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Aviagen's Serbian Seminar a Resounding Success

25 February 2010

SERBIA - More than 100 Aviagen customers from Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia recently attended a broiler and parent stock management seminar in Novi Sad.

The annual event covered topical issues, such as litter management, lighting and biosecurity as well as an infectious bronchitis update.

The half-day seminar, organised in conjunction with the sales representative company for the region, Andrea D.O.O., featured presentations from Dr Akos Klausz, Technical Services Veterinarian and Kruno Bosilj, Technical Service Manager.

Commenting on the event, Laszlo Bencsik from Andrea D.O.O. said: "We are delighted that the seminar was so successful and that so many of our customers attended. This kind of initiative has always been valued in the market and we intend to do more of the same to ensure our customers are consistently kept up to date on technical matters and receive practical advice and recommendations.

"Biosecurity is always an important topic and something we cannot talk about enough. Anything which helps in the prevention of diseases is valuable to our customers and we are happy to share that information."

Kruno Bosilj added: "The markets of Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Macedonia are extremely important for Aviagen so events such as this are invaluable in sharing experiences and ensuring our customers get the best possible support and service from the Aviagen team."

Production Manager, Slobo Maletic, from Agroziv, one of the biggest poultry companies in Serbia, commented: "The presentations given at the Aviagen seminar were very interesting with very good practical advice which can be applied to our company. We are very satisfied with our current production results from our Ross birds and are confident that these latest updates will improve things even further."

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