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Aviagen Works to Reduce Feed Costs, Maximise Efficiency

26 November 2012

UK - Aviagen Turkeys is the leading supplier of breeding stock to the European market. The position is achieved through balanced breeding and focusing on customer needs throughout the production chain.

The programme incorporates multi-trait selection which includes liveability, skeletal health robustness as well as growth performance characteristics.

Leg health is a key selection trait. Gait scoring and hand-held x-ray allows assessment of bone density and identifying the strongest healthiest breeder candidates.

With feed prices at a historic high, maximising feed efficiency and reducing feed cost is a priority.

Aviagen Turkeys use unique feed station technology to record individual feeding behaviour in its selection process. This investment and innovation is delivering improved economics of production whilst reducing the arable footprint required by up to 6,000 hectares cumulatively each year in Europe alone.

Demand for turkey meat worldwide is increasing and constant improvements in performance achieved through measured progress in the breeding programmes will ensure consistent growth in the market.

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