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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 13th June 2005's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 13th June 2005
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

This week we start in Australia, where Victorian scientists have developed a world first 24-hour test for all 15 strains of avian influenza. Microbiologist Doctor Simone Warren says the new test could identify bird flu in migratory bird populations, before the disease can take hold in Australia's poultry industry.
     "What we want to do is detect it as quick as we can and minimise the impact on the poultry industry in Australia."

China has announced details of a second outbreak of bird flu, this time in the western region of Xinjiang, reports the BBC last thursday.
     The Ministry of Agriculture said more than 400 geese had died at a farm in Tacheng, and a further 13,000 birds had been culled as a precaution. Last month China announced bird flu had killed wild birds in Qinghai, its first case of the virus in nearly a year.

In a frantic bid to reduce the risk of bird flu outbreaks in Hong Kong, the Chinese government has agreed to offer higher compensation to those in the poultry industry who are willing to surrender their licenses, according to
     In March this year, the Chinese government proposed a buy-out offer to the poultry industry to cut the maximum number of chickens bred in China by half, from 3.7 million to 1.8 million. But with the current population of chickens at about three million the Chinese Executive Council has endorsed revised payment packages for poultry farmers, wholesalers and transporters as an incentive for operations to cease permanently.

The Southeast Asian kingdom of Brunei has found its first case of bird flu in a routine check of a poultry farm, which was immediately sealed off in a quarantine zone enforced by soldiers and police, rpeorts
     About 100 chickens that had tested positive for the H5N1 virus, which has killed more than 50 people in Asia, were gassed and their carcasses destroyed after government agencies swooped on the farm on Thursday.

Tests by Japanese electronics maker Sharp have found an air-purifier using plasmacluster ion technology 99% effective in killing-off the bird flu virus in a controlled environment. Plasmacluster ions also proved effective against 26 other kinds of harmful airborne substances, including bacteria and viruses. "The device is the first in the world to have been proven effective against avian virus," Sharp spokeswoman Miyuki Nakayama said.

Vietnam has started a pilot project to inoculate poultry against the H5N1 strain of bird flu virus in two provinces this month, the local health authority announced Thursday. The pilot project in the provinces Nam Dinh in the north and Tien Giang in the south is in preparation for an extensive, compulsory vaccination against bird flu on poultry in high-risk areas in August, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.
     According to the Preventive Medicine Department, the government will offer farmers financial assistance of some VND600 (nearly US4¢) for each fowl vaccinated.

In Korea, consumers will be able to buy US chickens again as early as this month, according to the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry last week. Korea banned the import of chickens from the United States after an outbreak of bird flu there in February 2004. The ministry authorized the resumption of U.S. chicken imports in April. US chicken made up nearly 50 percent of Korea's total chicken imports in 2003, at 40,107 tons.

VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

Brazil's chicken exports grew 32.2% in the first five months of this year over the same period in 2004 to hit $ 1.22 billion, said the Brazilian Chicken Exporters and Producers Association (Abef) on Wednesday. Export volume for the period grew 27% year on year, to hit 1.1 million tons. The principal factor in the gains in revenue was the rise in the average price of each export ton, said the ABEF president.

In the US, two promotions have been announced by Cobb-Vantress, Inc. to provide for the growing sales of Cobb broiler breeding stock in Asia. Mark Glavey has been named director of sales and Randy Vardeman director of technical services.
     "Asia is a very challenging market;" says Bill Souther, Cobb's general manager for Asia. "With almost one half the world's population, it provides exceptional opportunities for expansion for the poultry industry and with the diversity of cultures, it offers the most complete product utilization. With the enlarged range of Cobb breeds, we look forward to meeting the challenge.

A third day of negotiations between Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson and several poultry companies on poultry litter and water quality concluded Thursday but the two sides did not issue a joint statement. Edmondson claims poultry litter from farms in Oklahoma and Arkansas are polluting Oklahoma streams and rivers and said previously that he will sue the poultry companies if an agreement is not reached.

A grand jury refused to indict former workers at a Pilgrim's Pride Corp. chicken plant who kicked and stomped live birds while being filmed undercover by an animal rights group, according to Salt Lake Tribune.
     Special prosecutor Ginny Conley had previously said she had no evidence to warrant criminal charges, but said Wednesday that more evidence had been found that persuaded her to present the case to a grand jury. Pressure from the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) did little to sway her, she said.

Computer models that more accurately predict the growth of food pathogens are being developed by the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service and are available online. These models make better predictions about food safety because they gauge how pathogens are affected by competition from other food microbes, they say. ARS food technologist Thomas P. Oscar, models the growth and survival of Salmonella and Campylobacter on chicken.

The Turkish poultry industry is aspiring to start exporting poultry meat to the EU, according to the FAS. Recent EU inspections of the domestic industry were perceived to be quite positive, and some sources expect exports to begin this year. However, there are outstanding technical issues that need to be addressed before the EU will approve imports of Turkish poultry, they say.

In the Netherlands, as part of its continuing recruitment drive to strengthen sales and technical teams worldwide, leading Dutch broiler breeding company Hybro BV has appointed Mrs. Tanja Gordeeva as sales manager C.I.S. from May 1, and Mrs. Anna Nemtseva as sales representative for the area.
     "Hybro has been established in the former Soviet Union since 1965 - and Tanja has made a greatly-valued contribution to Hybro's strong customer relationships in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarussia and the Baltic States" said Hybro's general manager Richard Maatman.

Merial Avian Products
Merial Avian Products

In the UK, the NFU has welcomed comments from Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and Secretary of State, Margaret Beckett, acknowledging climate change as “one of the most important issues on the world’s political and scientific agenda”.
     They called on the Government to commit to a UK biofuel and biomass policy to help deliver the positive, sustainable and long-term environmental benefits needed to reverse climate change. NFU President, Tim Bennett said "Farmers in the UK have the potential to deliver significant environmental outcomes on a regular basis and on a large scale."

In Australia, researchers at the University of New England claim they have undertaken new research with the potential to save Australian producers millions of dollars. Most of the one million chickens that Australians eat every day are vaccinated against the virulent Marek's disease virus.
     But this "blanket" vaccination strategy could be about to change. UNE research has paved the way for "tactical" rather than "blanket" vaccination against the disease, a development that could save Australian producers millions of dollars a year in vaccination costs.

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 2 features this week.

Overview of Avian Influenza
By Dr Dave Halvorson, Extension Animal Scientist, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota - Avian influenza (AI) is a viral disease characterized by respiratory signs, depression and reduced feed and water intake. In egg laying birds there is a decline in egg production and quality. There are two pathotypes of AI virus: the most common is low pathogenic AI (LPAI) and the other is highly pathogenic AI (HPAI).

What are Bacteriophages?
By Frank T. Jones, Lisa Bielke and Jack Higgins, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas's Avian Advice - Don’t let the big word (bacteriophage) scare you. Bacteriophages (sometimes called phages) are viruses that infect bacteria. The word “phage” means to eat, so the literal meaning of the word bacteriophage is “bacteria eater”. It may seem strange that creatures as small as bacteria could be infected with a virus, but bacteriophages are about 40 times smaller than bacteria and have apparently been around about as long as bacteria have. This article will provide an outline of how bacteriophages function and their possible benefits.

Cumberland - Your Source for Poultry Equipment
Cumberland - Your Source for Poultry Equipment

That's all for this week.

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