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Thursday 28th June 2018.

Ryan Johnson - ThePoultrySite Editor

Ryan Johnson

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Note from the editor

June is coming to a close and we’ve returned from Utrecht where we met with leaders in the poultry industry from around the world. It was inspiring to discover how much positive change is happening on the backs of those who’ve worked tirelessly to innovate and advocate how the chicken can feed the world.

On the tail of VIV, we too are continuing in our efforts to update The Poultry Site and bring effective and meaningful change to our offerings. If you have any questions, suggestions or story ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our editor.

Thanks always for reading!

Editor’s weekly pick

Whatever happened to the ostrich farms of Zimbabwe?

The swift decline of one of Zimbabwe’s boom industries is a cautionary tale of just how vulnerable poultry rearing can be in the face of government intervention, writes Ian Nkala

At the turn of the millennium, the sun was shining on ostrich farmers in Zimbabwe - but a rapid series of challenges across the sector conspired to bring about a sudden change in fortune. The collapse of the local currency and a bird-flu outbreak at the peak of President Robert Mugabe’s compulsory acquisition of white-owned farmland in 2005 dealt a heavy blow to ostrich farming in Zimbabwe. The displacement of some 4,000 farmers decimated an industry that generated about US $9 million monthly through exports of ostrich skin, meat and feathers to Europe, America and Asia.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Assessing the economic burden of avian infectious bronchitis on poultry farms in Brazil
Taken together, the results show a significant and measurable economic impact on the broiler and breeder industries, with an age-dependent increasing trend and an association with multiple genetic types of the virus.

Whatever happened to the ostrich farms of Zimbabwe?
The swift decline of one of Zimbabwe’s boom industries is a cautionary tale of just how vulnerable poultry rearing can be in the face of government intervention, writes Ian Nkala

Effects of three different live vaccination schemes against infectious bronchitis on the performance of broilers under field conditions
Avian infectious bronchitis (IB) is a major economic burden to poultry and, though its control is mainly based on vaccination with one or more serotypes of Avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), the effects of different vaccines on the performance of broilers under field conditions was seldom assessed.

Company News

Aviagen SweChick teams up with DanHatch Finland to engage with customers across Scandinavia
On May 22-23 in the city of Turku, Finland, representatives from Aviagen® SweChick customers in Scandinavia gathered together to exchange experiences and best practices.
Joint donation from Novus International and INEOS Nitriles funds local safety project
Novus International, Inc. and INEOS Nitriles, LLC announced donations to fully fund a proposed street safety enhancement project in Bloomington, Texas, USA. The companies made the announcement at a community event hosted by Victoria County Commissioner Daniel Garcia on Tuesday.
The link between Salmonella and intestinal health
Changing consumer preferences in many areas of the world are pressuring poultry producers to reduce or eliminate routine use of antibiotics. The result has been an increase in intestinal disease.
Maple Lodge Farms expands hatchery with Jamesway Equipment
Maple Lodge Farms has recently announced an $8-million expansion of the Curtis Chicks Hatchery in Ontario, Canada.
Is MS the next ‘big, bad Mycoplasma’ for US poultry?
The US poultry industry is reporting more problems with virulent Mycoplasma synoviae (MS), Naola Ferguson, DVM, associate professor at the University of Georgia, told Poultry Health Today.
Record UK Cobb charity shoot benefits Papworth Hospital
Record support for the Cobb Charity Shoot from across the UK poultry industry resulted in more than £7,000 being raised for Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire.
Lorenzo Rossi becomes Regional Technical Manager for Aviagen Western Europe
In his new role as Regional Technical Manager, Europe, Lorenzo’s responsibilities in Western Europe will be broadened to include the coordination of customer support for Italy, Greece, Cyprus, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
Interview with Stuart Thomson, Head of Sales and Technical for the UK
Stuart has worked with Aviagen for over 20 years, gaining practical and management experience, a strong knowledge of all aspects of breeder and broiler care, as well as customer service and business development, through his tenure as Technical Service Manager in the UK. He also leads the Aviagen Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Broiler School, and is the spearhead of the Ross® 400 Club in the UK.
Aviagen strengthens customer support in Western Europe
Lorenzo Rossi becomes Regional Technical Manager for Western Europe and Stuart Thomson is named Head of Sales and Technical for UK.
More amino acids, feed aid broiler chicks vaccinated for coccidiosis
Feeding broilers a diet high in amino acids, along with more feed, can minimise the adverse effects on performance that sometimes occur after coccidiosis vaccination, indicate the results of a study presented at the 2018 International Poultry Scientific Forum. [1]
MSD Animal Health partners with Vinovo for enhanced poultry health
Combines broad vaccine portfolio with novel delivery system to efficiently and effectively protect against highly infectious poultry diseases.
Market Reports

Global Poultry Industry News

   United Kingdom

Pirbright develops a new viral vectored poultry vaccine
Time to update your soil health knowledge? Practical videos to boost your productivity
UK Robotics Week 2018: new whitepaper now available on Agri-Tech
Design an environment for 100 layers with NFU Education
NFU President to underline importance of food to Secretary of State
New office holders elected by the British Egg Industry Council
Lord Duncan hails golden age of agricultural innovation at Royal Highland Show

   United States

More must be done to address lost demand for renewable fuels
Room to breathe: California voters to decide whether hens, pigs and calves get more space
USPOULTRY opens applications for Industry Education Recruitment Funding
USDA launches outreach survey to small and very small meat and Poultry Establishments
Egg Industry Center funds new research


Mango peels and the shelf-life of chicken: A novel approach to packaging


Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay sets out on the 'Growing Canadian Agriculture' tour


Compassion’s Awards celebrate continual drive for global farm animal welfare

   European Union

Winterbotham Darby wins prestigious Special Recognition Award from Compassion in World Farming

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