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The Perfect Pair: A Major Advance in Hatchery Vaccination Made Simple

06 August 2012

GLOBAL - The latest technology is of little use if it cannot be used easily in everyday life, says Ceva.

Vaccinating chicks against Gumboro and Newcastle disease has always been difficult for broiler producers because of the uncertainty around what day to administer, given varying MDA levels.

Following the major success of its innovative, immune complex Gumboro vaccine - Transmune® IBD, which now sells close to eight billion doses per annum; Ceva's R&D teams felt that if they could combine this power, with that of the latest ND vector vaccine - Vectormune® ND that they would have the 'Perfect Pair'

Extensive trials work was therefore carried out at various Ceva's Research Campus and in the field, which proved a complete compatibility between the two products.

The two products can now be mixed in diluent (together with a blue vaccine tracer) and administered in the hatchery (in-ovo or subcutaneously at day-old) as a single dose giving life-long protection against Newcastle, Gumboro and Marek's disease.

There was still one problem: the two vaccines were, in some cases, packaged in different sizes. Ceva has, therefore standardised its presentations so that, in all cases, Transmune IBD and Vectormune ND are now available in uniform 1,000-, 2,000- and 4,000-dose vials.

Ceva is determined to ensure that any challenge that its customers feel in their day-to-day operations becomes its challenge too. That was the thinking behind this major advance in hatchery vaccine solutions, which is why the commapny calls it 'The Perfect Pair'.

The peace of mind to think that your investment is protected, without the worry of when to vaccinate is a major advance, made simple.

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