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ThePoultrySite Newsletter - 25th July 2005's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter's Weekly Poultry Industry Newsletter
Monday 25th July 2005
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Welcome to this weeks newsletter

* News Overview (link to ALL this weeks news)

We start this week in Indonesia, where the government is to slaughter 200 pigs that have been infected by the H5N1 virus near where a 38-year-old father and his two daughters aged less than ten years died due to avian influenza.
     Indonesia’s agriculture minister Anton Apriyantono said that on Sunday the first eradication drive would take care of poultry and pigs within a radius of 3 km from where the three victims died in Banten province.
     In addition, poultry and other domestic animals within the radius of 20 km would be tested for the virus and vaccinated. “We can’t take any risks now. If there is an animal on a farm that has contracted the virus, we will cull all livestock on the farm,” he said.

The country's agriculture minister said last week that all chickens on Indonesian farms hit by bird flu would be slaughtered in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. The Indonesian government had previously resisted calls for a mass culling despite the disease having infected millions of chickens over the past two years.

China denied that a disease outbreak in Sichuan that has killed at least 17 people is SARS or bird flu, saying it was likely a bacteria spread among pigs, state media have reported. "I can assure you that the disease is absolutely not SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), anthrax or bird flu," Zeng Huajin, a senior official with the Sichuan health department, told the China Daily.

As a reminder of its hardiness and how easily the disease can cross borders the bird flu virus has been found in processed frozen duck meat shipped for human consumption from China to Japan two years ago.
     In a recent study published online in the journal Virology, a team of Japanese researchers reported a form of the H5N1 virus was found in duck meat exported from China's Shandong Province into Japan in 2003.

With China’s meat industry growing in a booming economy, food safety is the major problem facing processors, reports MeatNews's Chris Harris from the China International Meat Industry Conference in Beijing.
     The meat industry in China accounts for more than 28 per cent of worldwide meat production, and it contributes 34 per cent of the country’s GDP. The meeting was told that China has a long road to run to ensure that its food-safety and animal-welfare practices meet and are accepted around the world.

In Russia, preliminary evidence shows that the bird flu virus has broken out in four rural districts of Siberia according to the head of Russia’s veterinary surveillance service.
     Following the discovery of the initial outbreak last week in the village of Suzdalka, new evidence suggests outbreaks have occurred in three more districts of the western Siberian region, the surveillance service’s head, Sergei Dankvert, said. “The flu virus... is circulating among bird stocks” in the three districts, Dankvert said.

The country's first case of bird flu is unlikely to pose a threat to humans, a senior Health Ministry official said on Friday.
     "The disease was discovered some 10 days ago and people who have since come into contact with the affected birds have shown no symptoms of illness. And the flu shows itself in one or two days," said Galina Lazikova, deputy chief epidemiologist.

Thailand has succumbed to the nation's second outbreak of bird flu in less than two weeks, after the government this month confirmed a resurgence of the illness among poultry. Chicken in Kamphaeng Phet province, 360 kilometers north of Bangkok, tested positive for the H5N1 virus on July 21, the Livestock Department said.

L.I.R. - Going from strength to strength
L.I.R. - Going from strength to strength

Vietnam will use over 400 million batches of vaccine to inoculate its chickens and ducks against the deadly bird flu that has killed 40 people in the country, reports Reuters. Agriculture Deputy Minister Bui Ba Bong said that the government would use 415 million doses of Dutch and Chinese vaccines in a program starting in two provinces from August 1. Vietnam has an estimated 210 million poultry.

Earlier this year, the Civil Contingency Secretariat warned that the H5N1 form of avian flu that has now claimed the lives of 54 people in south-east Asia as being "as serious a threat as terrorism", according to the UK's Daily Mail.
     The World Health Organisation (WHO) believes a bird flu pandemic is "inevitable" and could cause some 50,000 deaths in the UK. Others were more pessimistic.
     One senior British Government official revealed that emergency services and coroners will be warned to prepare for between 20,000 and 750,000 deaths in the event of a pandemic, potentially more devastating than the previous worst 'flu outbreak in 1918.
See Also: Experts debate bird flu strategy

In the US, last month, Oklahoma's attorney general, Drew Edmondson sued 14 Arkansas poultry companies - including three run by Tyson Foods, the world's largest meat producer - accusing them of tainting Oklahoma waters with the waste from millions of chickens and turkeys.
     Oklahoma's lawsuit, filed June 13, seeks unspecified money to clean up the Illinois River and is using the same South Carolina law firm that handled lawsuits against tobacco companies.
     However, poultry farmer Gene Pharr scoffs at the thought of chicken droppings as hazardous waste. Poultry waste spread along the Ozark Mountains has turned the region into a lush green and chickens have made the northwestern corner of Arkansas truly prosperous, he says.

