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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 29 September 2016

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Thursday 29th September 2016.
Alice Mitchell - Editor

Alice Mitchell



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Will South African Brining Regulations Hurt the Poultry Industry?

The courts recently dismissed an appeal by the South African Poultry Association (SAPA) against new regulations on the amount of brine that can be injected into poultry meat.

The regulations, announced in April, cap total brine injection at 10 per cent for a whole carcass and 15 per cent for individual quick portions.

Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana said the judgement confirms that the interests of consumers and the need to advance fair trade practices is paramount.

But Kevin Lovell, CEO of SAPA, said the ruling will deal a devastating blow to the struggling South African poultry industry, Glenneis Kriel reported for The Poultry Site.

“Brining levels for individual portions and poultry products in South Africa varies between 25 and 30 per cent, with brining constituting about 19 per cent of the price per kilogram meat sold,” Mr Lovell said.

“Government has based its decision to cap the brining levels at 15 per cent on false advice. We foresee that it will exacerbate the difficult conditions that farmers are already facing, resulting in extensive job losses.”

However, David Wolpert, CEO of the Association of Meat Importers and Exporters in South Africa, welcomed the ruling, saying it means consumers will get more meat for their money – click here to read more.

ThePoultrySite Digital #62 - Poultry Welfare

Book of the Week

Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies: The Diary of a Farmer's Wife

Hens, Hooves, Woollies and Wellies: The Diary of a Farmer's Wife

Behind every good farmer is a great farmer’s wife though the farmer in question may not always appreciate this! Having been married to John for over 30 years, Bobbi Mothersdale knows this more than anyone. Through her diary, Bobbi gives a wry, comical and yet realistic account of life on their East Yorkshire farm. Over the course of the year, we meet her friends and family as well as the three dogs, numerous hens and crafty guinea fowl that play such a big part in their daily routine. Like any farming family they have good days mixed with bad and have to deal with adverse weather, bureaucratic challenges and uncooperative livestock. Bobbi’s accounts of her irate farming husband thwarted once again by the gods of rain or a petulant sheep will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever worked on a farm and on many an occasion you will find yourself laughing out loud at her description of the situations she finds herself in. Illustrated with 24 beautiful sketches by Jacquie Sinclair, Bobbi’s dry and witty way with words can not fail to amuse and endear you. If you are a farmer’s wife, you will find this an unputdownable must-read that you will want to share with all your friends. Though be warned - you might need to prise it away from your husband and his friends first…

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Treatment of Poultry Litter by Windrowing: Evaluation on Commercial Farms
Corina Bernigaud and Juan Martín Gange, from INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) Experimental Station, Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina, discuss poultry litter management techniques. The aim of the two experiments discussed was to analyse the technique of windrowing poultry litter during clean down of commercial broiler houses under farm conditions.

Antibiotic Free Production and Coccidiosis Control
A series of press releases by prominent US restaurant chains and wholesalers demanding poultry raised ‘without antibiotics that are important to humans’ (number one restaurant chain, McDonald's) or ’no antibiotics ever’ (number three chain, Subway) has caused a rapid paradigm shift in US broiler production toward the reduction or elimination of antibiotic use, writes Linnea Newman, DVM.

Company News

Groupe Grimaud and Agocampus Ouest Signed a Partnership Chair
FRANCE - Driven by their commitment to regional development, their scientific proximity in the field of genomics and the poultry industry, and their respective ambitions in the area of research and education, GROUPE GRIMAUD and AGROCAMPUS OUEST are today formalising their desire to advance together by agreeing a partnership chair in “Genomics and Selection in the Poultry Sector”.
Waterfront Brunch for Ladies at Mississippi Poultry Convention
US - The ladies’ event sponsored by Cobb-Vantress, Inc. at the annual convention of the Mississippi Poultry Association was held at the Bud & Alley waterfront restaurant in Seaside, Florida
Cobb Hosts Canadian Hatchery Roundtable in Toronto
CANADA - Cobb-Vantress, Inc. welcomed hatchery managers and owner/operators from across Canada for the 2016 Hatchery Roundtable in Toronto, Ontario, where incubation companies Jamesway and Chickmaster also took part providing insights on their specific equipment and programs.
Vent Actuator Delivers Right Kind of Sticker Shock
GLOBAL - Your reaction on seeing the PRICE of Georgia Poultry’s Vent Actuator will probably be to dismiss it as a low quantity item. Don’t let the price fool you.
Cobb Appoints New General Manager for North America
US - Todd Wilson, who has more than 25 years of experience in the Unites States poultry industry, has been appointed general manager for Cobb-Vantress, Inc. for North America.
Reducing your Poultry Farm’s Carbon Footprint: Good for the Environment and for the Birds
GLOBAL - The increasing prevalence of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and their effects on climate change is a hot topic among environmentalists
Responsible Breeding = Sustainable Production
GLOBAL - Modern broiler breeding contributes in a number of ways to sustainable poultry production.
Market Reports

UK Poultry and Poultry Meat Statistics – August 2016
USDA Cold Storage - August 2016
USDA Chickens and Eggs - August 2016
USDA Poultry Slaughter - August 2016
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 22 September 2016

Global Poultry Industry News

     United States

Seminar Highlights Avian Flu Preparedness After 2015 Outbreak Cost Billions
Glowing Bacteria Could Improve Food Safety
Top Restaurant Chains Make Progress on Antibiotics Use in Chicken

     South Africa

Low Path Bird Flu Back Again in South Africa's Ostrich Sector
Will South African Brining Regulations Hurt the Poultry Industry?
Case Against South Africa's Poultry Brining Restrictions Dismissed
South African Poultry Producers Allege US Meat Poses Health Risk


Argentina's Poultry Industry Expected to Benefit from Lower Feed Costs

     United Kingdom

Turkey Giant Bernard Matthews Sold
Migrant Labour Shortage Post-Brexit Could Mean Structural Change for Farming


Avian Flu Kills 500 Birds on Backyard Holding in Taiwan

     European Union

Poland Leads EU Poultry Meat Production


Egg Farmers of Canada Rewarded for Social Responsibility


Further Bird Flu Outbreak Found in Cameroon


More Bird Flu Found in Ghana


African Poultry Wrap: Tanzania Opens Up for Russian Imports


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