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Egg Money Becomes Important Once More

12 February 2008

US - Don’t be surprised to see hens scampering about farms and acreages these days - farm-fresh eggs are making a comeback.

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Iowa is the top egg producer in the nation, agriculture statistics show, but almost all of the state’s 40 million layers are cooped up in cages in modern confinement buildings. And almost all of the 9.5 billion eggs produced in the state go to large processors or wind up in grocery stores to be purchased weeks later.

Some farmers, though, have learned not to put all their eggs in one basket.

Small flocks ranging from a handful to a few hundred chickens are inhabiting more farmsteads to supply the growing demand for farm fresh eggs, agriculture experts say. It is not only profitable, poultry owners say, but an excellent family activity.

“We’re selling more eggs than we dreamed of. The extra paycheck is nice,” said Darlene Groothuis, a stay-at-home mom from rural Nashua whose family sells eggs to neighbors and customers. “It keeps me busy and it teaches (daughter) Moriah how to work.”

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Source: GlobeGazette

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