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MAGFOR Reinforces AI Surveillance in Nicaragua

16 January 2013

NICARAGUA - The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has strengthened surveillance and launched a training program in light of the recent outbreak of avian influenza virus of the type H7N3, reported in the state of Aguascalientes in Mexico.

The announcement was made by Dr Marvin Rodriguez, director of animal health MAGFOR, who confirmed that Nicaragua is permanently on health alert to prevent entry of avian influenza and other diseases that could affect the bird population of the country.

Actions are run with the support of the country's poultry sector and the International Regional Organization for Agricultural Health, although the disease is not present in the country, said Dr Rodriguez.

Dr Rodriguez explained that various government bodies are also developing a health education plan aimed at small producers who raise backyard chickens.

For the high health risk posed by migratory birds in the country, MAGFOR since last October, has been monitoring migratory birds in wetlands, lakes, rivers and nature reserves as well as ecosystems used for nesting, breeding and resting.

Dr Rodriguez said that migratory birds from Asia, Africa and Europe have been entering into the country since October.

During monitoring, tissue and blood samples of dead birds were taken to determine if they are carriers of the avian influenza virus or other poultry diseases that could affect the bird population of Nicaragua.

From the standpoint of quarantine, MAGFOR has strengthened animal health surveillance at borders, doing overhaul of goods that could pose a risk of introducing the virus.

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