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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 20 October 2016

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Thursday 20th October 2016.
Alice Mitchell - Editor

Alice Mitchell



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Wild Bird Surveillance Key to Slowing Bird Flu Spread

Monitoring the migration routes of wild birds could help to provide early warning of potential bird flu outbreaks, experts say.

The recommendation follows new research from 32 institutions worldwide that shows migrating birds can help to spread deadly strains of avian flu around the world.

Scientists analysed migration patterns of wild birds that were found to be infected with the H5N8 strain of the flu virus. The team then compared the genetic code of viruses isolated from infected birds collected from 16 different countries.

Their findings reveal that H5N8 was most likely carried by long-distance flights of infected migrating wild birds from Asia to Europe and North America via their breeding grounds in the Arctic.

The researchers say their findings reinforce the importance of maintaining strict exclusion areas around poultry farms to keep wild birds out – click here to read more.

Another set of research results released this week was good news for egg consumers. New findings from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) show higher egg consumption is associated with having a better quality diet.

The new research also showed that Australians under 35 are eating the most eggs, with consumers over 60 eating far fewer. This indicates the potential for older Australians in particular to include more eggs in their daily diet, which could assist in meeting their daily nutritional requirements for protein – read more.

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Book of the Week

Keeping Chickens 9th Edition: Practical Advice for Beginners

Keeping Chickens 9th Edition: Practical Advice for Beginners

Providing a practical and easy to follow guide, this is an ideal book for people beginning with keeping chickens, covering the basics of poultry husbandry. The authors are experienced smallholders and share their advice with the aim of keeping healthy, happy chickens.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Listening to Consumers to Maintain Agriculture’s Social Licence
Today it seems everyone has an opinion about how food should be grown, writes Angela Lovell.

How Do Drying Techniques Affect Dried Egg Quality?
Egg processing continues to grow around the world, with an increased demand for dried egg products for industrial as well as consumer uses. The results of two poster presentations on dried egg processing were presented at the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF) in Atlanta, Georgia, US in January 2016.

Company News

Zoetis Free Personal Wellness Course Reinforces Ongoing Commitment to Veterinarians
GLOBAL - Zoetis has announced the addition of seven new Personal Wellness Modules to VETVANCE, its free, web-based learning resource for the veterinary community. The new 2-3-minute video modules, part of Zoetis’ ongoing Commitment to Veterinarians™ platform, are a response to the growing body of evidence that veterinary professionals worldwide experience mental illness, depression, and suicidal tendencies at a significantly higher rate than the general population.
Advancements in Feed Analysis by NIR Set to Deliver Greater Benefits to Feed Formulation
GLOBAL - New developments in Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technology are unlocking greater insights for the feed industry, which should mean improved returns for producers.
Students Flock to Edinburgh to Expand Breeder Management Know-How
GLOBAL - On 10 Sept., 35 students from 20 countries graduated from Aviagen®’s fifth Breeder Module, held in Edinburgh from 4 to 10 Sept. as part of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Production Management School.
Chief Veterinary Officer Highlights Official Vet Welfare Role
UK - The importance of the Official Veterinarian (OV) in safeguarding animal welfare and sharing best practice was highlighted in the address made by Nigel Gibbens, Chief Veterinary Officer, at the annual OV Conference, which took place on 29 and 30 September 2016.
Aviagen Supports Training at CP Group Poultry Production Course
THAILAND - The 4th annual CP Group Poultry Production Course was held for two and a half weeks in September in Thailand with Aviagen assisting by delivering 4 days of training during the event. The course was attended by 37 participants from CP operations in Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, India, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.
8 Reasons to Use Broad Spectrum Mycotoxin Protection
GLOBAL - In livestock and aquaculture, feed additives are commonly used to counteract the negative effects of mycotoxins. There are many different kinds of products available on the market, the majority being binders. Some products tackle one specific mycotoxin, while others claim deactivation of several classes of mycotoxins.
Novus CEO Receives Prestigious International Business Award
US - During a special ceremony hosted by the Boeing Institute of International Business in the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University, Novus President and Chief Executive Officer, Francois Fraudeau, was recognized for his contributions to advance international trade in the St. Louis region.
GrowerSELECT Reduces Margin Stacking
Margin stacking is a term that may or may not be familiar to you. It refers to the cost or profit margin that each member of the supply chain contributes to bring a product to the end user. Every manufacturer, distributor and dealer adds their own margin and the final cost includes these “stacked margins.”
Diamond V Leadership in Southeast Asia
THAILAND - Diamond V® announces the hiring of JC Filippi, who has joined as Managing Director -- Asia, based in the company's Asia Office in Bangkok, Thailand.
ILT Control Options Present Double-Edged Swords
GLOBAL - Since the 1960s, control of infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) has been accomplished primarily by vaccination with live, attenuated vaccines that are either of chick-embryo origin (CEO) or tissue-culture origin (TCO).
BIOMIN Recognizes B.R.A.I.N. Award Winner Rudolf Krska at 2016 World Nutrition Forum
CANADA - To the applause of 800 delegates, Dr Rudolf Krska of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) was awarded the biennial B.R.A.I.N. award on the second day of the scientific conference hosted by BIOMIN in Vancouver, Canada.
Backyard Flocks Biggest Risk for Spreading vvIBDV in US
US - Infectious bursal disease (IBD), commonly known as Gumboro, is an immunosuppressive disease in chickens caused by infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV).
BIOMIN Aims to Be Phytogenic Feed Additive Market Leader by 2020 - World Nutrition Forum
CANADA - The World Nutrition Forum 2016 starts today. Over 800 industry professionals, researchers and academics from across the world have travelled to Vancouver, Canada to attend this BIOMIN-hosted event, taking place in the Americas for the first time.
Boehringer Ingelheim Announces Agreement with Ceva Santé Animale for Sale of Certain Merial Assets
GLOBAL - Boehringer Ingelheim, Merial and Ceva Santé Animale (Ceva) announced today that Boehringer Ingelheim and Ceva, a leading global animal health company headquartered in Libourne, France, with vaccine manufacturing presence within the European Union, have entered into a binding put option agreement according to which Ceva will purchase certain assets of Merial’s portfolio in the context of Boehringer Ingelheim’s business swap with Sanofi.
Market Reports

USDA WASDE - October 2016
USDA Broiler Hatchery - 13 October 2016

Global Poultry Industry News


Bird Flu Outbreak Found in Laos


Delhi Zoo Shut After Bird Flu Cases
India Aims to Triple Egg Production to Combat Malnutrition


Leading Ukrainian Poultry Company MHP Targets Further Export Growth


Pet Sitting for Backyard Poultry Growing in Popularity
Agriculture Key to Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Largest McDonald’s Operator in Latin America to Source Cage-Free Eggs
Happy World Egg Day!

     United States

European Sales of Animal Antibiotics Continue to Decline
Over 1 Million Birds Killed by Hurricane Matthew on North Carolina's Poultry Farms
New Crop Variety May Save More Soybeans from Parasites
Poultry Industry Grows Online Presence to Tackle Consumer Questions


Egg Eaters Have Better Diets, Research Shows


European Conference Identifies Biggest Issues in Poultry Industry

     United Kingdom

Wild Bird Surveillance Key to Slowing Bird Flu Spread


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