Merial Avian Products
Merial Avian Products

Hog farmer Bill Kessler calls a voluntary federal program to monitor agricultural air quality "an insurance policy" he hopes will keep his 500-sow operation out of court. For $200, he's essentially buying four years worth of immunity from air-pollution penalties.
     EPA officials hoped to enlist thousands of hog, poultry, egg and dairy farmers nationwide when they announced the voluntary monitoring program in January. When the study and two more years of data review are done, the EPA will start cracking down on livestock production emissions such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds and dust, the same factory pollutants the EPA now regulates.

The European Commission last week authorised the UK to grant the agriculture sector a tax rebate of €687 million over a period of 10 years. The rebate on the climate change levy of 50% for horticulture and 80% for agriculture sectors covered by Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) agreements allows UK agriculture to accommodate higher energy prices caused by the levy while helping to meet the CO2 reduction targets for the UK and for Europe. In 2001, the UK introduced a climate change levy on the non-domestic use of energy in order to meet the Kyoto targets.

In the UK, an infected area designation, incorporating most of Mole Valley, has been imposed around the farm where more than 2,500 birds have been infected with Newcastle Disease.
     Last week, the Government's chief veterinary officer confirmed an outbreak of the disease on a pheasant premises just outside the district's borders.
     The infected area, which covers 10km has been imposed around the farm to control the movement of poultry and vehicles to reduce the possible spread of the disease. Within this area, a protection zone covering 3km has been imposed, where occupiers of premises containing poultry must follow certain rules.

UK Ministers are being urged to ban imports of live birds from the EU after the source of the Newcastle Disease outbreak was traced back to France, reports the BBC. Shadow agriculture minister Jim Paice said imports should be suspended until bio-security measures could be assured. The government said it had no intention of introducing a wholesale ban.

VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant

In France, the OIE said on Thursday that an outbreak of Newcastle disease was highly suspected in a farm at St-Mars-de-Coutais, Loire-Atlantique department, Pays-de-la-Loire region (in the western part of the country). The farm contains approximately 35,000 partridges and 20,000 pheasants.

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     The regular emergence of new strains of Infectious Bronchitis (IB) requires broad protection from a vaccination schedule. For this reason Intervet includes their proven "IB multi" component.
     Newcastle Disease remains one of the most devastating poultry diseases. Layers well primed with live ND vaccines (Nobilis ND Clone 30) followed by an inactivated ND booster vaccination (Nobilis RT+IBmulti+ND+EDS) are well protected from the negative effects of ND.

* Feature Articles Overview (link to features listings)

We have 4 features this week.

Mexico Poultry and Products Annual Overview
By the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service - This article provides the poultry industry data from the USDA FAS Poultry and Products Annual 2005 report for Mexico. A link to the full report is also provided. The full report includes all the tabular data which we have ommited from this article.

Can In-House Composting Reduce Flies In High-Rise Layer Houses?
By A. Bruce Webster, Extension Poultry Scientist and Nancy Hinkle, Entomology - CES, University of Georgia - High-rise layer houses offer great convenience by allowing long-term storage of manure in the lower level of the house. Unfortunately, this convenience is associated with the problem that the manure can support production of considerable numbers of flies.

Normal Birds - A Review of Avian Anatomy
By F. Dustan Clark, Extension Poultry Veterinarian, Center of Excellence for Poultry Science at the University of Arkansas's Avian Advice - A necropsy is the examination of a bird externally and internally to determine the cause of death. The method for doing a necropsy varies and depends somewhat on the bird involved, the preference of the individual performing the necropsy, the disease(s) suspected, and where the necropsy is being done.

US Poultry Outlook Report - July 2005
By U.S.D.A., Economic Research Service - This article is an extract from the July 2005: Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Outlook Report, highlighting Global Poultry Industry data.

That's all for this week.


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