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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 18th July 2005's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 18th July 2005
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

This week we start in the UK, where Newcastle disease has been detected in thousands of pheasants bred for shooting on a farm in southern England, the agriculture ministry said on Friday. The disease can cause a minor illness in humans.
     "The disease has been confirmed in around 9,000 pheasants in Surrey, but since they are all bred in the same place, the disease has been easily contained," a spokeswoman for DEFRA told Reuters. DEFRA said the birds would now be slaughtered in a bid to contain the outbreak.
     As a result of the outbreak, exports including live birds, meat and eggs have been suspended to countries outside the EU until further notice. exports of British poultry have been halted outside the European Union.
     The pheasants, which were being reared for shooting, came to the UK as part of a consignment from France. In its most severe form Newcastle disease can affect chickens, turkeys and ducks and can cause their sudden death. It can also give the birds breathing difficulties and trigger a drop in egg production.
See also: Newcastle Disease News Summary Page

A consultation exercise on the EU proposal for a Council Directive on the welfare of chickens kept for meat production has been started by Defra. General welfare legislation applies to meat chickens but the meat chicken sector is a major area of intensive livestock production not so far covered by the species-specific programme of EU farm animal welfare standards.
     The European Commission has put forward a new proposal introducing improvements in the welfare of intensively farmed chickens by means of technical and management requirements including enhanced monitoring on the farms and an increased flow of information between the producer, competent authorities and the slaughterhouse, based on a welfare-specific monitoring of the flocks after slaughter, Defra says.

In the Philippines, the government confirmed on Monday that an outbreak of bird flu on a farm in the north did not involve the deadly H5N1 strain that has killed scores of people elsewhere in Asia and wrecked poultry industries.
     Tests conducted by the Australian Animal Health Laboratory on samples taken from a small, isolated farm in the northern Philippines found no active infection but involved another, much weaker strain, the government said.
Manila says bird flu case may not be deadly strain

In China, the latest boxun report describes 10 strains of H5N1 circulating, according to Recombinomics. Eight of the ten have some evidence for human infections, but there is no direct independent confirmation of the data.
     The data suggest that the 2005 pandemic is well underway and a wide range of catastrophic events will continue to make news. The report also suggests H5N1 in China is diverse and evolving, expanding a trend that will likely culminate in an event that may make the 1918 flu pandemic look tame, they say.

In Indonesia, Bird flu is suspected in the deaths of a man and his two daughters and the lack of evidence that they had contact with sickened poultry raises concerns of possible human-to-human transmission, the nation's health minister said Friday.
     The victims, a 38-year-old man and his two girls, aged 9 and 1, would by Indonesia's first human fatalities linked to the disease, according to CNN.

Reaching new peaks of performance
Reaching new peaks of performance

Fighting cocks in Thailand are to be issued with passports recording their recent health history to ensure they do not contribute to the spread of the deadly bird flu virus, a livestock official said on Friday.
     The government has blamed chickens, which are not in commercial farming and wandering freely around houses, and fighting cocks for a recent outbreak of the H5N1 virus in Suphanburi province, north of Bangkok, reports Reuters.
     The Thai government has also banned the raising of free-range ducks, local press reported Wednesday. At a meeting of officials in charge of avian influenza prevention, the Deputy Prime Minister asked them to make sure that farmers in 25 provinces, mostly in the central region, halt the raising of free-range ducks immediately until the end of the year.

Bird flu has killed another Vietnamese and infected three more, taking the country's toll to 40 - half of them killed since the H5N1 virus returned in December, state-run media said last Thursday. The victim, who was not identified, had the H5 component of the virus according to Reuters.
     While there has been no new outbreaks in poultry in recent weeks, the Vietnamese Health Ministry fears outbreaks could turn into an epidemic in the winter, when the virus seems to thrive best.

The Red river delta province of Nam Dinh is one of the two provinces to conduct a trial vaccination of poultry against bird flu, reports They have set up a thousand-strong taskforce for the task to vaccinate the province's poultry stock of 4.18 million, including 1.17 million ducks. More than 1,880 people will take part directly in the vaccination, which will be conducted in three phases: August 15-30, September 15-30, and January 15-30 next year.

Flex from Hubbard - A Trusted Name with a New Focus
Flex from Hubbard

In the US, Biofilters can dramatically reduce odors coming from livestock operations, clearing the air between farmers and their urban neighbors, reports AcesNews.
     According to University of Illinois research, the filter's effectiveness can be improved by the choice of materials used, and by maintaining an appropriate moisture level in the filter. With the right combination of organic material, odors can be reduced by as much as 80%.

Meat from the lab directly to the table is still in an experimental stage right now, but a team of scientists have jumped ahead of the crowd by indicating how it might be done on an industrial scale, reports Food Production
     A team of scientists led by university of Maryland doctoral student Jason Matheny, propose how companies could mass produce cultured meat using scientific techniques to create a product that is healthier than the real thing.

Georgia poultry producers, processors and allied industry companies strongly support the Congressional approval of the US-Central American/Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement, according to the Gainesville Times.
     Under the existing arrangements, their poultry exports to the CAFTA-DR countries are subject to high import tariffs. CAFTA-DR will convert the tariffs to tariff-rate quotas that are much more favorable and will be eliminated over a period of time.

Graphical instructions beamed by light onto poultry carcasses could soon help trimmers on the production line separate the bad from the good, reports Currently, poultry processors use human screeners to inspect the carcasses. Now researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) claim they have designed a computer system that automates the inspection process, making it faster and more efficient.

Visit and learn about salmonella in poultry
More on Nobilis Salenvac

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 3 features this week.

Establishing a Poultry Feed Cost Range
By the Chicago Board of Trade - Nothing ever changes when it comes to market risk - it will always be there. You don’t have to like it but you do need to manage it. Managing your feed cost price risk can enhance your firm’s bottom line and that’s a key goal for any business.

Attitudes of consumers towards the welfare of farmed animals
By the European Commission - This survey focus's particularly on the attitude of consumers to the welfare and protection of farmed animals. The survey has been carried out by TNS Opinion & Social, interviewing 24 708 citizens in the 25 Member States of the European Union between 9 February and 20 March 2005.

Basics of Incubation for the Home Flock
By Dan J. McGuire, Poultry Extension Assistant and Sheila E. Scheideler, Poultry Extension Specialist, University of Nebraska - Incubating eggs can be a rewarding experience for poultry hobbyists, science classes and 4-H club members. Most eggs hatched today are artificially incubated, requiring a person to monitor the environment inside an incubator to ensure that eggs receive the correct heat, air and moisture to hatch successfully. This guide provides information for the incubation of chicken eggs that can in general be applied to other poultry eggs.

That's all for this week.


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