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Poland Culls Chickens over Cheap Egg Prices

10 June 2013

POLAND - Low egg prices and the high cost of chicken feed have been witnessing millions of Polish chickens being sent to slaughterhouses in the last few weeks.

“We estimate that in May alone, 7 million chickens were sent to the slaughter,” confirmed Rafal Ratajczak, chairman of' the National Chamber of Poultry and Feed, as quoted by the Metro daily.

According to, Mr Ratajczak said that mass culls were a common practice among large producers, but he acknowledged that the scale of the recent slaughters is highly notable.

According to producers, losses as high as seven groszy (0.01 euro) per day were faced on keeping chickens alive.

“The cost of feed has already reached 20 groszy ( 0.04 euro) per day,” Mr Ratajczak revealed.

“During this time, a hen will lay one egg, for which the producer gets 13 groszy,” he said.

“So each egg is a loss for the producer.

“If chicken feed sellers are demanding payment of debts, then you have to send the birds to the slaughter,” he concluded.

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