI, 1992), completely rewritten and with much new material added.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Extensive Farming and the Future of Food Production
Farmers worldwide are facing new environmental challenges. According to Dr Juan Villalba, Associate Professor in the Department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University and editor of ‘Animal Welfare in Extensive Production Systems’, skills learned from raising animals in more extreme environments can play an important role in responding effectively.

Coccidiosis in Poultry: Challenges Facing the Industry
Coccidiosis in poultry is one of the diseases that probably causes most damage in the broiler rearing industry.

Global Poultry Trends: Poultry to Boost Global Meat Market Share Above 36 Per Cent
World meat production in 2016 forecast at 320.7 million tonnes carcase weight equivalent, will show little change from last year, according to the latest Food Outlook Report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Industry analyst Terry Evans reports.

Company News

The Truth About Mycotoxin Binders
GLOBAL - Binding, or adsorbing, specific mycotoxins to limit their negative effects in livestock is a well-established method for mycotoxin deactivation. While a large number of binder products containing clay minerals such as bentonites are commercially available, there is a certain amount of confusion in the market regarding claims authorized by the European Commission.
Poultry ?ompanies Need to Balance Consumer Preferences with Flock Health, Welfare and Food Safety
GLOBAL - “Unfortunately, the same people asking for more animal welfare are also asking us to take antibiotics out of poultry production,” lamented Suzanne Dougherty, DVM, a consulting poultry veterinarian based in Alabama, in a recent interview with Poultry Health Today.
Aviagen Celebrates 60 Years of Ross and Raises over £45,000 for Charity
GLOBAL - UK and European Poultry Industry Benefit Children’s Charity with Tour de Ross
Bastien Godfrain Strengthens Novogen’s R&D Team
GLOBAL - In December 2015 the R&D team of Novogen has expanded again with the arrival of Bastien Godfrain
Novus International to Present Abstracts at 2016 Joint Annual Meeting
US - Gold-level sponsor to introduce novel research advances in methionine, minerals and enzymes
More Light at Night Reduces Daytime Heat Stress in Broilers
GLOBAL - Extended lighting periods help boost welfare and production of big broilers during high seasonal temperatures, a University of Georgia study showed.
UK Chief Veterinary Officer to Speak at 2016 OV Conference
UK - Nigel Gibbens, the UK’s Chief Veterinary Officer; Peter Jinman OBE, Chair of the RCVS Certification Subcommittee and Ian Wright, Head of ESCCAP UK & Guideline Director for ESCCAP Europe, have been announced as speakers at the 2016 Official Veterinarian Conference, ‘Safeguarding Animal Welfare – the role of the OV’ on 29-30 September.
Hy-Line International Distributor Expands in China
CHINA - Hy-Line International, the world leader in layer poultry genetics, announces the further market growth of Hy-Line layers in the China market.
Market Reports

USDA Turkey Hatchery and Raised - 15 July 2016
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 14 July 2016

Global Poultry Industry News

   United States

CME: US Chick Placements Falling
Backyard Poultry-Linked Salmonella Cases Rise Further in US
CME: US Sees Record First Half of 2016 for Meat Production
CME: Retail Chicken, Turkey Prices Drop
New Way to Inactivate Avian Influenza Virus in Poultry Feed
Disagreement Over Proposed US Organic Standards for Poultry
GMO Labelling Bill Passed in US

   United Kingdom

Chickens Found with Genetic Resistance to Bird Flu
Ducklings Cleverer Than Previously Thought
Formal Complaints Over 'Fake' Supermarket Farm Branding
Tesco Likely to Replace Eggs from Caged Hens with Barn Production
Andrea Leadsom Appointed UK's New Ag Secretary

   Russian Federation

Vigilance Needed After Bird Flu Reports in Russian Wild Birds


France Detects Avian Flu Outbreaks During Eradication Efforts


Israel Reports More Newcastle Disease

   European Union

EU Agri-Food Exports Increased in 2015


Feed Shortages Impact Egg Production in Venezuela


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