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Chickens, Mexico, and NAFTA

25 January 2007

US - Here’s a very interesting little tidbit: Americans never understand their responsibility in the Mexican Immigration to the U.S. debacle. They will blame everyone under the sun, and then some, rather than look inward to themselves as major contributors to the problem.

Here’s what I mean.

In the next two years, thanks to NAFTA, Mexico will begin to buy its chicken from America. That’s right. Mexican farmers will be forced to compete with American chicken farmers. America can, of course, raise chickens in such quantities that no Mexican farmer will be able to match. This means loss of jobs on a massive scale.

The word is that this NAFTA inspired deal will destroy chicken farming in Mexico.

Just like everything else Americanization in Mexico does, destroying heritage, culture, and Mexican jobs, so will this. American chicken farmers will simply adopt the Superstore business model: do everything in such warehouse quantities the Mexican chicken farmers will not be able to keep up.

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Source: American Chronicle

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