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17 December 2007

FRANCE - The French "poulet de Bresse'' is celebrating 50 years of being officially the most pampered chicken in France and also one of the most expensive in the world.

The Queen of Chickens carries the three national colours with its red crest, white feathers and flesh and blue legs. Due to strict rules on rearing and breeding, the tender white flesh of the Bresse chicken, capon or poularde fattened hen is appreciated by gastronomes and used by the great chefs.

A Bresse chicken can fetch upwards of 35 euros ($50.86) in France and a capon even 75 euros, several times the price of an ordinary chicken that sells for some four euros in supermarkets. Their production of some one million heads a year is only a minute fraction of all chickens slaughtered in France. But the Bresse chicken can be found at high prizes in the better restaurants and food stores from Tokyo to Toronto.

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Source: LeaderPost

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